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    Wulf-Gar's Random Toy Trade/Sale

    Hey there,

    So, as a recent convert to MOTUC i am on the hunt for various MOTUC figures that i have missed. While all of you were enjoying the MOTUC goodness, i was collecting other stuff, oblivious to MOTUC. So, i have some stuff from other toylines that i would like to part with and would be thrilled to trade for MOTUC figures. If you see something you want, PM me and hopefully we can work something out.


    Cobra Nightraven S3P Plane, loose/complete with 2 Strato Vipers
    Cobra Crimson Sabotage set (1x crimson hiss,1x crimson asp,3 oring Crimson Guard with removable helmets) loose/complete
    14x 02 JoeCon oringed Crimson Vipers loose/complete

    16x 30th anniversary Vipers loose/complete
    1x Renegades Stormshadow loose/complete
    5x POC Firefly loose/complete
    1x 30th Scifi loose/complete
    1x Renegades Airtight loose/complete
    5x 25th ParaVipers MOC
    2x POC Alley Viper Officers loose/complete
    2x 25th VAMP complete, no driver
    2x POC Black Hisstank complete, with driver

    Marvel U/Avengers:
    1x MU Gambit/Sinister pack, no comic, loose/complete
    1x Avengers Ultimates Hawkeye, loose/complete

    1x Marvel Legends Longshot loose/complete
    1x Marvel Legends Cable/Marvel Girl 2 Pack loose/complete
    1x Marvel Legends MechaHulk...loose/missing missiles and little guy that rides in his back

    Star Wars
    1x Vintage Bastila Shan MOC
    10x TAC Shadow Stormtrooper loose/complete
    50x ROTS #41 SA Phase 2 Clonetrooper loose, no antenna or blaster

    MOTUC I am looking for (all loose/complete)

    He-Man x many
    Triklops bucks
    Heman bucks
    Keldor bucks
    Kobra Khan waistpiece uncut/undamaged x2
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