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Thread: Mattel/Mega Brands partnership: potential for Megator meets Mega-bloks?

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    Mattel/Mega Brands partnership: potential for Megator meets Mega-bloks?

    Very interesting corporate toy news: a strategic licensing partnership between Mattel and Canadian toy company Mega Brands.

    Toy makers Mega Brands and Mattel enter into licensing partnership

    Of course, they are going to focus on making Mega Bloks sets based on core properties Barbie and Hot Wheels, but could MOTU(C) Mega Bloks be far behind? After all, Mega Bloks' medieval sets already have some hallmarks that we also associate with MOTU.
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    I would buy a Mega-Blocks Castle Grayskull in a heart beat...and with two young boys, I'm sure I would get them all...for least as far as my wife would know.

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    I'm a fan of the Marvel and Power rangers blind bag stuff from Mega Bloks and whilst I would love to have seen stuff done from Lego, I will gladly accept construction sets from Mega brands
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jinxieman View Post
    I would buy a Mega-Blocks Castle Grayskull in a heart beat...)
    Make that 2 of us, it would probably be cheaper than a Classics one as well.
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    I love Legos. I would really prefer to see the MOTU line with them, but after looking at the Mega Bloks I wouldn't be too disappointed. I would just have to see them and decide. If Lego did them, I am guaranteed to buy them all.

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    Lego would be the preference BUT I'm completely cool seeing MOTU based sets in Mega-Bloks. It'd be cool to see big sets based on Castle Grayskull, Snake Mountain or the Palace but I'd personally like some of the smaller and medium sized based on vehicles like Mega-Bloks does with the Halo brand. That way we could build the Battle Ram, Land Shark or Dragon Walker. Plus with Halo they make Army Builder packs and they could pump out Palace Guards, the Hover Bots, Snake Men, etc.

    On side note, I'd also like to see MOTU Mini-Mates and MOTU ImagiNext for my son.

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    Wouldn't this be awesome done with MOTUC characters?!

    I may have to get these....

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