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Thread: Do we want Filmation Characters to look like they just stepped out of the Cartoon>

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    I'd leave MOTUC for an all Filmation line in a second, but as for now, I'm happy with the way things are.

    I will say that I don't think the Four Horsemen are good at making all of the characters look like they are from the same line, but the original line suffered from that as well(compare Battle Cat's realistic face to some of the other characters).



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    I think he's perfect. He's pretty detailed as is. It's funny how in most toy lines, CARTOON ACCURACY is what the fans plead for, lament over, or their "holy grail". Not so with MOTUC. If a figure is too detailed it's called "anime", or in this case, too cartoony. I think they should rechristen this figure MP-01 Fang-Man, the first masterpiece*.

    *Like the TF line, that strives for detailed but cartoon accurate figures, even though the toy line came close to a decade before the cartoon.

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    No, IMO the Filmation characters need to be heavily Classicized or they will look too plain and/or too cartoony. Fang-Man's head falls a little short on this IMO
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    Quote Originally Posted by eurorko View Post
    Fang man to me looks out of place. I think they should make them fit more into the Motuc style. The faces/head sculpts are going to be the main issue here.
    Mosquitor looks much more cartoony as far as his face goes than Fang Man, and he was never in the toon. There was a wide array of styles in the vintage line, with some like Mosquitor having an almost anime look to the head. FM looks a lot more like an MOTU denizen than Mosquitor does, but you haven't seen a lot of folks saying the bug guy doesn't fit in the Classics line.

    Unless your going to start up a separate line, you're not going to be able to translate Filmation characters into exact plastic replicas. They wouldn't fit into the classics line as such, simply because animated designs are as basic as they can be, with only the detail absolutely needed present because it has to be drawn dozens of times over for even a minute of animation. They do need to have details and such added to flesh them out, with Bow being the best example of such an approach. Fang Man was well done in this respect, as his head was given extra detail and toned down just a tad from the cartoon version.

    And let's face it, FM's head is a lot less cartoony than Dragon Blaster Skeletor's little dragon pet, which, again, was never in the cartoon, so there's a range in the existing classics line. Moreover, some of the most cartoonish-looking figures AREN'T the ones based on Filmation.
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    IMHO Fangman fits in perfectly

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    Mattel has been doing it far.

    I think Filmation characters should look like the cartoon, but with added detail so that they can fit in the Classics aesthetic. Emiliano's Shokoti is a perfect example of this, as directly translating her cartoon incarnation would give us a very bland figure. Filmation characters will have skin folds, muscle sculpts, hair strands, boot laces, etc.

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