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Thread: Do we want Filmation Characters to look like they just stepped out of the Cartoon>

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    In my opinion there is even too much detail on him, like his beltbuckle. They should rather tone down the hyper real faces like Fisto and Jitsu( i know i´ll be pretty alone with that opinion).

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    I think they translated filmation perfectly with Fang Man. They added details to his collar, shirt and belt and extra detail in the head like the added texture in the fins.

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    If Fang Man is any indication of how other future Filmation characters will look like, I'm very happy. The 4H could't have done a better job.

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    I think he fits right in. All they need to do is add detail - scales, texture, folds, etc. which they hav done. Adora for me is awesome but could have had more detail to make her slightly more classics - particularly the details on her uniform.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Skystalker View Post
    I would like the 4H to base their sculpts and paint on Filmation but not translate the characters identically. It would be better, IMO, to try and make these characters a bit more realistic so that they fit in seamlessly with the MOTUC aesthetic.
    This is how I would also like Filmation characters to be sculpted.

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    I believe what makes Fang-Man a little too cartoony looking for some of us is the look of the eyes, much like Clawful and Cringer .
    I think the 4HM need to translate that area a little more better when Filmation or toy characters have round goofy eyes, and make them look a little more serious.
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    Do I want Filmation Characters to look like they just stepped out of the Cartoon? NO.

    I want them to look like they'll seamlessly fit with the general style (including the level of detail) of MOTUC.

    I'll admit, that when it comes to the "Filmation" looks, my main concern is POP characters. Both Bow and BP She-Ra are a good indication of a happy balance between their Filmation designs, with additional details (in this instance, inspired by the original toys) to help bring them into MOTUC. Frosta is also pretty impressive in this regard.

    While other Filmation characters may not have a vintage toy (or a 200X design) from which to take inspiration for additional "details", I think that the 4H are more than up to the challenge of adding such additional detail. While Shadow Weaver's design is very basic, the 4H's sculpting and level of detail in the face, hands and belt really help to bring Shadow Weaver into line with the other MOTUC figures.

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    I have zero interest in figures that look like they walked off the screen of a cartoon. The animated designs were (mostly) versions of toy designs that had been simplified for the sake of animation. This is something I hope the Horsemen take into consideration, and try to imagine what type of details could the toy version have had (even when there was no toy) that were dropped to make them animation-friendly, and add these details into the Classics versions. FANG MAN is almost there, but the head (maybe mostly the eyes) is still just a bit too cartoony. He's one I want to get, but I'll probably have to do some customization in order to display him with my collection.
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    Fang Man is a bit bright, but so are the Star Sisters. I think he'll look really good next to Clawful.

    Filmation will bring some different armor & clothing styles that we don't have too much of in MOTUC, the more we get the more they'll blend in.
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    I like all the characters to look like the Cartoon! They have done a pretty good job so far so I am happy overall.

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    Yes we DO!!!
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    There's a happy medium that the sculptors need to find with the Filmation designs. All figures must go through the MOTUC machine so they match the existing collection. If you want a Filmation figure that looks EXACTLY like the cartoon, a new line will have to be created. The way it is now, and I'm glad... The Filmation figures have cues from the Filmation designs, but are ultimately MOTUC figures. The upcoming King Randor is a prime example of this.

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    I do want them to look like they stepped out of the cartoon. I love the way Fang Man turned out and look forward to future Filmation figures.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orko's Magic Hat View Post
    I think he fits right in. All they need to do is add detail - scales, texture, folds, etc. which they hav done. Adora for me is awesome but could have had more detail to make her slightly more classics - particularly the details on her uniform.
    These are my thoughts as well. Scales would've been much better, he is just too smooth. But he still looks awesome regardless.

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    I don’t really care about sticking to one style. It’s too rigid. I think that’s how you (the FH) back yourself into a corner, becoming a slave to a certain look. That’s when you end up with Leech and Clawful.

    Fang-Man is great. He’s unique and one-of-a-kind. I definitely want all the Filmation characters from here on out to take a leaf out of Fang-Man’s book. He and Filmation King Randor really make me excited for future Filmation figures.

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    I want them classic & filmation blended. not completely like filmation. I want better detail & shading. I like that rough look but filmation style.
    example look at adora, bow or spikor.
    fangman could be less cartoony. in my opinion.
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    Yes, I want Filmation figures to look like they stepped out of the cartoon. The 4 Horseman are talented enough to give us this.

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    I agree with the original post: Fang Man looks way tooooooooooo cartoony. I don't want my Filmation characters to look like they just stepped out of the cartoon. I think it breaks up the unified look of the Classics line. I had a hard time swallowing TG's line that Carnivus fits into MotU because he was Classics-ized. I love the character (cats are my favorite animals), but he doesn't convince me as being Classics-ized. I agree with other .orgers that Fang Man should be a better blend of Filmation and Classics.

    I'm really looking forward to Lizard Man, but I hope they re-imagine the character to fit the line better and create a new skinny (but muscularly lean) buck.

    I want the characters, I don't want a Filmation/comic/80's toy line/MYP accurate toy. (so I've had my disappointments, like Zodac's feet, Stratos' feet, Buzz-Off's head, Clawful's head, and Whiplash's head; but I've gotten over it - )

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    I want the Filmation look, but with the added details that couldn't be used in the the figure's original animated form.

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    I would only like figures to look like they "stepped off the screen" if they have the appropriate amount of details as the other MOTUC figures (so they fit in). Some Filmation characters do have this level of detail. A LOT do not.

    The best way I can describe what I would like to see is a pictoral example of Shokoti. She's a great character, but if done in MOTUC exactly as she appears in Filmation, she would look quite bland (in my opinion).


    Now, taking the EXACT SAME design and adding more details to it, the design can look SPECTACULAR as a MOTUC figure!

    MOTUC Shokoti concept!

    Added details: tiara, chest, belt, bracelets, shoulder pads. In my opinion, this is PERFECT! It's the same basic design of the Filmation character, but the added details the character would have had if she were a toy. THIS is what I want to see in MOTUC!!!

    I think Fang-Man looks good, but Filmation King Randor is WAAAAAAAY too plain. Especially for a King! It looks like he's wearing a house coat and pyjamas!
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    I don't get the people who think just because a character steps out of a cartoon, that the figure has to be plain jane, and have no details....A Filmation character / variant can be just as detailed as any of the other MOTUC that came before it. Just because there's not much detail in the toon, which was done for a budget purpose, the toy of said characters have to also be void of's just not so, and a Filmation Skeletor, Man At Arms & Mer-Man (for example) can be just as detailed as their previous incarnations. Just look at Fang tell me....
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    If you actually compare the Filmation cels to the 4H sculpts, you will see they do add a lot more detail. Fangman has lots of additional skin detailing...note the added fin texture, as well as the additional rivet details added to his collar.
    The outfit has many additional textures added to it also. I think it's a perfect updating of the simplified Filmation design.

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    We have inconsistency in MOTUC all the time. Look at the faces of Jitsu, Fisto & Marzo and then look to He-Man, Sy-Klone & MAA. It depends on the guy, who sculpt the faces...

    We`ll never get a real consistent look in MOTUC, there is no real Classicizer machine, that works on neutral parameters.

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    I am okay with filmation designs but I realy, really hope they all have pupils here on out. Marlena having the solid black eyes of her filmation look really bugs me when Randor has blue irises and additional detail that's missing on her. My preferred rule of thumb? "Consistency"!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Judeh Simon View Post
    We already have Filmation characters like Adora (minus panties which was more of a planning issue than a design choice), Marlena, Adam, Orko, Sorceress, Randor, Shadow Weaver, Catra, She-ra, Frosta ... All of them look like they just walked out of the cartoon to me and that's exactly what I like about them! So yes, *I* would like them to keep doing what they're doing.
    This. I wish everyone looked like they just walked out of the Filmation cartoon.

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