[Apologies for the crappy quality, I only have access to my phone currently since I lost my scanner cable ]

I know they're different universes, but I wanted She-Ra to battle my favourite MoTU baddie, Webstor. I need to clean up the inks digitally and make some minor tweaks [Webstor's knee was accidentally inked through She-Ra's sword, and I realized the sword itself couldn't be held up with the webs in that position so I need to add more webbing stretching the opposite way across the image.]

I know She-Ra's torso is a little short, but I prefer to draw her a little bulkier in the chest, hips, and thighs. [The strongest woman in the Universe should look like she can kick butt, too!]

I haven't posted any art online for public critique/comments aside from on my Twitter account, so I'm interested to hear what people have to say. Thanks for looking!