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Thread: Vintage He-man boxed/unopened for sale - just some info needed

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    Vintage He-man boxed/unopened for sale - just some info needed

    Hi there,
    I have a European He-Man/Musclor figure about to go sale. But some info if available would b good.
    The figure has a 6-back card and the extra "weird" aspect is the Finnish version cassette provided with the figure. I think all the finnish figures we're the french/european versions.
    Figure is in unopened package, carboard has some wear to it. (Mattel 1982 1983 Made in Malaysia)
    Have tried to check different pages but could not found real info what this could be worth.
    Any suggestions?
    kuva (8).jpg
    kuva (7).jpg

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    It is a nice find and has some issues with it. The card is pretty beat up so that is the biggest downside to it. The bubble seems clear and attached so that is a plus. The figure is not a first or second wave, but appears to be a third wave. Realitically if you wanted to sell it quick you might be able to get $330 US. If you were hoping for more maybe $400 on a good day.

    All depends if you are looking to sell it or just general knowledge. Some others feel free to chime in here as I am not as familiar with the cassette addition on this version of the figure.

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