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    Toyguru Update on 2013 Subscriptions

    Mod Note: Okay everyone - we want to discuss the topic at hand, but at this point a few people are starting to strangle the discussion with constant back and forths and repeating their same points over and over.

    If you want to engage with a one on one dialogue with another poster, that's great - but take it to PM.
    Once you've stated your point once, then please think about whether you're saying something new or bringing some new perspective to the table before posting again.

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    Big news people!!! (UPDATED: Added new video, Roast Gooble Dinner update from Pixel Dan and more answers)

    Hey Matty Fans,

    Just flew in from SDCC (yeah yeah, boy are my arms tired…) and we are revved up for an amazing 2013 with 3 fantastic subscriptions for MOTUC (Club Eternia), DCU (Club Infinite Earth) and our all-new line of 6” figures, comic book-styled WATCHMEN in our Club Black Freighter line! How awesome is that?!

    We have had a few changes from past years, the most noticeable is a price increase on basic figures (i.e., MOTUC going from $20 to $25).To quell any rumors, I can confirm we are not overloading our pockets here. This price increase is 100% due to the skyrocketing cost of producing these figures over the last few years. Every 6” figure is handmade and hand assembled. And honestly, we just can’t keep 2008 pricing anymore in 2013. Labor, raw material and shipping has all gone way up. We REALLY don’t want to cost-reduce figures by removing deco and/or accessories. To maintain the same high quality and value in our figures in today’s economy, prices do need to go up. And there is another change…

    Much like with our partner site, in 2013 we are going to be switching much more to a subscription only model. Some figures will still have EXTREMELY limited “day-of” stock (meaning our regular sales to the general public on the 15th of each month), but many figures for all the clubs will have none at all. This means the ONLY way to know for sure you’ll be able to complete your collection for all lines now is to subscribe for the full year.

    Why do we need to do this? Basically, it is economics. High-end, fully detailed, highly articulated figures take a lot or resources to produce. In the “new economy” we are faced with many production challenges and the solution available to us (for the most part) is to only produce high end collector figures if we have locked in guaranteed sales (that is the whole point of the sub). In 2013, we are really in a position where we can no longer put out collector figures day-of and just hope that fans will buy them.

    So what does this mean? Honestly, buy a sub. Seriously. If you are a fan of MOTUC, DCU 6” or WATCHMEN, it is decision time. Quantities of day-of stock will be (and I mean this in the nicest way) ridiculously low or non-existent. Many figures for all lines will not be offered day-of at all.

    While we would love it if our collector lines could work for every collector’s particular buying habits (i.e., some collectors only buy teams or females or vintage figs, etc.) or every individual economic situation. But at the end of the day, under the new economy in today’s world, in 2013 we just can’t do that.

    If you are a fan of our lines, the sub is now your way to make sure you get your figures. If you are counting on day-of sales, you very well may be out of luck. We know this won’t work for every customer, but it is the reality of where we are today.

    Now we are going to do everything we can to plus-up the subs as much as possible. In addition to sub-only figs like Mallah and King He-Man and being able to vote on the Fan’s Choice figure for 2013, MOTUC sub holders will also get items like the Subternia Map, the Origin of Skeletor mini comic, and all sub holders will get sneak peeks at upcoming figures well ahead of the general public (like we did for Mekaneck and Uncle Sam recently). We will redouble our efforts to ensure you have the info first! Sub holders deserve that.

    We’re also adding Early Access in 2013, which gives all subscription holders the chance to buy NON-SUBSCRIPTION items from any brand approximately 2 to 3 business days (depending on the sale date) before they’re available to the general public!

    So, for example, when a product that isn’t part of a subscription goes on sale (like Granymyr or the PKE Meter), all subscribers will get the first chance to buy product through Early Access. If it sells out during the Early Access period, that’s it – there won’t be any product for non-subscription holders to buy.

    Once Early Access opens, it will stay open for until the product sells out or the monthly sale begins, whichever comes first (again, approximately 2 to 3 business days). For the most part, purchase limits will be set to the normal limit of 10 (any changes will be noted on the product page). We’re still working on getting Early Access products to ship with subscription products and will post as soon as we have an answer. Right now it is just early access to buy but we hope to also let you combine Early Access with sub shipments. Update on this as soon as we confirm it will work. All subscribers will get a reminder email before Early Access opens and we’ll also post reminders in our Forums and on Facebook and Twitter.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Early Access will NOT allow you to buy SUBSCRIPTION items from other brands early. If you have a Watchmen subscription, you can’t buy Club Eternia subscription products early – but you CAN buy MOTUC Classics products that aren’t part of Club Eternia, like Granymyr. Again, Early Access lets subscribers have the first chance at purchase products that aren’t available in one of the subscriptions. If you want subscription products, you need to buy a sub or take the chance that it may not be available day-of.

    For our international customers, we’ve done our best to hold our shipping rates at 2008 levels, but the truth is we’ve been losing a ton of money on shipping and are now forced to raise International Postal (non-trackable) rates by $5 just to cover our costs. To help this, though, we’re offering a new, lower cost option for international customers for 2013: UPS International will be replaced with DHL, which provides a better service, including signature delivery and 2 to 3 day delivery times in most regions, at a substantially lower price than UPS International. We will still offer International Post as an option if you really want it but “lost” or “not received” shipments will not be replaced or refunded.

    And to address the big elephant in the room: we know the buying experience has not been perfect. In the past few months we have made great strides to improve this with initiatives such as our new US-based Customer Service team and a soon to be launched revamped “My Subscription” page letting customers control things like their shipping address and payment options. We are 100% committed to continuing to improve the buying and shipping process until it is perfect. You have my word on that.

    So if you are on the fence as to whether or not to get a sub, remember, day-of may not be an option anymore. DAY-OF STOCK WILL BE EXTREMELY LIMITED and MANY FIGURES WILL NOT HAVE ANY DAY OF STOCK IN 2013. It may not work for everyone, but in today’s economy, without guaranteed presales, we just can’t move forward anymore with high end collector figs.

    If anyone has questions, feel free to post on the Ask Matty forums on We have some amazing figs planned for 2013. If you want a complete collection, now is the time to act and the 2013 subs are the only way to know for sure you’ll get all of next year’s club releases. There will also be no reissues of any 2013 fig (or 2012 figs for that matter!). And please remember Club Eternia and Club Infinite Earths products that are purchased day-of cost will be priced higher than when you get them through a subscription.

    Subs are on sale now through Aug 6th. We won’t be doing any extensions so there are just 18 days to go! Don’t get left in the dark and find yourself with an incomplete collection, missing that figure you’ve been waiting for all these years (Ram Man, anyone?)!

    Scott “Toy Guru” Neitlich

    PS: While we are only metering DCU’s sub, all of the subs are technically on the chopping block now (including MOTUC). If we don’t receive the minimum number of orders, any figures already tooled may be released quarterly but the full year can potentially be canceled (much as we unfortunately had to do for Ghostbusters in 2012). So again, if these are toy lines you love, the best way to support them and guarantee your figures (and that the lines actually go forward) is to subscribe. Without the minimum number of subscribers, none of our lines will be able to move forward. If you are on the fence and we have a toy line you love, subscribe to see it continue! Your sub purchase is your vote for more toys. Simple as that.
    From Pixel Dan's Twitter:
    Talking with ToyGuru for Roast Gooble Dinner right now. Good info: 2014 will NOT have a price increase. So 2013 increase will hold for a few years.

    ToyGuru has 2013 mapped out. Legal wont let him announce all of the figures. He would if he could.

    2014 promises to complete the vintage MOTU figures and core PoP and NA. Its already figured out. Does NOT mean 2014 is def the end though.

    It all depends on how sales are.

    2013 subscription sales are about 60 - 70 percent less than last year st this time. That's the reason for his posts.

    However, ToyGuru is sure that they will hit the minimum, and 2013 will be fine. But subscribers are needed. So that's the best way to help.

    ToyGuru: "Best way to say it, if you invest for 2 more years, you'll have pretty much everyone." He three out names like Scorpia.

    After 2014 they can go down to 6 figures a year to get out the more obscure or fan demanded figures.

    ToyGuru: "When Classics does finish, MOTU as a brand won't go away. It will continue, possibly with new toy lines."

    Mattel realizes MOTU is an important brand. It'll be like Transformers, Star Wars, etc...ToyGuru promises MOTU wont go away.


    How are the Subs Selling As Of Today (7/22)?

    With 2 weeks left, where is the thermometer standing at this point for MOTUC? DCIE? Watchmen?

    I don't know. It is Sunday and the office is closed. I'm looking forward to getting a report in the AM.
    Can you reveal how many POP and NA you have planned for the year?

    Not identities of the characters, but how many NA and POP characters are CURRENTLY PLANNED for this year? Since these characters might be hard or impossible to get through day-of sales, the NA and POP fanbases might seek a little encouragement on the number of characters that they could be missing out on if they do not buy the subscription.

    At min 2 monthly slots of each per year every year now. Maybe more....

    Remember, there aren't THAT many POP and NA characters. If we did 2-3 per year for the next four years that is 8 to 12 figures in more years.

    With that in mind, and knowing we always had long term plans for the MOTUC line to keep it going (unless price points killed the line) then this certainly feels like the right pace.
    Future of ANY Beast

    Is it likely that the most popular/asked-for beast, Stridor/Night Stalker, can be placed into the line-up for 2013 or 14? Many people seek these beasts way more than Gygor, Griffin, Megator, Procrustus and Tytus.

    And we hope to get to a tom more. All depends on the 2013 sub selling in. We can't do full robust lines each year without locked in sales. It is what helps us bank the fully tool'd figures with the partial tool figures for an overall blended margin.
    Finishing off GR/POP Can be done

    If Matty really wanted to, they could get ALL of the main vintage GR/POP characters (11) out.

    2 more monthly slots, and a Guides from Brightmoon 2pk

    2 monthly slots, and a Defenders of Good 3pk

    Yes, as you noted, there are not that many more to do. So finishing them off in the next two years can be done if we work on it. Lets see how the 2013 sub sells before figuring out next steps! One thing at a time.
    Question for Toyguru

    I just watched your video for the 2013 Sub and I totally understand. I have already done my part by purchasing the Club Eternia and Club DCIE subs.
    My question is a "what if"
    What if, the MOTU and DCIE subs do not meet the quota and get passed for 2013 Subs.
    I heard you say at CC that the already tooled figures would still be made and be more like a "day of" sale.
    If that was the case, would you atleast offer these already tooled figures to the people that bought the sub before the general public ??

    The best comparison is to look what happened to GB. We originally wanted to do a full year of 6 figures plus a sub figure and a SDCC figure. Due to the club not selling through, we released only the figures that were far enough along which wound up being a total of 4 for the full year including SDCC's fig. If we don't get support for the 2013 sub, we might be able to release 1-4 figures for the year and call it a day. Everything depends on the sub. It is what lets us do fully tool'd figures like Ram Man because we can bank his tooling with other partial tool figures for a blended margin. If we released RM on his own without the full year his tooling would kill the figure.
    Core POP characters in 2014

    Scott it's been great to hear you say Scorpia would be a sure thing for 2014 that takes one of the top 5 POP characters off the missing list.

    That does leave the fate of Glimmer, Castaspella, Queen Angella and Mermista up in the air though as they are all core POP characters. Can you confirm that all 4 of these popular rebels will be included in the line by the end of 2014? If you can I know myself and I'm sure many other POP fans will buy subs instantly!

    GLIMMER, CASTASPELLA, QUEEN ANGELLA & MERMISTA are 100% needed for the POP section.

    Yes, these would all be character we want try to get out before 2014 ends. But that all depends on the 2013 sub selling. So of them may already be in the 2013 sub...

    No guarantees but the first thing we need is to sell in the min order on 2013. If you have not renewed now is the time! MOTUC depends on you!
    Why CAN'T you remove the Fighting Foe Men?

    You recently said you can't make changes to the items offered in the 2013 sub. My question is: Why not?

    You always tell us that you can't release info regarding a full year's lineup because it is fluid and subject to change.

    Yet now, when you have a reasonable option in front of you (i.e. dump the expensive and potentially unappealing high ticket item), the line-up is suddenly rigid.

    Nobody is asking you to REPLACE the FFM with anything else. We're asking that you consider dumping that slot altogether.

    Offer a small window in which subscribers can cancel if the FFM mean that much to them (you know, just like you did last year when you offered to cancel DC CIE subs).

    I GUARANTEE you will gain more subscribers than you lose as a result of this. Guaranteed. Trust me.

    All of the figures for year roll up together under the product margins. We can't just pick and choose which figures to release this late in the game. 2013 is a packaged deal for all skus.
    MOTU Panic Button

    If we don't hit the minimum number, would you consider giving it another shot in 2014? Maybe a MOTU-less year would lead to people appreciating them more once they're gone. Also, how close are we? We we like 25% there? 50%?

    I don't know how close we are since it is Sunday and the office is closed. But if the 2013 sub does not sell, it will be very hard to put together any type of program for 2014. If you want more MOTUC, your best way to vote is to purchase a sub. It is in fan's hands!
    why not take any action?

    if the situation is complicated, why not take any action?emergency measures ,i don't know announcing one more figure(atractive)from the sub 2013 or sell the sub for 3 days at 20 dollars, things like that would be like a blow effects that would appeal to buy more subs.
    I feel that mattel is seated waiting for the miracle.

    any comment please?

    We can't change the schedule or offer extensions. After all the schedule slips in 2012, we built 2013 to be rock solid and that means locking in our quotas on Aug 7th. Anything after that and we slip schedule on Jan and Feb offers.

    Our desire to maintain schedule for fans is why we can't offer extensions anymore (remember what happened last Dec and Jan? We are trying to avoid that...)
    Please NO MORE Concept Character 3 packs Scott?

    I think the low sub numbers stem from over saturation of concept characters in the subscription & MOTUC's line. First we had Vikor, then Demo-Man, then The Star Sister 3 pack (which you know full well went over like a lead balloon) Then Vikron and now you hit us fans with another subscription expensive concept character 3 pack The fighting foe Men.

    Honestly scott Please stop with concept 3 packs in the subscriptions? People want to complete their factions first and I believe the 2013 sub would have sold much faster had you given us The Horde Trooper 2 pack with the price increace instead of yet another concept character 3 pack like the Fighting Foe Men.

    Fans are worried that their collections will be incomplete because of the character choices you have made with so many concept characters. Fans are worried the line could end premature and we won't have The filmation characters (now that Mattel FINALLY got the rights) Like Scorpia, Seahawk, Lord Mask & Shokoti, Glimmer, Castaspella, Queen Angella, A filmation Hordak, Filmation He-Man & Skeletor, General Sunder not to mention the rest of the vintage figures like Mantenna, Ninjor, Snakeface, Tung Lashor & squeeze, Clamp Champ etc.

    If we make it through 2013 and into 2014 with 2014 possibly being the final year for MOTUC's I think you and Mattel owe it to the Fan Base to Deliver Castle Grayskull before this wonderful toy line ends since you have been quoated as saying that if 2014 ends up being the final year you want it to go out with a bang.

    You got it. This is the last one.
    Releasing those POP figures we're all itching for

    I've said it before, and i'll keep saying it.

    Announcing some POP characters would definitely boost sub sales.

    The likes of

    Sweet Bee
    Madame Razz/Broom/Kowl/Loo-Kee

    and my personal favourite Double Trouble

    Do not underestimate POP. We've held out for almost 5 years and we don't even have 1/5 of POP, whereas MOTU Vintage has just over 3/4 released.

    We are a big group us POP fans and we KNOW the 4H can work their magic on our beloved characters.

    We're working on it. Many of these figures are already in the 2013 and 2014 line. Ask us again at the end of 2013 and see how you feel!
    Double Trouble

    I know you can't change the slots

    But Double Trouble would mean the world to me.

    Thankyou for reading this. I shall be purchasing a sub on the 31st, when i get paid :-)

    Nothing to confirm yet but stay tuned!
    Suggestion: announcing there will be no Fighting Foe Men available 4 day-of sales?

    I hope this might help! Since this set seems to be holding a lot of people back from subscribing, could you make it a sub only item with no stock available for day of sales, and make that announcement right away? I think that would make people feel better about subscribing since that would make it easier for them to sell this set off if they don't want it.

    No we can't. The whole 2013 line is carefully constructed Profit and Loss statement. Costs have already been locked in and negotiated with our vendors based on the min order of sub holders we need (the same we had the last 4 years). We can't make changes to sub figures for 2013, but we can make changes to 2014 and based on the sell in for 2013 we are changing 2014 to make sure to include all the key MIA figures (or at least as many of them as we can).

    After that, we can always fill in the last remaining gaps with convention items or one offs if a full year sub is no longer possible due to rising costs.

    But bottom line is we can't make changes to the 2013 sub. It is a careful balance of partial and fully tool'd figures to have an overall blended margin that rolls up on our P&L statement that hits our bottom line. We are well beyond making changes like removing a figure (or set) at this point.
    Glimmer would certainly help sell subs

    Many POP fans would jump on the sub if a core POP character like Glimmer was announced. Don't underestimate us Toyguru

    As would Ram Man, Fang Man and Jistsu. We can't release every figure fans want every year. Remember when Trap Jaw was the one everyone asked for? Then Sorceress, then Ram Man. We keep knocking them off one by one. Given enough time, that has always been the plan.

    Now that it looks like prices are affecting sub holders we are going to try and excelerate the release of key characters before the end of 2014. But we can't make changes to 2013 at this point (not that it isn't already chock full of demanded figures, just wait and see what we have in store!)
    Power Con

    I know fans are clamoring for more reveals despite getting so many just a week ago. Can you please leave something to reveal at Power Con?

    We will have approx the same number of reveals for Power Con and NYCC as we had last year. It all depends on what is done in time.

    Scott, I fully support you, and right now, I know you are feeling a lot of pressure from the fans, and many people aren't being kind in light of recent developments. I do not envy you your job right now. That being said, I have always supported and stood behind what you and Mattel have announced and said regarding these figures, and though you were speaking honestly, I only felt that it could have been worded better.

    That being said, others have proposed that Mattel announce a few more figures to help generate interest in the sub. You continue to turn down these requests, and it all falls behind "We have nothing new to announce." Fans see through that, and here is why.

    In other posts, Q&A, and even at conventions, you yourself have said repeatedly that figures are planned out 2 years in advance. 2013 was planned in 2011, 2012 was planned in 2010, etc. Now, Mattel has no idea what comes beyond March 2013? I call shennanigans. Either figures are planned two years ahead, or less than six months ahead. Either way, it feels like we have been lied to.

    Look, though most are concerned with cost increase, and we all understand it, we all also knew it was coming. But most people cannot fly blind anymore with the costs where they are. And the 2013 reveals were lackluster at best.

    This isn't a "pretty please tell us more" request, Scott. This is a "you must reveal more" request to keep interest peaked. You know, drop a couple of names. Not a full lineup. Don't even say what month they are planned for, since yes, we all know schedules can slip a couple of months, etc. And the reason that you can't reveal characters because of possible schedule slips, well, my friend, 2012 was FULL of those, so we have come to expect that. But you know what you have planned at least for 2013. Just drop a couple of names, don't say when, just that they are planned for 2013. Many people are on the fence, and Mattel simply saying "Please buy a sub" isn't going to cut it anymore, I'm afraid. Fans need to be excited about these figures again, and it is up to Mattel to do that.

    And if you honestly don't know what else is coming for 2013, then I guess Mattel doesn't plan figures out years in advance.

    We'd love to reveal more figures but we just aren't in a position to do so.

    Besides, the sub is for the completionst. The line is dependent on the completionist. It is just the cost of running a very low run highly detailed collector line. Completionists by definition want every figure no matter what. So by the book, for this type of consumer it really shouldn't matter how many we reveal because as completionists (not cherry pickers) they will take all the figures.

    I wish the line could work for cherry pickers, I really do. But we just aren't in a place anymore for a line like MOTUC with such a tiny production run can survive without the min number of completionists (sub holders) willing to take all the figures no matter who they are.
    Worst case scenario: Please don't forget 200X too

    If this worst case scenario happens and year long subs were to come to an end, please consider 200X/MYP characters too. Evilseed, Prahvus, 200X King Hssss, 200X King Randor, 200X Sorceress, Calix to name a few would all make awesome figures, and it would be a real shame if they wee ignored.

    All characters we want to get to but the vintage figs come first if the line is truly on its way down to the figures costing more then fans are willing to pay. BUT should 2013 sell in the same quota as 2010-2012 we can get back to the plan that includes all of these figures too.

    It also doesn't mean we couldn't get to them in a post 2014 line where we switch to fewer figures without an annual sub (like we did for GB). But right now we have to wait and see how 2013 sells before figuring out any next steps.
    Scott...I bought a sub

    Obviously, I am in full panic mode here regarding MOTU and DCU subs. I have no understanding of the finances or logistics that goes into these lines. All your answers to fan concerns is "buy a sub." Scott, I did. Minutes after the went on sale. Both DC and MOTU, I can't afford more than one each. I think many fans are in the same boat. The fans that didn't buy the sub clearly do not want these figures at these prices. Personally, I do. I'm cool with the increase and the selection. But it's not me you have to sell too.

    There seems to be an unwillingness to budge by you guys in terms of format and selection. Obviously pricing is what it is, but I think we are all going to have to think outside the "buy the sub" mindset if we want these things to continue. Please, help. I need my monthly package

    I wish we had wiggle room but NO ONE expected prices to shoot up so much over the last few years. If we had known this we might have released more core characters sooner.

    But facts are facts and it costs 25.00 to produce a figure in 2013.

    But the one good side is we will not have a price increase in 2014. We raised the price to 25 in the hopes that this price can last a few years.
    A way to encourage people who have not gotten a sub yet

    I know you won't say names but how about factions
    like Jan - pop. Feb - motu. Mar - violation. Apr - horde. And so on people would like that. Or how about something like 2 pop 2 NA 2 horde 2 comic 3 motion 1 concept

    I"d love to do that but we just are not in a position to do so.

    But remember, sub holders are completionsts. By definition, a completionist will buy any figure no matter what. So by that logic, reveals should not matter.

    I really do wish a line like MOTUC could work for cherry pickers, but in today's market it just can't. Without the min number of people willing to buy any figure (i.e. completionists, i.e. customers who don't need to know every release because they will get them no matter what) we wouldn't be able to keep MOTUC going. It is a VERY low run line with passionate fans. The only way to keep it going is with guaranteed sales.
    Vintage figures

    For 2013- 2014 do you mean all that were toys? and what about the variants like Flying Fist, Laser Light, NA, Snake Armor He-Man and the Skeletor ones

    Right now we are talking about everyone who had a toy in the 1982-1987 MOTU line including variants and most of the key NA, Filmation and POP figures. We can fill in the gaps with others through conventions or other offerings should a full annual line not be possible after 2014.

    But nothing is set in stone right now. First thing we need to do is sell in the 2013 sub. THen we can look at other options.
    A kind word and a message to people on the fence.

    Despite any kind of personal animosity I've directed towards you in the past Scott, it's very clear from recent goings on that you are extremely passionate about the line and you are obviously doing whatever you can to ensure we have a line to complain about to begin with!

    To all the people that perhaps are on the fence about the subscription think about this: In 30 years when we're all old and in our golden years, would you like to think back on your adult life and childhood and be able to see this wonderfully diverse collection you were able to be a part of not only once but twice in your life; or would you rather look back at what could have been? The sub is certainly an expensive item and not for everyone but if you are even the least bit interested in seeing this line continue then please everyone...SUB UP NOW!

    It doesn't hurt that we get some amazing incentives this year as well with first access to outside of the sub items, King He-Man far before we thought we'd ever see him, and a mini-comic that finally tells the full story of Skeletor in detail! Plus don't forget the fan vote that will obviously shape the future of the line!

    All in all, Scott you're doing a heck of a job with a lot of pressure on you at the moment and I'm sure I speak on behalf of the fans when I say we appreciate everything you're doing- even if we sometimes disagree with certain decisions.

    Couldn't agree more. With all the passionate fans we have, if we can just get all the fans who bought either a 2010, 2011 or 2012 sub to buy a 2013 sub we are good to go. I have faith we can pull this off together! Who is with me! Buy a sub today! Heck, buy 4!
    Almost not buying Sub....

    I first would like to say that I love the MOTU classic line. You guys are doing a great job! I was a late comer to the line. I started my collection by buying lots on ebay. When the MOTU mystery packs came up( which I love) I added even more to my collection. I eventually bought a sub for 2012 due to the fact that Shadow Weaver was the exclusive.
    So far I've loved the 2012 line. I do hope we can get more filmation and POP figures but I understand the need to rotate A-C list characters to help the line continue.
    Now that 2013 subs are here, I'm waivering on purchasing one. Not because of the characters or only quarterly reveals or 2013. I like only getting a few reveals. Adds to the suspense. Not even because of the price hike.
    I waiver mainly due to DR and the shipping costs. I find it ridiculous that I buy a sub and if I order more on day of sale that they can't ship those all together to save on shipping. I especially dislike it on Black friday when only a few figures are revealed at a time and I get charged every time I order a set of figures when they come up. For me, shipping always comes to about 1/2 of the total I spend. It's almost more cost effective to not purchase the sub. Buy the figures on day of sale and buy the exclusive figure on ebay or some sight.
    That's really the only reason I waiver on buying a sub, not because of the figures revealed or the price hike but because of the outrageous shipping charges.
    Anyway, now that you've read my rant on way I hesitate to purchase a sub...
    I just want to say you guy's are doing a great job and i hope the line can keep going

    Appreciate the thoughts. We need the min number of fans to buy a 2013 sub. Without that, we'll have trouble keeping MOTUC coming out. We need guaranteed sales for such a low run highly detailed line to get the resources it needs to continue. Everything depends on this.
    I'm considering buying a second sub. Will it ship together

    Dear Toyguru I'm considering buying a second sub for 2 reasons
    1. My collection includes 2 of every figure with a second head and I want to keep it that way
    2. I know we are in a crisis and I want to help out and keep the line going

    my question is if I buy another one now will they ship together?

    As long as you pick the same shipping method.
    The subscriptions thermometer

    Can we have one for club eternia and if yes, when?
    Blind sailors will just crash on rocks,
    sailors seeing the danger coming will take the good decision to move forward

    Working on this!

    I know all the discussion has been about the subs im not sure if anyone asked about the reissues and if the will continue next year. I am hoping these continue as im missing a few figures like whiplash and i need two of em. Any info?

    A few older figures (pre 2012) may still crop up, but no figures from 2012 or 2013 will be reissued (outside of selling off any remaining customer service stock not claimed).
    Changing shipping options in 2013?

    Hi Scott. I was wondering if subscribers will be able to change their shipping methods throughout the year in 2013, or if they will be locked into one type upon subscribing? Such an option may convince more people to buy subscriptions, with more leeway from month-to-month.

    Ideally yes. The "my subscription" page we are working on should let you do this. We are trying to get it out ASAP.
    Scotts Update Video

    I know like others I found your initial message you posted about the sub a little off putting originally. "I" read a more negative tone than I think was intended by yourself. That being said, your Update video was a better delivered message to the fans i think. I appreciate the way this was delivered and I would suggest the update video again in the future for the fans as opposed to the written post as it conveys your thoughts and feelings much clearer IMO. Hope all the POP and NA fans understand there is less of the Original He-Man line figures to be made as we've gone through the vast majority of them. Snake Men and Horde is close to complete with the inclusions of Rattlor and Snake Face (Shield was Shown @ SDCC) and it allows for more Filmation Characters like Madam Razz, Scorpia, Sea Hawk and Strongarm that fans wanted. We have the Final Figures like Mantenna, Two Bad (and hopefully Tuvar and Badrus) Horde Troopers, Peekablue, NA He-Man and Skeletor.....the Option for the next years are some of the best yet. Fans Begged for Mekanek and Ram Man for 2 years and Thanks to a Man like Scott....we got them. I Personally want to Thank You Scott for listening to us fans and doing everything and Continuing to do so Everything to ensure the longevity of this Line because in the End.....this is a fan line built and essentially run by the support of the fans like yourself. Long Live MOTU!

    Tell your friends!

    If we can just get everyone who subscribed in either 2010, 2011 or 2012 to subscribe in 2013 we are golden. Knowing how passionate our fans are I have 100% faith we will get their in the next two weeks and keep MOTUC going!

    If Mattel is so concerned about the non certainty of day of sales figures, would it not make more sense to have a pre-order system. A genetic check sheet with the figures for the year (people don't care what month they are released), both sub and non-sub items, which will give you a set indication of how many to produce. That way you alienate none of your customer base, people that don't want all the figures get the ones they actually want, and the ones that want everything can opt for that on the Pre orders. It's a win win for both customers and Mattel, you still know what your base sales are for the year, without the uncertainty of day of.

    A pre order is interesting but what it doesn't let us do is bank the fully tool'd figures with the partial tool'd figures for a blended margin. The full year program is what lets us get to figures like Ram Man. If we did these as one offs we could only do a small handful of figures each year. Also, if we offered figures one off for pre sale and they didn't hit the min quota that would be a lot of wasted resources and management would start shutting us down. The full year sub which is a mix of fan demanded and more obscure characters (and what makes a complete collection) is depended on guaranteed sub sales. One off built to order models would prevent us from doing figures like Ram Man. We need the full year or partial tool figures to balance him out and create a blended margin on our P&L.
    Re: Sub Idea

    Scott, when I brought this up before you seemed unclear on what I was saying, so I'll try rephrasing it.

    You've said that you're worried about the marketability of a sub which included all the items as opposed to the current basic sub that has items outside of it.

    At the same time though as I'm sure you can understand, some people do want to lock in everything.

    Therefore wouldn't the solution be, much like the way the 30th Anniversary line was a subscription for ONLY the 30th Anniversary figures; to offer a secondary MOTUC sub which was for only those figures/vehicles not covered by the current sub?

    That way you're able to get guaranteed sales for higher ticket items while still having the Club Eternia sub remain unchanged.

    If we did another vehicle we would do it like the HB and presell it only and only if we hit the min. The customer base just isn't there based on current sales of the Windraider.
    Follow Up: Change the Packaging = Lower Costs?

    In your response to my question about changing the packaging, you said that it could lower costs, but not return the figures to $20.

    That is fine. I subscribed on day one. What I'm asking is would changing the packaging perhaps lower your overhead so that you could get by with fewer subscribers than you currently need? If so, do it, I say! Do it!

    We are locked in to the standard package for 2013 but certainly something we can look at for 2014.
    Madame Razz & Broom

    Thank you for answering Celsius' question so openly. I share his enthusiasm for Scorpia and am delighted to hear that she would be a candidate for 2014. I know you probably don't want to start addressing this on a character by character basis but I have to ask, do Madame Razz & Broom have as likely a shot at a spot in 2014? I just can't bear to think of this line ending without them never having had a shot at being immortalized in plastic. Thanks!

    Everything depends on how the 2013 sub sells. If it does well, it makes getting to both of these characters that much more likely. If you want more MOTUC now is your chance to vote with a sub purchase. The future of the line is in fan's hands! I have 100% faith we will get there. If we can just get everyone who had a sub in either 2010, 2011 or 2012 to renew we are fine.

    But we are not there yet.
    Core Characters

    When you say you're adding as many "core" characters to the 2014 line as possible, are you automatically thinking any character that had a vintage figure is a core character? For many of us, you've already released most of the core characters that had vintage figures. I don't think characters like Extendar, Ninjor, and Clamp Champ, who never appeared on any of the TV shows, are more core than characters like Scorpia, Madame Razz, and Skeletor's robots just because they've had a figure before.

    Specificly, what are the odds of seeing characters like Spirit and a proper sized Cringer by 2014? They were in almost every episode of their shows and you don't get much more core than them.

    If the audience is there, anything is possible. We will keep making these figures as long as we have guaranteed customers (i.e. sub holders) to buy them. Once that drops out the chance of getting to new version of Cringer or Sprit becomes smaller. We certainly would like to. Everything depends on sub holders.
    "Interest in the line is going down" - INACCURATE

    Perhaps the statement made "Interest in the line is going down" is made more from a business standpoint, rather than actual fan/consumer interest in MOTUC.

    Several variables have gone into why 2013 sub sales:
    1. Too many New/Obscure characters in the line
    2. Imbalance of character offerings
    3. Increase in international pricing, with little support
    4. Ongoing issues with DR
    5. Production flaws
    6. Overall product and shipping price hikes

    NONE of these issues have anything to do with fans/consumers losing interest in MOTUC. And though many of them are out of Mattel's control for the most part, it is not settling to see the statement that "interest is going down."

    1: Too many New/Obscure characters in the line

    If we only did fan demanded figures the line would end much quicker. The goal was always to make as many figures as possible before the line got more expensive to produce then fans were willing to pay. We didn't want to just burn through all the fan demanded A list figures in year 1. Look what happened with the Staction line...

    2. Imbalance of character offerings

    Every year is a careful balance. That is why the long term road map was created.

    3. Increase in international pricing, with little support

    Maybe you should check up on our sister sites like, and They offer zero international shipping. The only way international fans have to buy product from those sites is by finding a pen pal in the US to buy produce and reship to them. Matty fans actually have it really good. Try checking out those boards sometimes and compare your "issues"! Shipping internationally is very difficult and add many factors we have zero control over. We offer international shipping on Matty but have very little control over costs or specific issues to the destination address. I mean this in the nicest way, but international fans are really lucky we offer shipping at all. Most direct to consumer sites (like don't even offer international due to the difficulty involved. It is the same for US fan wanting to buy Japanese toys. Importing toys is expensive. It is just a fact of industry, not something specific to

    4. Ongoing issues with DR

    Always something we are constantly improving. Our new US based customer service group is making huge strides. It is not perfect but we are making major progress!

    5. Production flaws

    Every figure is hand made and hand painted. If you have an issue we replace and ship new product for free. So this is not really an issue unless you are in the very small group of international fans that choose a non trackable option. As long as you ship with a trackable option we will replace any damaged product at no cost to you. So i don't see this being an issue.

    6. Overall product and shipping price hikes

    Something we have zero control over. Material and labor costs have gone up. I've always said what will "kill" the line is when the figures cost more to make then fans are willing to pay. We can't control the cost to make these figures. The very low production run is what makes them even more expensive. Not something we can change.
    New Adventures

    I know this is the little line that could. In my eyes i hated New Adventures as a kid and was totally upset when Optikk was announced, But upon getting Him, Flipshot, and Slush Head i think they are three of the best figures in the line.

    Will we get to any of the hugely important Jet Lag Characters like Mara, Crita, Sebrian, Drissi, Caz, and DArius who was a prototype or will the key New Adventures characters be considerd this of the toy line. Because i would love to get their equivalents of Teela, Evil-Lynn, and Zodac being Mara, Crita , and Master Sebrian. These would be LARGE HOLES in the NA collection due to their prominence in the cartoon.

    We'll have to see how the 2013 line sells in as a sub first. But the long term goal has always been to get to these figures. We'll keep making these figures as long as their are fans ready to buy them at the price it costs to make them. Hopfully we are not at the point yet that it costs more to make then fans are willing to buy.
    Can we please get an update on the fate of notice?

    Has the subscriptions picked up enough since your announcement?
    Wondering if everything is ok now. even I got a sub for the first time.

    It is Sunday and Mattel is closed. I'll try to post an update next week.
    Announcing Glimmer

    I have to agree with the other poster who mentioned if you announce Glimmer (not SHOW her, just announce her) and more people will subscribe.

    Perhaps not even Glimmer, you could even announce Castaspella, Angella, Octavia, Scorpia.

    ANY of these characters would encourage people to subscribe.

    They sure would be. But you can say the same for Ram Man, Fang Man, Strobo and Jistu that we did announce. We can't do every fan demanded figure every month, but by the end of 2014 you should see quite a complete collection (if we can get enough subscribers for 2013).
    2013 & Obscure figures

    Reading the boards... it's plain to see that the subs are hurting a lot due to the announcement of the obscure, expensive and relatively unattractive FFM 3-pack. I know you won't release the rest of the line-up... but can you at LEAST confirm that the FFM are THE most obscure package in the line-up? I think confirming this would really help...

    While some people may not like the FFM, the only reason we put them in was because fans were asking for them. Sure not all fans, but enough were that we included them. Without initial fan support for these figs we would not have added them. They have been quite demanded for a few years.
    the major complaint

    i notice that alot of people major problem is shipping $25 fig $10 tax shipping = $35 one figure whats the posibility of doing 2 figs every other month or 3-4 fig quarterly this would save on shippping cost for the customer i would hate to wait 3 mounths to get my figures but it would probally change a lot of minds about the subscription

    Not something we can offer for 2013. We'd love it if we could make the line word for every type of customer with every type of social/economic or location need but in the end, to do a very low run collector line with out major entertainment (i.e a movie) the 2013 sub is what we have. It may not work for everyone, but if you want more MOTUC this is your best way to vote for more. (by supporting the sub)

    Are these guys considered beasts or vehicles? Hoping they are considered beasts and we see them soon! Figure it would be a good figure to do since it's one sculpt for 2 figures.

    They would be great to do, but nothing to announce right now.
    MOTUC - The Cannon

    As a very big fan of the bios and the cannon being rolled out via them, the discussion of the figures / sub continuing/canceling has me curious. If and when the line ever ends "early" - Scott would you release the remaining of the canon publicly? I know they've caused much debate but many of us do love the MOTUC cannon and your efforts to pull all the previous stuff into one cohesive story. I'd think at this point I'd be almost be as disappointed to not know the whole story as I am with the thought of no figures. I said almost

    There are other ways the bio cannon is coming out, such as with the mini comics. But the best way to get more figure and more bios is to support the line by buying a sub. We can't be more straight then that.

    Fans often ask what they can do to support MOTU and more toys - one thing. Buy a sub. Seriously. This is your chance to tell my management their is still demand for figures. If, not we'll release what may be tool'd and the curtain will close.
    Buyers Still on the Fence

    This is just a suggestion based on commentary I've been reading from various fans. There are a lot of collectors that will be swayed to purchase a sub if they were more aware of the year's line up.

    I know you've said you're more interested in focusing on the completionists, but since the completionists will be happy with ANYTHING you put out, shouldn't it be the collectors that are on the fence that you'll want to "capture"?

    I also know that you've commented on how much of a logistical nightmare it is to try to keep figures on schedule. But if you preface your message by saying "this is our tentative plan for the year, this schedule is subject to change without notice", you cover your bases.

    Fans are willing to commit to a sub if they knew a fig like Octavia or Madame Razz or Modulok or Crita or Castaspella or Horde Troopers were planned for 2013. If there are slips, collectors will go with this, particularly when you communicate it as well as you have in previous years' slips.

    I know anxiety is at an all-time high, and we're all wanting to provide solutions to help you ensure the longevity of this line from business and consumer standpoints.

    We don;t have any more of 2013 to reveal.
    Change the Packaging = Lower Costs?

    What if you altered the MOTUC packaging?

    Remove the white mailers
    Decrease the excess blister/cardback space

    Would that help lower costs? If not for the consumer then at least for Mattel, making a lower number of subscribers ok for 2013 and beyond?

    Heck, I'd be ok if you wrapped my toys in bubble wrap and sent them on their way!

    It would but it would not bring the figure back to 20.00.
    Primary Great Rebellion and Horde characters in 2013/2014

    I've already subscribed for 2013 and am looking forward to subscribing again for 2014. I love the fact that this line encompasses ALL eras and enjoy being surprised by what's in store for the rest of the year!

    My question is this: looking at my shelf I can't help but think that the heroic warriors and evil warriors are pretty much done from a primary characters pov but the horde is still missing Mantenna, Scorpia and Modulock. The great rebellion is still missing Madame Razz, Glimmer and Castaspella. Would 2014 see these 2 factions brought up to speed with back to back Horde/GR characters?

    Now that interest in the line is going down a bit (and we know partially due to higher costs that we can't control) we are rearranging 2014 to ensure we finish off a lot of key figures by then. It doesn't mean 2014 is the end, but we want to ensure collectors know that if they just subscribe for two more years they will be in good standing.

    We can always flow out a handful of figs of any remaining NA or POP figures each year through conventions or bi monthly one offs. Anything is possible but we will do our best to ensure 2014 hits all the majors.

    But first step is subscribing to 2013. Without that we are dead in the water.
    Can you pull The Fighting Foe Men 3-pack, It's putting a lot of people off the sub.

    Is it possible that you can pull the Fighting Foe Men 3-pack?. Maybe sell it outside of the sub or cancel it and just refund the money for the 3-pack for subscribers who have already signed up for the 2013 sub. Looking at comments on here and there's many many more on HE-MAN.ORG (a whole thread even) the FFM are putting a lot of people off the 2013 sub.

    If this is possible please consider it, a lot of people who have purchased a sub have said that they only got 1 sub instead of 2 because of the FFM also. The demand for this 3-pack is not there people a lot of people don't want to spend $75 for characters that most just don't care about or want.

    No, we can't make changes to 2013. But we will use sub sales to determine how big or small to make 2014 (if 2013 sells enough subs to go through)
    will Strobo be made?

    If you don't hit the minimum number for subscription sales, will we get Strobo? He is NOT slotted into the subscription so there is no need for him to get cancelled. He's just like Temple of Darkness Sorceress, Granamyr, The Weapons Rack, Bubble Power She-Ra, Wind Raider, Battle Cat or Gygor, who have ALL not been in the sub and DID get into production WITHOUT guaranteed sales through subscriptions.

    All of 2013 depends on the subs. If the sub does not sell through we may release one or two figs that have been tool'd but that may be it.
    Essential POP & NA characters for 2014

    I'm still thinking about buying a sub since your statement that you will try to ensure that all main characters from POP and NA are included in 2014. Essential characters from both era's for most based of polls and requests would be:

    Queen Angella


    Can you give POP and NA fans any idea of the main players that you would include in 2014 or can you say if you agree with the choices I have outlined as been essential as big players to both groups.

    We really need to see what happens with the 2013 sub sell in before we make and more calls.
    Resellers and Retailers Dropping Subs?

    Do we have an idea how many online retailers purchase these subs? I have a feeling a major piece of this drop off might just be from them instead of "completists". I'd think most of us take a hit when we purchase a sub to get the figs we want and sell off those we don't, which would make us resellers to a degree.

    I think it's pretty rigid thinking to assume that the completionists are the only reason that subs get sold. Unless of course there is some hard data out there. I have bought a total of three subs including this one over three years and I never considered myself a completist/completionist.

    We do have this hard data (or at least we know the names of buyers and how many subs each buy. Those who buy more then 1 or 2 stand out. Not saying all who buy more then 2 are resellers, but 95%+ of customers buy 1 or 2.
    How about some positive news?

    Scott, I'm with the majority of fans here on the site looking for some positive news on the MOTUC homefront. Can you give us a quick update on sub sales. I'm not asking for numbers, just if we have seen any significant progress in reaching our sales goal. You can count me in for at minimum, 2 subs this coming Friday. (Like many other fans, forced to budget for the SDCC stuff too!) Thanks for all you do and I will look forward to you managing the brand for years to come!

    Do you want positive news or the truth? 2013 sub sales are down. Hopefully we can get enough to go forward with the 2013 sub and then ideally at least 2014 so we can try to get as many key figures to market.

    I wanted to say Thank you to Mattel and Everyone at Mattel who brought us MOTUC. I will continue to support the line because I believed in your company and the Masters of the Universe brand. Beleive in us and continue to give us every figure possible. Its human nature with all the speculation and complaining that happens, but many of us love you and thought you should know that!The fans will keep the brand alive.

    Toyguru...I and many of my friends support you! Don't get discouraged or let the negativity get to you. You have alot of support!

    Thanks! Please spread the word! Without fans and support for the lines, we won't be able to keep our favorite lines around. We can only make toys if we have an audience for them. Subs are what guarantees that and keeps things going.
    The wicked Scorpia

    Im a HUGE Scorpia fan since I saw the Secret of the Sword movie in the 80s Are you excited about the prospect and development of such a devastatingly beautiful yet dangerously savage Dynastic Empress Ruler of the Crimson Waste Scorpia?

    if so is there a time frame?

    At this point, she would be a fig to make sure we get to by 2014.
    interesting suggestions for international sub shipping

    Mattel brand managers, please have a look a this discussion on
    There are very interesting suggestions by bcrduke and Shadow-Ra on quaterly shipping and membership fee. This could save a lot of money for international subscribers for shipping and is not that hard to do. Thanks for your consideration.

    We looked into things like this and it just isn't possible right now.
    Day of sales

    How does getting rid of day of sales whixh for motuc always sell out help the line? I simply cant afford the sub but I would love to buy some figures day of. Does mattel seriously not want my money? Also if there are no day of sales than characters like ram man will sell for hundreds on ebay that is not fair at all. Please do not end day of sales I want to buy a lot of figures but I cant afford.the sub it is really expensive. This is no way to treat customers plus motuc originally didnt even have a sub come on mattel dont be ridiculous!!!

    By having only sub sales it lets us produce to that amount, have exact sales lock in and not have extra inventory. To produce a low run highly detailed line like this, we just can't focus on day of going forward. We need annual commitments.

    As of right now I'm planning to subscribe for the first time ever, but first I need to make this very clear:

    My credit card expires this December. Will I be able to change my credit card information when I receive a new one without any problems/mistakes?

    Ideally yes. Especially since we will be launching the new my subscription page in a few weeks that lets you do this manually.

    If we don't get the minimum, postpone the new characters and make the old ones?

    If MOTUC doesn't achieve the minimum, could you postpone new characters like King He-Man and concepts like The Fighting Foe Men for already established, actual MOTU characters such as Ram Man, Netossa and Jitsu? Ordinarily, these new characters would be cool, but if MOTUC is in such dire straits, then maybe now is not the time to indulge into these new characters when we haven't barely touched the New Adventures cast.

    It is too late to make any changes to 2013.

    BUT: what I am doing is reworking 2014. If we can get enough subs to get 2013 done, I will make sure that the 2014 line is reworked to include all remaining vintage figs and all the major NA and POP figures (we might not get to Kayo if you will...).

    First step is ensureing 2013 works. Then I will rework 2014 so that if that winds up being the last year, at least we will go out with a bang. It doesn't mean we couldn't still get to a 2015 (if support is there) but I am no longer going to follow the 2016 roadmap. I've always said what will kill the line is when the figures cost more to produce then fans are willing to pay.If the writing is on the wall, I will do all I can to ensure 2014 finishing things off.

    Would you be willing to share why a pre-order system would or would not work? I know in the past it's been said that pre-orders are not done because the cost of development to be able to show something to the consumer is too great. Yet people who buy a sub each year are usually committing (in effect pre-ordering) to about 10 figures for whom they do not even know the name, let alone being shown something.

    There has to be another way to move this line forward while still guaranteeing sales prior to production, the fan base is certainly there for it. It seems like this is something that should have been accounted for already. Subscription sales would logically wane as the line hit a point where the majority of the heavy hitters had already been released. Moving towards an all-in subscription only model at that point in any line just does not make sense. It's hard to believe an entire line could end when there is still so much product that consumers are willing to pay for (even with the price increase) because the all-in subscription model did not work. IF it does not meet the minimum number there are other ways to move forward and I truly hope that the passionate team involved with this line is able to address that with whoever makes these decisions at Mattel. You all fought to get this line off the ground and I hope you exhaust every option and fight with the same enthusiasm to keep it going now. Good luck!

    The sub is a pre order. You are pre ordering the full year of prodcut.
    Pre-order suggestion

    Since a lot of people seem to want it, why not try it to see if it works.
    Do it as a next year item - no pics needed just names or factions

    Example - 2 pack = 1 galactic protectors vs 1 Space Mutant
    3 pack = 1 NA - 1 Filmation - 1 POP

    Or for 2014 make a list of 20,30,50 characters (no variants) for 12 monthly slots as a sub and like the fan choice we get to pick 12 and the top 12 get made. you guys choose what variants, beast, sdcc exclusives get made

    Maybe if you let people know this could happen next year they will sign up this year

    It is a cool idea, but the sub needs to work for completionists willing to buy anything pretty much. With out this type of fan we just can't keep these lines going. And a completionsit (if you will) doesn't need to know what is coming as he or she will buy all.
    Open In Case of Emergency

    Scott, is it too soon to start discussing what happens worst case if MOTUC doesn't survive as a sub format past 2012? Meaning, do we see any of the 2013 lineup in any form (i.e., as convention exclusives, quarterly figures offered as pre-sales, etc.)?

    If the sub doesn't meet minimum quota (and as a humble suggestion) I can see the line continue to survive and perhaps even thrive on a two to three pack quarterly release basis in a similar format to how you're handling the Miss Martian/Superman two-pack. Offer a pre-sale in advance of producing the toy and only produce it if the minimum orders are met. I understand that this will kill the spontaneity and fun of seeing months worth of product ahead of time like we do at Mattypalooza and TF every year, but come heck or high water this line should continue even if the subs become an inviable business model.

    Here is what we are looking at if we don't hit the min sub number:

    If the sub does not hit the min, we will review how far along figures are (likley one or two of the figs shown at SDCC are tool'd) and we will release those two figures bi annually. The rest will be canceled. If anyone else is far enough along we might make that fig the SDCC figure like we did with Dana.

    Very similar to what happeend with GB in 2012. If we don't hit the min number of subs the line goes away.

    Not a scare tactic, just the truth. The subs are everything for a high end low run collector line with no current entertainment (well, no movie or TV, we have awesome MOTU comics from DC now)!
    Other Subs' Status?

    Aside from MOTUC, are the other brand subs meeting the minimum needed to move forward?

    DC is tracking to where it was last year (which if trends continue it will be the bare min to at least go forward with the sub, I'm not sure if we will hit the "fully tool'd fig in 2014 mark"). MOTU is about 50% down from where we were at this point last year. Watchmen is its own thing but is doing about as well as DC.

    So MOTU is the biggest concern right now. We usually get the bulk of sub int he first 48 hours and in the past have hit the min for MOTU in those first two days. This year, due to the price increase it has been slower.

    So if you love MOTUC, the way you can vote for more figs is to buy a sub. Not a scare tactic, just the truth.
    MOTU ending

    Thank you Mattel for ensuring that MOTU's 30th year is also its last!

    Scott, many of us have been very loyal to you, Mattel and this brand since the beginning. And many of us understand the cost increase for these figures, and began sigining up the day they went on sale.

    But with the comments posted earlier regarding subs, do you really feel the need to use scare tactics to make sales? I know you can say that you're being honest about the situation, and that's fair, but I think the way that things were worded was poorly thought out, angering many of your customers, which, in the end, has angered some to the point that they won't buy a sub, just out of spite.

    In the end, when MOTU dies, don't blame customers for it. There has been poor service issues since this line began, as well as issues with quality, shipments, lack of communications, etc. This it seems, is going to be the breaking point. When the line dies, I hope Mattel will look back and try to figure out what THEY did to kill the line.

    It was fun while it lasted. I hope it lasts longer, but hey, I'm only one paying customer.

    Big difference between "scare tactics" and the truth of the situation. I'm not trying to scare anyone, just loop all fans in on where we are.

    Hey Scott, since subs are obviously down would you consider "sweetening the pot" for subscribers to be able to order the convention figures through their subscription as an added incentive?

    I am personally disheartened with every "con exclusive" that comes out because I know what it entails to usually get them and it always requires either more time or money than I'm willing to give. Being that the subscribers are the life blood of this line, it only seems fair for them to be able to get all of the figures that are offered without hassle. Thanks again for your time and consideration!

    we will do is include these in the early access as a non sub item. But we can't just include them in the sub.
    Bomb Dropped on MOTUC??

    Scott, I respect that as the line manager for MOTUC your word is law, but with this power also comes (as Uncle Ben would say) a great deal of responsibility. Telling everyone that MOTUC is on the chopping block- regardless of the possible reality- seems to have set many minds worrying (mine included). For the most part the people posting here are sub holders... and in many cases multiple subs! If in fact the line is in trouble, so much so that you're considering a health-o-meter for MOTUC, please keep us abreast of how things are going and often. I've been- and many others are with me here- a loyal supporter of this line for years now and even the mere hint that all is not right with MOTUC in 2013 due to lackluster subs has me appropriately worried.

    Yeah, I never want to be the guy with bad news. I get it, I really do. And no one expected prices to skyrocket over the last few years. I wish it was better, but in the past we have hit the min number of sub holders for MOTU in the first 48 hours and this year we aren't even close and it has been days. If we don't hit the min, unfortunately the line may be heading out.

    So if you are on the fence, time to buy a sub!

    I am 100% NOT trying to strongarm anyone (or Fang man them() - that was a Filmation joke). I am just trying to tell it like it is. In the past we always hit the min very quickly. And until that happens, and because we are are so far off this year I wanted to let fans know what is happening. If you haven't gotten your sub, step up and support more MOTUC!
    If the line gets cancelled,do we still get...

    RAM MAN AND JITSU????????? I bought 2 subs,so my support is in! but These 2 must show up for sale if the line has to be cancelled (hopefully not)...I WANT THESE! (plus fangman) and it was why I subbed

    It is hard to say how many figures we would be able to release without a sub guarantee. Liikely, no they would not get released.
    Can you do a sub meter for MOTUC?

    Like the one you have on DCUC? Clearly, we need it.

    We'll look into it. At this point we may need one. We were not expecting too which is why one was not prepped.
    In response to the subscription news, please consider revealing more of the lineup

    I know there is a similar thread, but I wanted to voice my own thoughts. In light of the news that day of sale items will likely be very difficult or impossible to obtain, will you consider releasing more of the lineup ahead of time?

    Now to clarify, I am not asking for pictures and fully sculpted items to be revealed since that would not be realistic. But how about just the names of figures coming? I think even getting the 1st 6 months would be fair for a $500+ commitment.

    Now I understand that there could be a concern that fans would get upset if names were announced and then figures were delayed... but honestly isn't that happening now anyway? Unfortunately it is the nature of things, someone is going to get mad with any delay. However I think that the benefits to such a move outweigh any possible negatives over delays.

    I also know that you guys use various shows and medias to reveal figures to generate hype, but I think that revealing images and prototypes of figures will still generate quite a bit of hype. Heck look at all of the hype and excitement that an image of Mosquitor's foot generated. Again, I think the benefits to revealing the lineup add considerable value and allow customers to make more of an informed choice on committing to the sub.

    So going forward, if the subscription is going to be the only option (realistically) can we expect to know more of what we are committing to? I think it would go a long way to building customer confidence for a $500+ commitment that is largely made on good faith.

    You've had 4 years of MOTUC. Expect in 2013 a similar release of figures from across factions. MOTUC needs to appeal to completists first. And a completist by definition will take anything and everyone. We just can't make the line for cherry pickers anymore. So really, for the demo that is needed to support the line, further reveals shouldn't be needed. (if you take my meaning)
    When will we know the subs performance? Fate of the line?

    When can you tell us if we hit the minimum number of subs?

    I hope with this bad news we can look forward to the main players of MOTU and POP that are still left to do.

    We'll let you know as we get closer to the deadline how we are doing since we didn't do a meter like we did for DC.
    MOTUC - Day of Sales

    Will "cherry pickers" be told in advance what MOTUC figures will not be available for "day of sales" in 2013?

    For example, at what point in time will discretionary buyers know whether or not Netossa and Ram Man will be available for purchase on or around 15 January 2013? Will this be announced months in advance or will buyers only find out when they log onto and try to purchase Netossa and Ram Man in January?

    Further, is Mattel able to provide a rough estimate or guide to the number of MOTUC figures which will not be available for "day of sales" in 2013? Will 2 out of 12 of the regular monthly figures not be available? Or will 6 out of 12 of the regular monthly figures not be available?

    At this time we can't give an answer. Until we know how many sub holders we have we can't set quotas. The best way to guarantee all your figures is to buy a sub. Best to assume there won't be day of stock as not every figure will be available day of. And those who are may have very small stock avail if any. I wish we could make the line work for cherry pickers but it just is not possible.
    MOTUC on the chopping block?

    With all due respect Toyguru, how could MOTUC possibly be on the chopping block when it's the highest selling line on Is this an edict handed down by corporate or is this a brand decision from yourself? Do you feel Mattycollector could even exist without MOTUC?

    In 2012 it was/is one of the hottest. But the 2013 sub has not sold the min yet. Until it does, it is on the block. We need sub support to continue it.
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