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Thread: Toyguru Update on 2013 Subscriptions

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    Quote Originally Posted by fisto power View Post
    Well the dc sub made it. So motu had too.
    Really glad to see that DCUC made it this year, and with a little wiggle room! Surely MOTUC made it too, as you said!

    Here's to hoping for another fun-filled year of great toys! (Now let's start praying for 2014...)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Barbecue17 View Post
    I think G.I. Joe invented "deth of teh lien!!" That line dies like the seasons, reborn anew every year or so.
    like the proverbial Phoenix.

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    The longer we wait, the less I wanna hear what the update will be.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Barbecue17 View Post
    I think G.I. Joe invented "deth of teh lien!!" That line dies like the seasons, reborn anew every year or so.
    When GI JOE: Retaliation was bumped, the "Deth of the etc" rhetoric was in full force. Thought the Hiss Tank would melt that day... and they're over there right now calling He-Man.Org "arrogant"...
    I survived the 2013 sub ordeal!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr Kain View Post
    Why is everyone always obsessed with the death of this line? I don't see GI Joe fans saying, "Hey, you know, if the line ended..." "When do you think they will end the line?" "Has Hasbro ever stated if they are going to end GI Joe?" Seriously, the MOTU fanbase is as bad as those religious nuts that keep trying to figure out when the world is going to end. Why not just enjoy it now and when it ends, it ends.
    Hasbro has killed many Transformers lines and or figures prematurely.

    ROTF Human Alliance figures were canned, even though they actually got produced.

    DOTM, Even though it was remade, the DOTM line was canned, and many figures were never released, even though they were produced. (Human Alliance Soundwave....etc)

    Reveal The Shield, was canned before they even released all the produced toys to mass retail only to have the remaining go to TJ Maxx.

    Transformers Prime First Editions, even though now they are coming back, many are not the same molds as originally intended for the line.

    Transformers Prime was merged with RID....

    Transformers Animated, canned before all the figures were released, only a final few produced figures made it to TRU only.

    Technically lines die all the time, but the brand may see new resurgence through rebranded figures, technically the lines did die.

    MOTU did not die in 30 years, but the MOTU, POP, NA & 200X lines did....

    Just like GI Joe has seen line after line after line, subscription based lines are no different than retail when it comes to getting canned, see Ghostbusters....
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