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Thread: Who wore it better?- Jitsu or Ninjor?

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    Who wore it better?- Jitsu or Ninjor?

    So as I anxiously await Feb's shipment, my mind is fluttering with debate over who should wear that extra belt.

    While I'm fine with the traditional lion cloth of MOTU, so many figures sport it that I love it when we get alternate torso garb. Additionally, I think both Ninjor and Jitsu look great in it.

    So I ask you, who wears it better?!

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    From the pictures I've seen, the new belt/loin cloth piece seems to match Jitsu's color scheme just a wee bit better. Plus, In spite of his all-black uniform, Ninjor actually has quite a lot of detailing going on, and the loin cloth just makes it all a little too busy for my eye. Jitsu, on the other hand, isn't heavy on details. I think it spruces up Jitsu, but weighs Ninjor down. There's also no way a ninja is going to wear that piece, with all of its dangling ropes and whatnot! It would get in the way too easily!
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    Yep, Jitsu. From the pics I've seen, it works much better on Jitsu.
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    Jitsu. Ditto
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    I made a custom Jitsu using a Marzo loincloth. I don't know if Iike the Ninjor belt better or not. Just need to wait until everything is in my hands...

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    As Ive yet to see a Sid by side vote goes to the all make ght Plundor.

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    jitsu. I did not want the extra stuff with Fisto, and I didnt want extra stuff for Jitsu...but since they both could have it now, I will at least try it on Jitsu, since it is for him. I'd say that Ninjor does look good with it.

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    Jitsu looks so badass with it!
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    It belongs to Jitsu!
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    It's specifically tailored for Jitsu. He should wear it. Any ninja wearing a bright red loincloth is going to get a shuriken to the crotch.
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    Jitsu. I think of it as his Ruler of Snake Mountain look.
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