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  • Masters of the Universe Classics figures

    40 67.80%
  • Vintage MOTU figures

    2 3.39%
  • A mix of MOTU figures

    5 8.47%
  • Non-MOTU figures (Transformers, etc.)

    3 5.08%
  • Books

    6 10.17%
  • Other (explain)

    3 5.08%
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Thread: What takes precidence on your bookshelf?

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    What takes precidence on your bookshelf?

    Many collectors have either already run out of room in their display cases and/or bookshelves, or they're probably close to it. For you, what is most important to you in terms of what you choose to display and what you end up storing or getting rid of?

    For me, Masters of the Universe figures are the only toys I collect. The MOTUC line is growing fast! I've already stored all of my vintage and 200x MOTU figures, as well as most of my vintage vehicles! The playsets are still up, though I'm considering storing my 200x castle. I'm up to three full display cases, and one huge book shelf! Additional dresser space is already being set aside for next year's MOTUC figures, and I've started nailing some of my MOC figures to the wall to make room. I kind of feel silly tossing a great big pile of books in storage when I don't have a single book on my shelf. Guess I'll start taping things to the ceiling next.
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    Currently I have 4 shelves of MOTUC, one shelf of Vintage, and one shelf of 200x. So really it's a mix, but MOTUC clearly has precidence.

    That being said, before I got into the position I find myself in, when I had my own living space, I had everything displayed everywhere. And for some reason though the MOTUC clearly had the prime choice display space, and were clearly the heart and favourite of my collection, Transformers actually had the most space alloted to them. Mostly based on size.

    If you considered cross property displays, my biggest was actually Horror related figures and memorabilia.

    BUt MOTUC Is my primary fandom in my heart right now. He-Man was always my favourite toyline. Classics deserves to be in the center of it all.

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    Well, in my Toy Room, it's MOTUC, but on our bookshelves we keep our massive collection of...books!

    MOTUC is the meat and potatoes of my collecting, though there's plenty of other stuff present in my Room (GBClassics, tons of Star Wars, my NECA TMNT, various statues, replicas, paintings, etc.).
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    I chose other, because I usually display figures from multiple Toylines. In the process of moving, so I'll have an even better setup than I've had. I plan on having a nice large display of every MOTUC figure, so I guess you can say that takes precedence, since I'm not sure yet that I'll display a full line from any other larger Toyline. But still, there'll be decent sized displays of DCUC, Marvel Legends, Indy Comics figures (from Various lines) GI Joe, Star Wars and Transformers, Wrestling figures and miscellaneous figures from various properties like movies, etc.

    But yeah, MOTUC is currently my favorite line going, whereas I'll be storing a good amount of DCUC and Marvel Legends figures. Star Wars will be a pretty big display as well, but I'm not even close to having everything they put out, more like 10%, but the Big Millenium Falcon by itself is gonna take up a significant ammount of space.

    Also, like the OP, I have a ton of books that will be in storage in favor of figures...

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    200X Buzz-Off will remain a part of my MOTUC display until I find a reason to replace him. Sure, he's not the exact same scale or style as the rest of the figures, but then he's a humanoid bee, so...
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    Non-MOTU figures (Star Wars, G1 Transformers, ARAH Cobras/Joes and Marvel Universe figures)...
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    as of right now. the masters & guards. skeletor & his evil worriors.

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    My toy collecting hierarchy:

    1. Transformers (vintage, Classics, RID, Beast Wars)
    2. Star Wars (vintage, POTF2 and up)
    3. GI*JOE (vintage ARAH, 25th Anniversary)
    4. MOTU (MOTUC, 200X, some vintage)
    5. M.A.S.K.
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    1. MotUC
    2. Vintage MotU
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    What I have out in the open on my shelves are mainly the various vintage MOTU lines and MOTUC. Though I do have a decent peppering of 25th anniversary Joes and a few misc figures on top of my DVD shelving unit.

    Everything else that I own is in plastic tubs, boxes or stored away in the closet.
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    Books, without question. However, for toys, MOTU Classics are the only MOTU toys worth displaying, in my opinion. They share space with whatever other toy lines are displayed.

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