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    Wulf-Gar's B/S/T

    I am looking to buy or tradc for the following things...If you have these let me know and hopefully we can work something out.

    Parts I need:
    Fisto vest
    Clamp Champ vest x many
    MAA/SMAA chest armor x4
    MAA/weapons rack blaster x many
    MEF/weapons rack blaster x many
    MAA head
    MAA mustache head
    Vykron head
    200x mossman head x many

    Whole complete figures I am looking for:
    Snake Man-at-arms x 2
    Big Lots clawful x many

    Parts I have for trade:
    Dragon Blaster chest armor w/dragon and chain
    Tall star extensions
    Weapons pack kowl

    Whole figures I have to trade:
    Two-bad misb
    Fearless Photog loose/complete
    Snout Spout loose/complete
    Spikor loose/complete
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