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Right now i think characters like Mermista, Entrapta, Flutterina and Peekablue had featured scenes in FILMATION and even whole episodes evolving their characters and abilities. And that alone gives them more right to be made at this uncertain time for MOTUC than Rotar or Twistoid who depend on there gimmick which isn´t going to be made in MOTUC anyway.
More fans might be feeling Z-list vintage characters than C-list Filmation characters. I mean, would fans rather have Rio Blast or Clamp Champ than Mermista or Perfuma? Some fans seem to make it appear as if there is no popularity overlap between the eras -- that Hydron could never be more popular than say Blast Attack, simply because Blast Attack was a vintage MOTU character.

And why do they have to spread out the female characters more than the male characters?

Would it be so difficult to release a female Great Rebellion character right after Octavia? I don´t get it?

Most everyone has a sub now and a little sign like that would show us POP fans they do care.
It probably would. Some fans would freak over too many female figures over a certain time frame. The only ones that crowd are used to are Teela, Evil-Lyn and the Sorceress.