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Thread: MotU Madness - Episode: ?

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    MotU Madness - Episode: ?

    A little explanation what is MotU Madness:
    MotU Madness is a little project of mine in wich i will show some funny scenes, comics and probably animation.

    The intro isn't finished yet, but i wanted to put this image into the line of the project. That's why we don't know what the number of this episode is.

    Anyways, this Episode is called "Kill Wundar". If you heard the podcasts of the roast gooble dinner, you might remember what it is about. The Podcast was a looong time ago. It was Episode 17 and 18 i think, or 18 and 19, can't remember. In the two episodes Pixel Dan makes fun of Smash Blade He-Man, and the idea came up that the goddess trained the multiple He-Man and uses Smash Blade He-Man, to kill them. Then there was a call for fan art depicting a scene. I don't know if that already was drawn and posted by somebody, but this is my version, enjoy:

    I had to look into the internet to find out what kind of He-Man that was. When i saw it, i imediately remembered that this was one of the many ugly variants of He-Man.

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    LOL! Awesome!

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    That's hilarious!!
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