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Thread: A Fan-Fic: The Return of He-Man

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    A Fan-Fic: The Return of He-Man

    A long time ago (not in a galaxy far far away...well who knows?! I'm never really here anyway, hehe...*ahem* SQUIRREL! ANYway...), I decided I wanted to bridge the end of NAHM with what would have been the beginning of He-Ro, Son of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. I made some modifications for my story that differ from the cartoon (one NAHM episode in particular) so that my story could flow. This is just the first part and I hope someday to write more past these first two chapeters. ANYway, here's my fan-fic:

    “He-Man,” the Sorceress called telepathically to the hero of Eternia and Primus, “it is done. Skeletor is defeated and the people of Primus are finally safe from Flogg and his evil Mutants.” He-Man was wearing a red bandolier around his torso that held the magic Power Sword—the mystical Sword of He—to his back, long blue pants with a brown belt and golden belt buckle, and brown boots. Around his wrists were golden bracers. His shoulder-length blonde hair was pulled back in a ponytail by a red strap. He and his female companion stood on a large hilltop, gazing at the beauty of their future Eternia—now named Primus after thousands of years (or telks, as they referred to their annual timeframe). The green grass seemed to go on almost forever into the sunset in three directions, the fourth, a vast desert that began far away in the west. Cities of magnificent beauty stood everywhere in patches with plenty of space between them for farming and ranching, and for those who would rather live out in the country instead of the busy cities, such as two of his greatest friends, Caz, and his older sister, Drissy, who herded sheep.
    “I’m glad, Sorceress,” He-Man said back to her. “If only there was some way to return to our own time, though. Then everything would be perfect. I miss my friends from then and my parents.”
    “But there is. Remember when I sent Teela to you for company through that time warp?”
    “I can now bring you both back home now. Now that you are no longer needed on Primus, you can return as promised. I will give you time to say your goodbyes to the friends you have made here, and then I will bring you both home.”
    “Thank you, Sorceress.” And with that, she broke the link, and he was left alone with his thoughts. But not for long…
    “What was my mother saying?” Teela asked her friend, standing beside him and taking in the once-again peaceful beauty of the planet. Long red hair that went down to the middle of her waist, was tied back into a ponytail revealing a beautiful face. Her dress of sky blue silks that she wore in place of her old Captain of the Guard uniform to blend in with the people here flowed silently in the breeze. The only remembrance of her old duties she wore was a golden tiara that had been her headdress as Captain when she guarded royal Prince Adam and protected him from evil.
    “She says we can finally go home…to our own time.” Teela’s face lit up. He turned his head to face her. “She’ll give us time to say ‘goodbye’ to all of our friends here, and then take us back to Eternia.” He-Man had bittersweet thoughts running through his head. He knew he was going to miss Master Sebrian, Flipshot, Hydron, and all of the others he had met here and known both as Adam and as He-Man, but he also knew where he and Teela belonged, and was glad to finally be going home. “Come on. Master Sebrian should be the first to know.”
    The two walked quickly to Master Sebrian’s home in the Oasis, and went inside. The electronic locks on the door were hardly ever used, and all were welcomed inside. Mara looked up from her desk and smiled at the two heroes, then went back to her paperwork. Her thick brown hair was held back by a golden headband, and her short-sleeved violet dress was complimented by a matching sash around her neck, and a golden belt around her tiny waist. Mara had been jealous of Teela when she had first appeared, but had since grown fond of the warrior woman who’s true affections lay with someone else on her home planet. A Prince of some sort back in her own time on Eternia, but someone Mara did not know. Mara had feelings for both Captain Hydron and He-Man, and had never been sure whom she truly loved more, but with Teela’s affections lying elsewhere, she at least had a choice. She did not even need to announce their presence to Master Sebrian, but knew he would know the two were coming. He always knew things before they happened.
    “Master Sebrian?” Teela stated, not wanting to surprise their friend, and forgetting how easily he knew when people were coming. An old man with a rapidly increasing forehead, though he still had long white hair down his back, was wearing a blue cloak over purple robes and a large pendant around his neck, turned around at her voice. The wrinkled face and blue eyes greeted them warmly. He was older than anyone she had ever met, but instead of looking frail, he seemed very strong and full of wisdom…and magic. The tall, gnarled, dark brown walking stick he used to get around was lying against the oak desk he sat.
    “He-Man and Teela! I’m very glad to see you both,” he said. “We have much to celebrate.” The smile on the old man’s face fell slightly when he saw the two faces before him with mixed emotions. “What’s wrong? We should all be so happy.”
    “We are, Master Sebrian…” Teela said, trailing off.
    “Our Sorceress just let me know that with Skeletor gone and the Mutants under Galactic control, we can finally go home,” He-Man answered. “Back to our own time. And that you’ll be safe forever more from them.”
    “Then there is much to celebrate,” Sebrian said, his face lighting once more. The other two looked at each other in shock and returned their gaze to him, slightly confused, so he felt the need to explain. “I know you’ll miss us as we’ll miss the two of you, but this way, we’ll all be in our own times and can enjoy peace in both. No Skeletor and no Mutants to bother either of us ever again, no matter what time period. Don’t worry. We’ll always be with you, no matter how far away you are from us. You’ll live in our memories for as long as we live in yours.”
    “Thank you, Master Sebrian,” Teela stated with a curtsey.
    “Ah, it is I who should be thanking you. Without you two, we never would have survived the first attacks by Flogg and his Mutants. We would all have been slaves from the first time they broke through the Shield, and then destroyed, as we grew useless to them, or perhaps just for their pleasure. On behalf of the people of Primus—your future Eternia—I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
    “I’m honored,” He-Man stated with a bow.
    “How long until your return?” Sebrian asked. “We should throw a celebration for you before you go. This way you’ll get to say ‘goodbye’ to all of your friends.”
    “I think we have enough time for that,” He-Man smiled. He looked at Teela, who smiled back. True, they were going to miss their friends of the future, but they were also very happy to be finally going home to their friends and family of the past.
    It was a celebration that put the Festival of Lights to shame. Fireworks, food, acrobats, diplomats, and tents galore, all in honor of He-Man and Teela—as well as the rest of the Galactic Guardians—who had all helped rid Primus from the threat of the evil Mutants of moon Nordor and all of their threats to wipe out the human race. Peace was finally settled between Denibria and Primus, so trade would finally work without the fear of sneak attacks from human-haters, and the Tri-Solar Galaxy was finally happy. All the colors of the rainbow were in streamers and banners, including a special flag for the two Eternians that contained He-Man’s Power Sword being crossed by Teela’s Snake Staff, Ka, over a sunburst on a field of sky blue.
    At the front table sat He-Man and Teela in the center, with Master Sebrian to He-Man’s right and Mara to Teela’s left. The rest of the Galactic Guardians and the four scientists sat around the back and sides of the table so that everyone could see the guests of honor and their companions of battle. All were eating and enjoying themselves immensely.
    Master Sebrian stood up and clanked his goblet with a spoon, and when the crowd finally quieted down and looked in the direction of the heroes, he spoke. “Friends, we are all gathered here today to honor our fellow warriors and the two Eternians without who’s help we would be under the rule of Flogg and his evil Mutants: He-Man and Teela!” Clapping and cheers erupted from the crowd gathered at their tables. After a few minutes, Master Sebrian held up his hand and the crowd silenced once more.
    “We are here to say our thanks and to wish them a fond farewell on their journey back home.” A loud sigh came from the crowd. They had not been expecting this in a party of celebration. “Now, now. Don’t’ be sad. We are finally free of the threats of Skeletor and the Mutants, and with the Shield fully restored and our Galactic Guardians always at the ready, there is no need for them to stay any longer when they have a chance to return to their home. Besides, wouldn’t you all be glad to finally return home after a long time away?” A collective agreement came from the crowd, and man people clapped and then went back to eating once Master Sebrian sat back down.
    “Well, at least we know how much we’ve been appreciated,” Teela smiled.
    “Was there every any doubt?” Sebrian asked her with a smile.
    Teela shook her head still smiling and took a drink from her goblet. Raising it before her, she said, “To Primus: may you always have peace and prosperity.”
    “And to Eternia,” Flipshot stated. “May your past bleed into our future with peace all through it.” Mara looked at him with a quirked eyebrow. He shrugged. “Okay, I’m not the best with speeches, but at least the sentiment was there.”
    “I liked it,” Captain Hydron stated, smiling at his battle partner.
    “Yes, it was,” Sebrian agreed, taking a long drink from his goblet. “Yes it was.”
    “It’s too bad that your nephew, Adam, couldn’t have joined us,” Mara stated. “He’s never around when he should be.” Teela and He-Man gave each other a look complete with a small smile. No one else noticed.
    “Well, he had to return to Levitan on immediate business that will take a long time,” Sebrian offered. “I doubt we’ll be seeing him again any time soon.” He turned and winked at He-Man. Only Teela and Master Sebrian knew that Adam, the merchant from Levitan and Sebrian’s nephew, was actually Prince Adam of Eternia, who became He-Man when in need.
    “I’m sure we’ll get along without him just fine,” Captain Hydron offered. “He was great help, but it’s time for everyone to go home.” He turned to He-Man. “Isn’t it?” Well, perhaps Sebrian and Teela were not the only ones who knew his secret, but at least it could be trusted with their friend who knew better than to tell.
    “All right, Sorceress, we’re ready,” He-Man said. It was after the party had been cleaned up and they had finally gotten to say their farewells to their friends. Teela and He-Man were standing at the same spot that they had entered Primus. Only Master Sebrian was with them to say a final farewell. A portal of light, slightly taller than the figures there, oval in shape and glowing with the light from Castle Grayskull, appeared before them. “Teela, you ready?”
    “Then let’s go.” Teela stepped through first, and He-Man turned back around. “Even through all the hard times, it was still a pleasure being here with you, my friend. I’m gonna miss you.”
    “I’m gonna miss having a nephew too,” Sebrian said. “He was the best.” He-Man just smiled, and turned to walk through the portal. Once through, the winked out of existence, and Master Sebrian stood there in silence. Though he was smiling, a single, small tear fell onto his cheek. He would miss them terribly. Turning around, he made his way back to his home in the Oasis.

    “Welcome back, Prince Adam and my daughter. Your parents will be expecting you.” She was dressed in a white one-piece suit of feathers with wings in orange running down her blue sleeves. Her legs were bare, but her feet were shod with blue boots that had turned down white cuffs. Her headdress was like the head of a falcon with an orange beak. This was her everyday disguise, as well as what helped her to transform into Zoar the great falcon when she wanted to leave the walls of Grayskull. She could never leave in her human form. At least, that was how is used to be.
    “Thank you, Sorceress,” He-Man said.
    “Thank you, Mother,” Teela said almost on top of him.
    “Perhaps your parents would prefer seeing Adam over He-Man?”
    “You’re probably right, even though the already know.” He set his sword point-down to the ground.
    “No, He-Man, not like that here!” the Sorceress warned. “Not in this time.”
    “Oh, right; I’d forgotten after so long on Primus.” He raised his sword above his head and said, “Let the power…return!” A flash of light enveloped him and he returned to Adam, Prince of Eternia, once more. His long hair was now wrapped in two pigtails on either side of his head, and he wore a green tunic over a white robe, with a brown leather belt around his waist. A white sash wrapped around his torso, and leather straps wrapped his ankles and wrists. On his feet, he wore brown sandals.
    “Adam, you may want to change your clothes too,” Teela snickered. “You look positively Primian.”
    “Speak for yourself,” he joked. She looked down and saw her blue robes and blushed.
    “All right, you two,” the Sorceress smiled. She waved her hands above her head and, in a flash of light, the two heroes returned to the original garb. Prince Adam’s hair hung loose around his head, and he wore a maroon vest over a long-sleeved white shirt. Purple shorts matched his furry boots, while leggings in a slightly lighter shade of purple covered his legs. A black belt with golden buckle completed his wardrobe. Teela now wore her original Captain of the Guard uniform: her golden headdress and white unitard that had a gold-trimmed collar, sleeve guards, feather belt, and outlined her breasts. Golden bracers wrapped her wrists, and her feet were shod with red boots. Her hair was now done up in a loose bun it had always been.
    “Shall we go then?” Teela nodded. It had been a long time since she had seen her step-father, Duncan—or better known as Man-At-Arms, the leader of the guards and main builder of weapons and technology—though not nearly as long as it had been for Adam seeing Marlena and Randor, the queen and king respectively.
    “One thing before you go, Prince Adam,” the Sorceress chimed in. “There have been great changes in Eternia since you left. Things you will not recognize, but must learn of quickly so that no one knows you were away.”
    “They don’t already?”
    “Only those that knew your secret know you were away from Eternia and this time. Everyone else was under the impression you were on a far off journey learning the ways of royalty and kingliness.”
    “Why would I be doing that?”
    “You will find out soon enough. For now, be on your way.” And with a flick of the wrist, the two disappeared in a beam of light.
    “Wow. The Sorceress has become a lot stronger than I last remember her.”
    “Well, like she said, things have changed. And I think they’re for the better.”
    “Like what?”
    “Look out that window.” Adam looked out where she pointed and saw a great monument standing in the middle of a dead span of land.
    “What is that thing?”
    “That was the last thing I saw before I was transported to Primus and you. It’s called the Three Towers. An ancient building—built even before Castle Grayskull—and full of strong magics and wonders. One of those—the tower that looks like Grayskull—is what helps my mother with her newfound strengths. Aptly named, Grayskull Tower.”
    "What are the others? You said they're the Three Towers, but I see only one."
    "They span across Eternia, connected by a giant monorail. There's Central Tower, a giant cat head, and Viper Tower, a giant snake."
    “What's the giant snake?”
    “Evil,” came a deep voice from behind the two of them. “Pure unadulterated evil and Something Skeletor or Hordak would love to get their hands on if they could.” The two wheeled around to see Duncan walking up to them, dressed in his green and yellow body armor full of hidden weapons. On his head, he wore a metal helmet that had various radio controls in it that controlled said weapons and connected him to the Palace when away. Brown furry shorts with a blue belt and red boots that were half-covered by his shin guards completed his ensemble. In his hand, he carried a special mace that was part weapon, part computer. “Luckily Central Tower—the blue cat in the middle—keeps the balance between the two so no one can use all of one over the other.”
    “Father!” Teela said, running to the older man. She wrapped her arms around him and Duncan returned the embrace. “It’s nice to see you too, Teela. I was afraid I’d never see you again. The Sorceress never told me you’d come back.”
    “She didn’t know. No one knew we could until after the final battle between He-Man and Skeletor,” Adam said. Man-At-Arms looked up.
    “And I’m glad to see you too, Prince Adam. The world’s been...less hectic...without you around.” Duncan’s serious expression broke into a grin and Adam smiled and gave the man a hug. “Good to have you back.”
    “Good to be back. Where are my parents?”
    “At the Sun Palace on holiday. Although I think they might cut their trip short if they knew you were back.”
    “I don’t want to ruin their fun.”
    “I’m sure they wouldn’t mind.”
    Adam smiled, his excitement almost too much to bear. “Then go ahead and radio them back. Should we tell them why? Hmm...well, I don’t want to lie to them. I did that for too long already. Wait. Let me radio them instead.” He spoke faster towards the end, unable to hide how happy he was to see his parents once again.
    “Then let’s go to the control room so we can contact them.” With that, the three marched off towards the computers that controlled all the luxuries of the Palace Eternos, as well as kept surveillance around the perimeter and contact to the other kingdoms and towns around Eternia.
    “Adam! Teela!” Queen Marlena said running towards the two returned heroes. Her long green dress flowed and she stumbled twice before picking up the skirts high enough that she would not trip over them. King Randor, though wearing fine robes of orange leggings, red-brown boots, and a blue vest over a red coat, ran beside his wife instead of running past her. The King and Queen reached Teela and Adam at the same time and threw their arms around the two, who in return tried their best to hug back with one arm squished between the group of embracing bodies. After the initial excitement died, they were able to break off and give hugs and kisses to each other one on one. Adam loved his parents as much as they loved him, and it shown. Especially after he had revealed himself to be He-Man to them just before traveling to Primus, their hearts soared high, knowing once and for all that they had been wrong about ‘Lazy Prince Adam’ and that he really was the hero they had hoped him to be.
    “Oh Adam,” Randor said in his deep voice. “I’m so happy to see you, my son!”
    “You’ve been gone for too long,” Marlena said. “Both of you. The Palace just hasn’t been the same since you left.”
    “I know, Mother, Father. But I had to do my duties. I know if it weren’t for me, Skeletor wouldn’t have followed me to Primus, but then those people—future generations of Eternians—would have had no chance against their enemies. It was a long and grueling battle at times, but not all was grim. There were some good times too. I made new friends and made a new ‘family’ when the leader of the planet, Master Sebrian, offered to pose me as his nephew to cover my identity and sudden appearance.”
    “I’m glad you did. Eternia has been doing so well without that evil menace. His warriors have disbanded and most have gone back to their old lifestyles before he took over them. Most who haven’t have been locked away or are working their days away in the Eternian Mines and other places. Thanks to new developments, we have had many great discoveries, and I’m sure Duncan will fill you in on them later on.”
    Man-At-Arms nodded from behind. He had followed the two returned heroes, but chose not to join in their mashed embrace, leaving them to their own. After all, he had had his with his daughter and Adam. They should have their own.
    “Though I hate to bring him up, what happened to Skeletor?” Marlena asked.
    “He’s trapped in a broken space ship, floating around somewhere in the future. Without his havoc staff and Snake Mountain, his powers are useless there. He and his friend Creta have probably worn themselves out from beating and yelling at each other and trying to break free. But the ship has been magically sealed, so there’s no way for him to escape. I’m sure we’ve seen the last of him.”
    “Does that mean we’ve seen the last of He-Man too?” Randor asked, quirking his eyebrow.
    “I’m not sure. If he’s needed for any reason,” Adam reached back and grabbed his Power Sword, “I’m sure he’ll be at the ready.” Randor smiled. He finally knew what a hero his son truly was, and he had beat himself over and over again for the way he had treated his son after his identity had been revealed until Marlena had put a stop to it. Randor learned forgiveness to himself and he hoped that Adam would hold no grudges against him either.
    “Let’s hope not. But, Adam, you are needed. Your mother and I have been discussing this for a while now, and we hoped you would return before it was too late.”
    “Too late for what?” Adam asked, sheathing his Sword.
    “We’re both old—”
    “Hardly old, Father,” Adam interrupted.
    “Please, Adam.” The prince clammed up and waited for his father to finish. “We’ve both grown older and have been on the throne for many more years than I ever thought I’d need to be. I’ve been proud to have served as King like my father before me, but I would also like to be able to spend some time doing things that don’t mean anything to the Kingdom’s welfare good or bad. Your mother and I want to retire.”
    “Retire? But who’ll take...” Adam trailed off as it donned on him. “You’re asking...You want...” He stumbled on his words, his eyes bugged out. He swallowed and tried again. “You want me to become King of Eternia? But father, I’m not ready yet.”
    “Son, you’ve proven to me you’re more than ready. In the last few years you shown yourself to be more than a playboy. Even before we found out about your secret. Yes, we didn’t like you running from battle—which we thought then—but still you shown initiative in matters of state as well as being a good ambassador between Eternos and other cities world-wide. You’ve made many friends and alliances both as Adam and He-Man between several different peoples that were feuding to no end until you shown up. Sometimes it cost dearly in tears and blood, and other times it went off without a hitch. You’ve shown great diplomacy as a prince. I want you to turn that into showing great diplomacy as a king.”
    “Father...I...” Adam said, not knowing how to respond.
    “I know it’s a lot for you to take in at once,” Marlena said. “But your father’s right. You’ve been a wonderful help settling matters with both words and swords. I myself prefer the former of the two, but even I know that sometimes swords are needed.”
    “I know you do, Mother. You’ve been a wonderful queen and helped figure things out when no one else could.”
    “I had a lot of guidance,” she said, winking at Randor. “It took a lot of work to make a humble earthling into an Eternian queen. I learned fast and I learned well. You have too. You’ve had your whole life to learn these things. You’ve grown up, Adam. You can be king. You have it in you.”
    “I, I don’t know what to say,” he said, running a hand through his hair. “This is all so sudden. I mean, I wasn’t expecting to take a vacation after returning, but I certainly wasn’t expecting this either. It’ That’s what it is: wow.” He was silent for a few minutes, gathering his thoughts and feelings, running everything he had heard over in his head again. It was so strange to think of his father not as the king anymore and him in place. Could I really do it? Could I become king of Eternia and be as good as he was? Finally, his eyes came back into focus and he smiled. “Father, I don’t know if I’ll ever be as good a king as you, but I accept. I’ll do my best. I will uphold my duties as the king of Eternia.”
    “You make me proud once again to have you as a son,” Randor said.
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