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Thread: GhostBusters "HALLOWEEN" Sale Announced: 10/31/2012

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    GhostBusters "HALLOWEEN" Sale Announced: 10/31/2012

    Ghostbusters™ Fans,
    Do you have supernatural elimination needs? Did you call 555-2368, only to get a busy signal? Then be at at 12:01am ET on 10/31 for our Ghostbusters™ Happy Hunting Sale and you can take care of business yourself with Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz and the PKE Meter – all at 31% off!

    The Deal: 31% off Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz & PKE Meter
    Sale Starts: 12:01am ET on October 31
    Sale Ends: 11:59pm PT on October 31*

    This is the first time the PKE Meter has been discounted so you can save on the tools of the trade you need for finding those frightening phantoms. But even the pros need a little help sometimes, so we’re bringing back the 6” The Rookie figure from the Ghostbusters™ video game just for this spooktacular one day deal. No discount for The Rookie, but add him to your cart and you’ll save on shipping.

    Again, it all starts at 12:01am ET on Wednesday, October 31st. You’ll want to get here early because at savings of 31% off, these collection gotta-haves are bound to vanish fast!
    *While supplies last. Shipping, taxes, and actual ghosts not included.

    "News Source"
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    I almost did this last year but missed it. I need to pull the trigger this year.....

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    Compared to how many figures they offered last year this isn't too big of a deal. I bought 6 figures last year during the Halloween sale plus just one figure off of ebay. Those 7 figures are all I have. If this sale had included Vigo and/or Dana I would have bought them.
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    Where is Egon and Winston? Why don't they sell them all year or even in this sale?
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    From what I know Winston is gone.

    Sucks that the Rookie wont be a sale item, but whatever, I need him anyway. I was hoping they would bring back Lab coat Peter
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