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Thread: Some new ones... Tycor, Monteeg, King Pythos, Kraggox, Danavas and more....

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    Some new ones... Tycor, Monteeg, King Pythos, Kraggox, Danavas and more....

    Hey All,

    here are a few new vintage figs I thought I would post:

    Most of the characters are fully posable and what i really like are that the wings on Tycor are movable as well (good old magnets). Let me know if anyone wants any recipes and I'll be happy to post them...

    The fire fighter is Jaxton (would have been snout spout before he was transformed) - Thanks E-Man for that idea

    The Geldor is a total copy of E-man's recipe so consider that one a tribute... imitation is the highest form of flattery right?

    I have a few others I am working on now so I'll post them when I am done.

    Gotta love the filmation characters!

    Bahdra and Tuvar.jpgDanavas.jpgJaxon.jpgKeldor.jpgKing Pythos.jpg
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    Wow, nice customs....Danavas is PERFECT!!!!

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    thats cool.
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    Sir, you continue to impress. Was it just a year ago you said you were going to start making your first customs? And you were asking other customizers their secrets? You have surpassed all the masters: your cartoonish and 110% accurate sculpting is astounding. I think most will over look the work you had to do on that Tuvar (or is it Baddrah? the purple one!)----you had to resculpt an entire arm and leg to make them match! (as well as the armor).

    Your knack for capturing Filmation's simplicity is a harder job to complete than most think.

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    Holy hand grenades batman those are amazing! Great work! Is that mr. T's head on geldor? Amazing!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Definitions View Post
    Gotta love the filmation characters!
    Great job on the head for Geldor! (he is labeled as Keldor)

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