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Thread: Gbagok and Iceman present: The Book of Evil part 2 - The Bells of Doom

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    This was really an enjoyable read! I really mean it! Normally, I lower my expectations when it comes to fan created material but this latest installment was top notch. I actually found it more entertaining than some of the comics I normally buy.

    Really like what you did with Rio Blast. His dialogue and background are very close to how I imagined the character. In my personal canon, I have him as intergalactic law man whose ship crashed on Eternia. I even have a couple of Bravestar elements tied to his background.

    I'm going to miss Longhorn. Great character who went out a hero. That said, don't bring him back! This is war. We've got to have some casaulties including characters we care about.

    I sorta like what you're doing with Jitsu but I'm a little wary about his sense of honor. I don't mind Jitsu being an honorable warrior or even a good guy at one time. I'm just concerned that you're following the MOTUC bio about him being corrupted by evil magic. I'm hoping your Jitsu willingly decided to follow the path that led him to the man he is today.
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