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Thread: Gbagok and Iceman present: The Book of Evil part 2 - The Bells of Doom

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    Hey gbagok and oICEMANo,

    I think it is now time for the next installment. We have waited for more than a year now, there was not a single continuation piece posted in 2013. I do not want to sound boldly or cheekily, but at least annual installments would be nice to keep the interest in the story. Furthermore it helps to remember the parts of the story that were already written. After years you will have problems to get into the plot again without reading all previous installments.

    Thx again for your commitment.

    Your fan


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    Hey guys
    Sorry about the lack of updates but as you know things happen that will sometimes delay fan projects. Needless to say, we fully intend to try get more of the story posted this year.
    Thanks for your patience
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    How many more chapters and illustrations are planed to complete this story?

    You guys ever consider involving other writers artists to help carry the workload?

    Doing a Kickstarter fundraiser has had to cross your minds?I'd LOVE to have printed version of the whole trilogy! That would make one hell of a pledge goal. Full audio dramatization would be a killer stretch goal...
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    Quote Originally Posted by LORD FALLEN ELDOR View Post

    I'd LOVE to have printed version of the whole trilogy!
    lol thats exactly what i did. printed each & every story from return to anwat-gar to the most current installment of book of evil. not to mention every character bio.
    thats a lot of ink & paper! I keep em in plastic sleeves too. that ended up costing me, but it was well worth it.
    I still would turn around & buy if these were put out for sell or a type of fund raiser.
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