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It's just my guess that because of the way movies need to be told that you won't see characters that we think of as major and indispensible to the film. It will be a tight group like the first film. So if you look at Skeletor's major crew: Beast Man, Mer-Man, Evil-lyn, Tri-Klops and Trapjaw, I think you'll see some but not all and the choice of who gets dropped will be cause for controversy. Also, you know there will be a new villain or two thrown in. My guess--and it is only a guess--is that either Beast Man or Evil-Lyn will be dropped since both were in the previous movie and the screenwriters, Mattel and the studio will naturally be inclined to want to distance themselves from using the same group. They won't be able to help themselves.

I'd say tolerate it. Tolerate it and hope they pop up in the sequel or, better yet, the fourth sequel!

Then, sadly, I think you'll see major relationships and canon changed and ignored. I say "sadly" because the fan base might not like it if people's origins are altered or large parts of the canon interchanged with one another. But I think we need to prepare for that. For instance, you know they'll deal with Keldor but how likely is it that he'll be a half gar, who gravitates to the wrong mentor who saves his life after his attack on his half-brother the crown prince goes wrong by merging him with an extra-dimensional being? If they do an origin story they will simplify or change that.

We all need to be ready to go with it.
I agree mostly, although I think Skeletor's crew will stick to the main ones. Meaning, I'm sure Beastman, Evil-Lyn, Trap-Jaw and Tri-Klops will feature. Mer-Men, though, I'm not sure of. I've always thought of him as the more expendable one. In the audio interview I mentioned earlier with Alex Litvak, he does name-drop Tri-Klops being in his script. So we know, unless he's been taken out since, he'll probably be in the film.

Luckily, he also says that Battle-Cat is in it and that he and Adam have a really good relationship. In the same interview he alludes to something that will undoubtedly be the biggest change and subsequently the biggest pill to swallow. I'm pretty sure there will be no secret-identity in the film. Adam is basically going to be Adam throughout. I think that's the most controversial aspect the movie could have.

Here’s a link to the audio interview. It’s from July 2010, so just after he and Mike Finch were hired. It’s near the end, just after he talks about The Three Musketeers: http://mediap1.roadkast.com/moviefea...lex-Litvak.mp3