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Thread: Why is Mattel giving us black plastic and painting over it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by scott metzger View Post
    Besides, focusing on one single person is not going to help when the problem may well be systemic throughout Mattel. Even if Ruben did make such a decision, I doubt it was out of the blue. It's far more likely, with the story we saw about Mattel making its shareholders happy by cutting corners, that there was pressure from above to do something to cut costs and fatten Mattel's collective wallet. THe blastic may have been the better option compared with other alternatives; we simply don't know enough here to point a finger at anything but Mattel in general.
    I didn't blame a single person when I said "I'll continue to hold Ruben and "Design" accountable for the decision to cut cost by using black plastic." Continuing to just say "Mattel" keeps anyone from answering for this issue. Scott passed the message to "design" regarding our issues with painted plastic so we're just passing our message to design that we're not going to go sit down quietly while being overcharged for a cheaply made product. Had they kept the prices at $20, I could understand the switch to black plastic. Unfortunately, they raised prices to supposedly keep from losing paint applications, accessories, or cheaper plastic.

    Quote Originally Posted by Stygian360 View Post
    Now if only this would help cease the constant cyber-harassment of those perceived to be in the wrong. And the greater issue in even harassing at all- in the end what difference will it make?
    Really? So now complaining about decisions made on items we're purchasing is "cyber-harassment" and not free speech? Sitting down in the corner quietly is giving them the green light to go even further with costing cutting measures. Why should we condone their actions by keeping our views to ourselves?

    Quote Originally Posted by Stygian360 View Post
    why would a handful of online rants about Ruben's ineptitude change a damn thing? I get the reasoning and perhaps in some ways even support various arguments, but we aren't going to get this guy fired, moved to another department, or even impart a slap on the wrist, so why fight Capital Hill, if you will?
    So are you saying we have no hope of making any difference with our feedback so we should just keep quiet and go along to get along? No thanks! In my view it is a defeatist attitude that deserves to be taken advantage of. And for the record, I never asked for anyone to be fired.
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