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Thread: The Secret Origin of Skeletor Mini Comic Thread - Spoilers

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    Quote Originally Posted by dwitefry View Post
    My 'Outsiders' advice to Toyguru is still sound though:

    If something is poorly received - drop it, or tone it down, I'm aware your hands are partially tied on many things but please, take that advice as much as you can. There are people who like Spector yes, there are people who are indifferent to Spector (like me, "he exists so use him when sensible" is my view) but either the majority or the vocal minority (though it genuinely does seem like the former) have responded negatively to him and either way those people sway the fanbase, they affect the line's sales and it's reputation. Tone done on the Mighty Spector - it can only benefit you now mate, trust me.
    I was thinking something similar. Look at Jar Jar Binks. When Episode 1 came out, Jar Jar received a lot of hate. When Episode 2 came out Jar Jar was present...but not nearly as much and toned down quite a bit. In Episode 3 blink and you miss him.

    I think we can go full spoiler, the thread has *Spoilers* in the title even.
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