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  • 200x system - Hunting in retail stores is for me!

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Thread: Which was more fun to collect? 200x or MOTUC?

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    I'll say this: I have every MotUC figure to date, save for the first Grayskull and any other oddball exclusives (like the bronze or ghost one, or that silver She-Ra).

    I just BARELY found what I wanted out of the 200X line, and that came from constant hunting - CONSTANT. 200X is the reason why I barely hunt anymore; I just get out once a week, if that. Before 200X, I was cool with hunting down figures 'cause I knew I would always find what I wanted if I was patient. 200X killed my patience and proved be wrong; some of those figures didn't even show.

    So that's my answer! You can probably guess what I chose.
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    The thrill of the hunt made 200x a lot of fun. But the thrill of not having to hunt makes MOTUC very fun too (and cheaper on gas).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Benedict Judas Hel View Post
    I guess I'll have to say MOTUC merely because I enjoy the figures more as they are more closely related to the figures I had as a child.
    Same here. I just wish MOTUC were in stores. DR and the "subscription" model BLOW.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TCM Hitchhiker View Post
    MOTUC, because the 200X figures are horrible, and I never bought a one.
    have to agree big time. the comics werent bad tough.
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    Who would have ever dreamed that your favorite childhood heroes would be amped up & delivered to your doorstep. MOTUC by a landslide.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MegaGearMax View Post
    I loved the 200X line and those unique sculpts, but I HATED hunting for them at retail. I worked during hunting hours and as a result, missed the chance to get many figures. The majority of my figure collection, I got from eBay and LCBS starting with Mer-Man.

    I'd much rather get my figures in the mail every month, than waste time and gas hunting around. I had it with competing with collectors and resellers or uncooperative associates who don't want to look for things.
    While I didn't collect 200x, I have to say based on other experiences, "ditto".

    Although I think the subscription model as it is now is flawed, and although I live 90 minutes from one of the largest cities on the east coast, it still takes forever for waves to get here, if they do, and I'd be resorting to eBay or other mail order anyway (much like I do with Star Wars - we still don't have the 2012 vintage wave of Star Wars, for example). I see the same figures catching dust on the shelves week after week, month after month. Retail for action figures is dying, slowly, it's obvious.

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    I loved both versions and didn't have too much trouble getting the 200X in stores; there was a KB a few stores down from my old job and I made friends with the staff so I pretty much scored everything I wanted, but damn the packing ratio was HORDENDOUS!
    And initially, when MOTU Classics came out I totally lost track of when King Grayskull and some of the very first came out and spent a year sub-less losing my mind with the WOD! But once I subbed up, it has been the greatest thing to know that every month I have my stuff sent and ready to go and no need to find ways to order while working, or run through stores all over NYC for them.

    So I will side with MOTU Classics!
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    I didnt care for the looks of the 200x figures, but i loved hunting in stores for anything MOTU.

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    200X because the line was at retail.....

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    It's basically hunting in stores vs waiting for a subscription to be filled. Hunting for toys today in stores is very different then the way it was in 2002. There are much fewer brick and motar stores to hunt in and find your favorite figures. Back in 2002 you had Kay-Bee and a few others which have since closed down. Now your only real choices are TRU, Target and Walmart and, the action figure world being what it is these days, they don't keep the toy section stocked like they used to. You can go weeks, even months, without the stores today re-stocking their shelves. I can't tell you how many toy runs I have been on in the past 3 years were I came home empty handed. There are definitely more Targets in my area then there were 10 years ago but that hasn't translated into more toys.

    I picked the hunt simply because the hunt back in 2002 was still great. You could find more of your favorites on the shelf and thankfully, one of the biggest and best toy sections was for MOTU. I like to think of myself as a hunter and great toys are my prey. Like the T-Rex in Jurassic Park, I'd much rather hunt for my prey then have it tied up and left for me. Now my food is another story.
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    MOTUC by far.

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    I didn't collect 200X but I started collecting WWE since 2010 and my retail experience has been going downhill over the past couple of years. Mattel is currently producing Basic WWE figures at a rate of one wave per month but store distribution and case ratios are a pain to deal with. Stores are about 3-4 months behind and when new figures finally arrive, all the short-packed figures are picked out within a day or two. John Cena, Randy Orton, and Rey Mysterio are infamous among collectors for being over-produced while Divas, debut, or Legends figures are only 1 per case or, in some cases, 1 per every other case!

    I stopped searching in stores over a year ago and I'm much happier. I pre-order my WWE figures weeks in advance and end up paying about $4 over retail per figure. Considering how much gas and time I'm saving, I feel it's worth it. I prefer getting my MOTUC figures in the same manner and look forward to the 2013 sub...Being a DOS buyer can be a little stressful sometimes and I feel that MOTUC at retail would be a hassle. The Hunt just isn't what it used to be.

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    There was NOTHING more frustrating than seeing endless and endless he-mans and skeletors with all stupid gimmicks clogging every shelf of every store. I was extremely excited when I finally found TrapJaw and Triclops in a store, but that type of frustration was not worth it at all.

    MOTUC have a much better system and the figures are much better IMO. Beautiful even.

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    200X was a nightmare. If you didn't get the new (1 per) character/figure in the weeks they initially hit, you had to hit eBay. This is because stores weren't going to reorder cases while they still had 20+ Bunghole Attack He-Man's on the peg. I had to buy a case of 6 figures (w/ 5 JAHMs) just for the 1 Ram Man. W. T. F. Wost case packouts ever.

    This was also before I honed the best hunting skills and started hitting the
    stores at open on truck days. But still. It sucked.

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    To me, MotUC is definitely much more fun to collect than 200X!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by TCM Hitchhiker View Post
    MOTUC, because the 200X figures are horrible, and I never bought a one.
    Me too

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    MOTUC for me because I wasn't into collecting when 200X was around in retail.
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    MotU Classics.... because I get every figure I want without ever having to get dressed, lol!

    (I tried hunting for 200X in my undies, but that didn't go over too well.....)
    Where are the rest of my New Adventures Classics figures?!?!?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seril View Post
    Now not taking sculpt or the figures themselves into account, which one was more fun to collect for all of you?
    I can't remember that last time that "hunting" in stores for toys was fun. Maybe during the early days of Marvel Universe or vintage Star Wars figures because they were actually sold at most stores and Hasbro seemed to keep the line restocked often. Prior to those two exceptionsl, I'm thinking it has been quite a few years (maybe around Star Wars: episode 2). The action figure hunt was exciting when stores would get cases in on a regular basis. These days, nothing really comes in on a regular basis and it's either online or bust. So many lines depended on getting to the store at the right time for the on,maybe two times that the store would actually get a case of figures.

    While I know that the blind subscription model is really wonky (and frankly its just handled pretty poorly by digital river) it does keep the excitement going by letting us find something new at least once a month. There have been many retail lines where I could not find one figure I needed a month, plus Mattel lets us get the MOTUC figures with minimal hassle (sometimes) without having to search or pay overly scalperish prices. I like MOTUC's model and if it were refined a bit (or handled by someone else) I think it would be absolutely amazing.
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    Classics. I hated the 200X figures, DESPISED the 'castle,' and could not sit through even one episode of the cartoon. Good riddance.

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