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Thread: Vehicle Pre-Orders, are you interested?

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    I'd rather see a Castle Grayskull pre-order, but I'd definitely buy any vehicle they produce.
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    Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. They should have just done it this way from the beginning for high priced items.

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    Anything and everything!

    (but especially Point Dread and the Talon Fighter)

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    I would be interested. I say why not just try it? If they don't get enough orders, they don't move forward with it. The Battle Ram would be a perfect starting point. They could then easily later sell some individual Sky Sleds at a lower cost and get a few more bucks out of at least part of the tooling.

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    Yes, please. I really want that Battle Ram.

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    Oh and a Battle Bones would be nice to display all my loose-ankled figures. :-)
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    I'm a tradional cherry picker, and I whole heartedly support this idea. If the vehicle is awesome, I want one... If I have no attachment to it, I'd pass.

    Battle Ram or Attack Trak??? I'd be All over that. In a heartbeat. I LOVE those vehicles. Talon Fighter? I've ALWAYS wanted that one... only had the model and it didn't hook to grayskull so a bit of a disappointment... Roton? Meh... Always disliked that one.. Any of the 200x vehicles? easy pass...

    I'm all for presales to guage the interest in expensive things like this..

    MOTU has always been a bit like Star wars and GiJoe for me... the vehicles were half the fun. Without a solid vehicle support in the line... and with no castle... I REALLY can't call this the 'definitive' MOTU line :-/

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    They might as well make the Battle Ram, the dang thing is already sculpted!
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    I personally love the idea! Let the power of the people decide whether to go into production on (AHEM) Battle Ram, for instance. I know Mattel probably took a huge chance on Wind Raider and it sucks that support wasn't there for that vehicle (as gorgeous as it is), but for future vehicles I'd be more than willing to throw my $50 bones into the kitty if it means we get some at all!

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    given all the sub concerns it sounds like expansion is difficult right now. that said, if pre-orders were an option id be all over this! that hoverboard didnt rock my boat at all, and i was left further unimpressed when seeing it in SD. i, like many other, want all the vehicles. the wind raider is one of my least favorites from the vintage line, and i love that thing in classics!

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    I will sign up for anything that will get me more Vehicles

    I really think that this is the way to go, I would love a vehicle for the Evil Warriors first like the Roton, But that fact that the FHM have already sculpted the battle-ram that could be the start point. at least this way they would not go into production unless Mattel got enough interest and they would not have to blame us for them not selling

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    Do it! DO IT NOW!!!

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    Yes, I'll take vehicles or Castle Grayskull any way possible.
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    I think this is the only way to go. I think those who are concerned about this taking away from figures have some valid concerns, but given that we're probably going to be seeing subs with fewer items in the future, I don't think that it would have much impact. The only real impact is on the initial design time because they won't actually tool anything until it gets enough orders to go through.

    They said this wouldn't work with Grayskull because of the amount of design time for it. Perhaps an interesting approach would be to do the following:

    Pre-order Phase 1:
    Draw concept art of the item that they are going to make. Put it up for pre-order with the extra incentive that you get a poster print of the concept art and the incentive from Phase 2. If they don't get enough pre-orders they don't sculpt the item.

    Pre-order Phase 2:
    Sculpt the item and include an extra incentive piece (similar to the BTTF scale hoverboard). If they don't get enough pre-orders they don't go into production.

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    that Battle Ram is a heavy dose of awesome sauce!
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    Castle Grayskull
    I'd buy two of each vehicle as long as it's the vintage stuff from the first three waves of 80s MOTU.
    I'd buy a couple more Sky Sleds probably

    oh yeah and Castle Grayskull of course (though I'll only be buying one and not two )
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    I'm only really interested in vehicles the figures can go inside as opposed to just perching on top - That's why I didn't care for any of the 200x stuff.

    A Talon Fighter would be cool though.
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    No vehicles. I only want the completed vintage MOTU collection.

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    I'm down for any and all pre-orders.
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    Yes! Bring them all!

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    I like this idea. I would probably buy them all. Battle Ram and Talon Fighter are the vehicles I would most like to see.

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    Quote Originally Posted by musclor View Post
    Yes, yes, yes. And start with that unbelievable battle ram, please!
    Exactly! I have been praying for them to do this for a while, cuz I will go berzerk if we don't get that Battle Ram at some point.

    And there's no reason for them NOT to do this with The Battle Ram cuz their excuse for not doing a Castle Grayskull pre-order has always been that there's too much design work involved to get to even that point, but they could do a pre-order for the Hover Board since everyone knows what it'd look like since it was in the movie. Well, the design work on The Battle Ram is done, so let's get going on this so I can buy MANY of them!!!
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    For the Battle Ram, Talon Fighter and Roton, yes. Those 4 vehicles, plus the drivers, would make a great display and are *essential* for me.

    Attak-Trak, Dragon Walker, Skeletor's Chariot... would also be welcome, but are not as necessary.

    Extra Battle Ram sleds could be put up for sale after the tooling is paid for, and Mattel could make some decent bank on that.

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    Definitely interested,
    and they should do pre-orders too for obscure/concept characters IMO...
    Oh! And Castle Grayskull!!
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