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Thread: Toyguru MOTUC News Thread August 2012

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    Toyguru MOTUC News Thread August 2012

    Welcome to the Toyguru MOTUC news thread for August 2012!

    Toyguru's Recent Posts on's Forum

    Like last year, instead of posting EVERY little thing in it's own post, I'll gather them ALL the relevant MOTUC Ask Matty postings here. Keep checking for updates! The old threads are ancient history and won't be updated anymore. This is the new spot until next month.

    As always, I'll put the most recent news up first, while the old news is down the bottom.

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    NEW STUFF!!!

    2014 subs

    Why not put these up for sale much sooner so there is a longer window to meet the quota? Why leave such a small window for sales? I've heard your arguments on this, that 3 weeks is plenty of time, but times are changing, and it's just not enough time. What worked 2-3 years ago won't necessarily work now.

    Anything is possible. We are way to far out from 2014 at this point to make any announcements.
    Removable Unique Loincloth Pack

    since the loincloth are the most reused parts for each figure to rensemble the classics apperance, wouldn't be possibile in the future to have some kind of 200x Unique Loincloth Pack (the same as you did for motuc fisto and grizzlor) for each charachter? Like the one for He-man with the bag, the fishy one for mer-man, the scaly one for whiplash, if only then a 200x head pack can follow it soon.....Don't get me wrong I don't want to resurrect something that is gone, I'd just like to extend the chance of display the motuc in more versions!

    We don't have an overall rule like this but if it works for a particular characters we'll leave it to the Horsemen.
    Can we see some pictures of those revealed Alvin Lee pieces?

    At SDCC, Mattel revealed two new pieces of Alvin Lee's artwork: She-Ra and Hordak. Is it possible if you could throw some jpgs. up on Facebook or something?

    We are working on this!
    Face Off and Masters of the Universe Classics

    ToyGuru, here I am watching SyFy and a FaceOff Marathon and I was thinking ... wouldn't it be awesome if there was a Masters of the Universe inspired episode of Face Off?

    Admit it ... you would love it too ... maybe you should pitch it and beg to be a judge on the show. =)

    That would be cool! But nothing is planned like this right now.
    Outside of the Sub

    With the number of beast slots down, is their a chance to see more beast like Battle Lion, Clawdeen, Stridor, Night Stalker and even a few Techno Dinosaurs outside of the sub's?

    Always possible but nothing to announce right now.
    Teela on MOTUC essential

    Will Teela, Evil-Lyn or their "battles ground" versions, ever be offered on the essentials list. Also, Man-At-Arms.

    Not at this time.
    Weapons packs

    I'm not asking when but do you think the weapons packs will be reissued sooner, later or don't count on it.

    We may sell off customer service stock if any remains, but we won't be going back into production
    On re-releasing older figures

    Why not re-releasing some figures so new people or people who may have found out late about line can get caught up. If you have put some into a short run why not do it, I'm not saying all of them just some more of the core vintage like Fisto, Beastman, Man At Arms, Teela, weapon packs and so on. Those will definitely sell. Ones like concept figures probably won't sell so you should leave them out.

    a lot of times it comes down to whether we have stock left. We won't be going back into production on any older figures.
    MORE on re-releasing older figures.

    You would be doing all of us who started this line late a HUGE favor by putting Teela in that essentials category. People are paying $50+ on ebay all the time. So people would most certainly pay $22 here....ya know?

    King Randor would be nice as well.

    Any chance of seeing this happen?

    That remains to be seen.
    To Clarify the "Essentials"

    While many of the characters in the "Essentials" category are in fact primary characters, I'm guessing the main reason for the category is to sell off excess inventory. You haven't actually produced anything just to keep it on sale indefinitely. Otherwise, we wouldn't just have, for example, Peter and Ray without Egon and Winston. Am I correct?

    He-Man and Skeletor were produced specifically in very high quotas so we have enough to keep them on the site as long as possible.
    Any plans to reissue Draego-Man?

    I know Draego-Man recently sold out, but I was curious if you have any CS stock of him to perhaps release at a later date, or if you plan to re-release him sometime in the future. It also definitely seems like he got more popular since his first release (after people realized what a great figure he was), so I'm pretty sure there would be quite a few people happy to have a second chance to get him.

    I'm also curious if you guys are going to reissue Clawful? I'm guessing the answer is yes, but I just want to be sure.

    We will not be going back into production on either of these figures. CS may be sold off at a later date if any exists, but there will be no second run.
    Power Con Follow Up

    1-2 figures sounds just fine
    can't wait

    As a side question is it likely we will ever see a NA He-Man or NA Skeletor in the line in either 2013 or 2014?

    Love to get to these one day, but no plans to announce right now.
    MOTUC Official T-Shirts?

    Hey Matty, how about designing and selling a kick-butt MOTUC t-shirt on If the artwork rocked i'd pay up to 25 bucks for one! Plus it could advertise mattycollector on the back or sleeve!

    Currently Changes is our licesned partner for T-shirts. No plans no to sell any on right now but maybe one day.
    Dare I Ask part 2

    This is from He-Ro Son of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Series Bible:

    But Dare has some growing to do...

    Whereas Dare is about thirteen, and looks his age, He-Ro has the trim, fit body of a strong, healthy eighteen year-old - hard, muscled, coordinated.

    In He-Ro, there is none of the bony awkwardness of his still developing alter ego. (The boy-to-man aspect of the Dare/He-Ro transformation will further heighten the sense of aspiration and empowerment for our audience.)
    But - no matter how physically mature he becomes as He-Ro - mentally and emotionally Dare is still a kid.

    Learning to be He-Ro the man, not Dare the boy - that's the hard part.

    Got it. So you are asking if we would do a slug or min articulated version of very young Dare (like a 6 year old or something).

    No plans right now.
    Movie figures

    Since Mattel does have the right to three of the characters (Blade, Saurod and Gwildor) this mightmake for a great SDCC collective piece as a three pack, since not everyone wants these figures as sub items.

    It would, but no plans for this right now.
    Motu apptivities?

    Mattel have a lot of brands on this, can we expect the same treatment for motu? Fans would love it and it would be a very cool way to introduce motu to a younger audience.

    It would be, but no plans right now.

    Will you offer the griffin beast again anytime soon?

    Sir Laser-Lot (And a minor issue)

    If we have any CS stock left we will likely sell off sometime. But no plans for a new production run.
    My first ever Motuc purchase was Sir Laser-Lot, and despite the hate this guy seems to get from some people (mostly youtube commentors), I really enjoy him. My only issue with him is his buckler being very different in color and not fitting very well on his arm. This is a minor and very forgiveable grievance. All-in-all, I LOVE this guy.

    My only regret is....I bought him on ebay, and couldn't buy him off the site itself because it wouldn't accept my debit card. Can anyone tell me, do you HAVE to have a credit card, or was the issue just the card itself? I would much rather buy directly.

    Also, has there been a reissue of Fisto yet? Would rather not pay 60 bucks on ebay for him if I don't have to.

    I beleive we do take debit cards, they just need to work like Credit Cards. What we can't take is pay pal.

    Fisto is long gone. We don't even have CS stock left. There will be no new production at this time.
    Power Con

    Any Ideas what we are gonna see from you guys at MOTUC 1 figure 2 figures ect
    any hints on a weapon or armor to get us going

    ps thanks for Ram Man, Jitsu and Mekaneck cant wait. Heres to a Glimmer in the future or a NA for He-Man

    Since we revealed so much as SDCC (including the quarter 2 "oversized item, FFM) and because there are no 30th figures or quarterly variants (variants are now in the oversized segment) there are overall fewer skus to reveals for 2013 vs what we had for 2012.

    This leaves only 1 to 2 reveals as possible for Power Con and NYCC each. (to manage expectations!)
    how to sell vehicles and beast faster

    you should include a excluive figure with them if rio blast came with stridor evry one would have to buy the set

    Very cool idea.
    CAC Runner Up Art

    i noticed that you answered a question about the CAC-runner up art before, but is it possible to post the incredible art of Ra-Jar, Bubblor, Major Header and Three-Beast somewhere in a good printable quality?

    Are the runner upดs receive a cool print of the art or some kind of a certificate?

    Not at this time. We want this to be Daniel's time. He is the winner.
    Scareglow for Halloween

    I think it would be sweet if you guys could reissue Scareglow for Halloween like it was originally intended. Just a suggestion.

    It would be cool but not sure if that is in the plans.


    RSS feed on Toy Guru blog?

    Thank you so much for everything here and everywhere. I love reading your blog on MOTUC figures. Have you considered adding an RSS feed so many of us fans can read it in our respective readers?

    No plans right now but maybe soon. We are working on things like this.
    Create-A-Character Runner Up Art Slides??

    I was wondering if the slides of the runners up (the original art created for the reveal at SDCC) could be posted on the Matty Facebook page or on Mattycollector.

    It would be awesome to be able to check those out (there don't seem to be any good pics online anywhere)!

    The whole fan panel was posted weeks ago including these slides.
    the masters of the unvierse movie

    was thinking that maybe for the motu movie figures they should be put out in their own sub much like the 30th ann. figures and that way they will see the light of day sooner rather then later . just a thought

    If you are refering to the 1987 film, we don't have rights to make toys of that at this time.
    Your take on Blade in MOTUC

    I was wondering... Since you commented on the awesome video of Anthony DeLongis support of the MOTUC sub that you "clearly owe them a figure now", would Blade be a potential candidate for 2 heads? One that resembles his vintage pendant and one with the likeness of the actor himself?

    We don't have rights to the 1987 film so the only version of Blade we can do is one that looks like the vintage toy (Even if the actor gave permission, it doesn't work like that. We would need rights to the film which we do not have for toys).
    Dare I Ask

    What if Dare was created as a smaller and less articulated figure like Cringer and packed in with is older self, He-Ro. Also, as much as I'd like to see a new sculpt of Craven he could be a simple repaint of Zoar.

    His older self?

    No plans right now for a smaller Dare figure.
    He-man Brawlin Buddy

    Hey Matty, I'm curious as to when the new Wwe Brawlin Buddy He-man will be out? Also will there be any more MOTU characters in the Wwe universe? Hope She-ra could become a brawlin Buddy.

    There are no plans for MOTU brawlin buddies at this time. The one showed at SDCC as noted by the sign was not for sale. It was a one off item made for the show.
    Since large vehicles might be harder to justify... how about things like:

    Hey TG, Since large vehicles might be harder to justify... What are the chances of seeing stuff like Scubattack, Jet Sled or maybe Stilt Stalker? Or is it pretty much the same as fully tooled vehicles?

    Liley slighty better, but still nothing set right now. The best way for more vehicles is to buy a Windraider
    Slush Head question

    What liquid was in the vintage Slush Head? That really has seemed to last the test of time. I want to put some liquid in my MOTUC Slush Head but fear him getting damaged.

    Honestly I don't know. I only started at Mattel in 2006. I'm guessing it was water.
    Are there only 3 Fighting Foe Men?

    In a recent comment, you compared the FFM to the Star Sisters - in the sense that "they're a team". I thought the FFM were more of a faction like the Evil Warriors. Would there be more, or are there only 3?

    Keep rerading the bios! (especially the FFM bio!)
    MOTUC Marketing & Advertising Program

    One of the things that really impressed me about the 2013 subscription weeks was how many fans stepped up to the plate to market and advertise the purchase of the 2013 subscriptions. Undoubtedly, these efforts indeed helped in bringing sub sales to that 135%. A recent comment by Toy Guru in the Q & A mentioned how new buyers are only interested in the main characters like He-Man and Skeletor. I'd say this is simply not true, and I fear that this stance has and is causing MOTUC's growth to stagnate.

    It got me to thinking that the efforts used during the subscription weeks could work to actually EXPAND the consumer base of MOTUC beyond the existing buyers by incentivizing talented and resourceful members of the customer base to find unique ways of spreading the word with videos, ads and articles in outlets that are effectively OUTSIDE of the typical collector circle.

    Each advertiser/marketer can be provided with a unique Promo Code that they can post in their campaign efforts. The Promo Code could then be used by the new purchaser to get a discount on their purchase. The Promo Code can ALSO be used as a tracking method to determine the size of the "reward" that the advertiser/marketer should receive.

    Promotions for New Buyers:
    MOTUC "Welcome" 6 Packs:
    1. "Fight for Eternia" - He-Man, Man-At-Arms, Teela, Skeletor, Beast-Man, Evil-Lyn
    2. "Heroic Warriors" - He-Man, Man-At-Arms, Teela, She-Ra, Bow, Frosta
    3. "Evil Warriors" - Skeletor, Beast-Man, Evil-Lyn, Hordak, Catra, Leech
    4. "Fight for Etheria" - She-Ra, Bow, Frosta, Hordak, Catra, Leech

    MOTUC "Welcome" 3 Packs:
    1. "Heroic Warriors" - He-Man, Man-At-Arms, Teela
    2. "Evil Warriors" - Skeletor, Beast-Man, Evil-Lyn
    3. "Great Rebellion" - She-Ra, Bow, Frosta
    4. "Evil Horde" - Hordak, Catra, Leech

    MOTUC "Welcome" 1 Pack:
    1. He-Man
    2. Man-At-Arms
    3. Teela
    4. Skeletor
    5. Beast-Man
    6. Evil-Lyn
    7. She-Ra
    8. Bow
    9. Frosta
    10. Hordak
    11. Catra
    12. Leech

    Incentives for Marketers/Advertisers (contingent on how many sales are made):
    1. Free subscription
    2. Half year sub
    3. Three figure voucher
    4. One figure voucher

    A cool idea but nothing to announce right now.
    Thermometer for 2014

    Since the number of product we receive depends on the number of subscriptions sold, when 2014 rolls around, would it be possible to have a thermometer with points of reference as to how well the sub is doing and how much product we get out of it?

    When it's time for 2014, would you at least say this is the number of product we'd like to offer you and you will only get it if we reach this point on the thermometer, otherwise we will likely cut it to a lower number of figures at this price point for the year 2014.

    Then you could set up a Power Sword thermometer with points of references as to how much product we'll end up getting. If you only reach 1/4 of your total, then you say we have to scale things back to 6-8 items, reach the halfway mark, that's the minimum needed to move on for 2014 as planned, 3/4 of the way you get to offer out of sub items, a full thermometer and you might consider taking that extra money to work on a prototype Castle Grayskull for pre-oders at another point in the future.

    Yes, likley we will do a meter for 2014 now that 2013 sub were down.
    A suggestion for those new to MOTUC

    I was a fan on the 80's He-man & She-ra cartoons and collected a lot of the He-man figures back in the day. Somehow I didn't find out about MOTUC until early 2011 at which point I would visit the site only to find that nothing was ever for sale (there was no mention how collecting these figures works) I didn't know to only come to the site on the 15th of each month therefore I didn't even get on board until the 2nd half of 2011 so you can imagine I had a lot of catching up to do. At the same time I didn't understand how "reissues" or extra CS stock was only sold randomly each month at the time of sales so you guys lost some of my business to eBay and the like.

    Anyway, I just wanted to suggest putting some type of guide for collecting MOTUC, etc and how to get started and when to buy, etc and make it easily findable on the site. I feel like this would help all those like me who are finding out so late about MOTUC.

    Definately something we'd like to do. Really comes down to resources and right mow we are putting everything we have into the figures.
    Subscription Draw

    For 2014, to allure potential subscribers, don't you think it would be wise to make a highly desirable figure the sub exclusive figure, not a new, obscure or concept figure (i.e. King He-Man)? It could only help sub sales to make the subscription figure a highly requested one.

    That is certainly one option. 2014 is too far off to make any comittments now.
    Toyguru, Extra Figures for sale at Power Con??

    Great hearing you on RDG 97. Though I have to concur with some of the posts here that talk about what characters should be considered "royalty" or not... POP and NA heavy-hitters rank about Rotar and TwistoidNo. we will only have TOD Sorceress at Power Con.

    But that's not my question... this is:

    Will Mattel have other MOTUC figures for sale at Power Con? Maybe some of the customer service stock of the 30th Anniversary series? I had one 30th Anniversary Sub and I open my figures... it would be cool to be able to buy MOC versions of Photog, Spector, Draego-Man, etc. Or maybe even of regular MOTUC figures like Horde Prime, Kobra Khan, or Sorceress?

    No. we will only have TOD Sorceress at Power Con.
    Roast Gooble Dinner 97 and character selection

    Hi Scott, just listened to RGD 97 and thanks for taking the time to get information out to us.

    I'm glad to hear that original characters will be taking precedence over variants. One thing that did concern me though is the notion of "Vintage Royalty" with characters like Rotar and Twistoid, Ninjor and Blast attack. While I have nothing against these figures per se, the reality is that it sounds like the line will begin to shrink. There are considerable PoP and NA figures that have yet to be released who would fall into the "A list" and even the "B list" in those lines. Rotar, Twistoid et al would be vintage "C-listers" in my opinion.

    Part of the thing that got me hooked on Classics was the idea that it was more than just "vintage reborn". There are a lot of PoP I would like to see. I think the majority of MOTUC PoP fans want some great looking Classic style PoP women and aren't interested in "rooted hair" and comb weapons and other things that the vintage line had. Adora was the 1st figure I ever got and what turned me on to MOTUC in the first place and she was and is awesome.

    Finally (and sorry for getting long winded) there is the great opportunity to produce core NA characters that appeared in the Jetlag cartoon like Crita and Mara. I would hope that someone like Crita a key mutant character and someone who could be the 1st Jetlag character in the line would rank higher than a vintage C lister.

    Our goal has always been to do the most robust diverse line as possible. That is why we created the "roadmap" from year 1. Now that sales are down signifigantly we want to focus on the most fan demanded figures first. It doesn't mean we won't get to everyone in time, but that will be the focus first.
    Variants Idea

    So we know in the long run that variants are off the table. BUT, they sell well and tooling is normally very low. So what if you do an accessory pack to make some of these variants. Examples

    Thunder Punch He-man / Terror Claws Skeletor Accessory pack
    Laser Power He-man / Laser Lights Skeletor Accessory pack
    Shower Power Catra / Buzz Saw Hordak Accessory pack
    Battle Armor Accessory pack / include Fakers,Skeletors,He-man's,New Hordaks
    200x He-man Accessory pack / include Snake Armor and Horde Armor

    I don't think new adventures can be done with the existing He-man buck we would have to use Bo, I think New adventures should get their own full figure release.

    You could sell these for about the same price as a new figure but we would be getting at least 2 figures with each release.

    So what do you think?

    All cool ideas but nothing to announce right now.
    Cosmic Key replica

    Is it possible to make from the '87 live Action Movie a prop Replica of "the cosmic Key" ?

    There is a toy prototyp from Mattel in a catalogue in the net.

    You could make a preorder like the hoverboard!

    It is a little wishy washy duie to the rites to the movie
    Future Traveling Convention Exclusives

    Is Dragon Con a large enough convention to be a canidate for a future traveling exclusive visit?

    (first post on the Matty fourums and first time subscriber to Club Eternia!)

    We actually approached Dragon Con and they turned us away as exhibitors.
    A 100% is still a failing grade in Matty school ??!!!! REALLY !!

    So you wanted us to get a 100% min for MOTU to go through,and we hit 135%.
    Then you turn around and say that's not good enough,and punish us by giving us a lot less figures in 2014 !!?? REALLY ??!!!

    So what was the point of getting 100% ??

    It seems like it didn't matter,cause you secretly wanted more then the 100% then what you were telling us ????

    why tell us to hit a goal to turn around and tell us we fail....That alone will make me not sign up next year cause you guys can't get your story together.BEFORE you make promises to the fans... check with upper management first to get the facts straight as to what/how many slots would be for sure if we hit this ??% vs that ??% !!!!

    6 slots for 2014..REALLY...last time i check there are more then 6 vintage left....but hey you got what you wanted right ??!!! So it's back to the "stay tuned" and "wait and see" etc.etc...

    We needed 100% of the min to move forward with 2013 at all.

    We needed 100% of the 2012 renewals to get a robust 2014 line.

    135% of the min is about 50% of the 2012 sub level is that puts it in perspective.
    Ram Man Buck

    Is there any conceivable way to reuse the Ram Man buck other than a repaint? If so, is a plan to re-use parts from the buck in place?

    Maybe as cross sell colors Ram Man!
    Ram Man buck idea

    How about using it for Tuskador. He seems like he sould be a larger figure. What do you think, would he be a larger or smaller figure

    Ram Man actually isn't as much a buck as a fully tool'd detailed unique figure (he's worth it!) He isn't a "larger buck" the way we have a female buck and a male buck so this might not be as possible. But you never know!
    Does Jitsu come with a right normal hand?

    He has two kamas as weapons, so I was wondering if Jitsu's Golden hand is removable and can be replaced by a human hand?

    No he does not. One hand, three blades
    Retro-Action MOTU

    With the death of the RA DC & Ghostbusters lines and the arguable waning in popularity of the MOTUC line, is there no chance Mattel would explore RA MOTU?

    (Click on link to see MANY pictures)

    No plans right now but very cool pics!
    Releasing ALL MOTU and POP, and some NA and FILM

    It's possible to get ALL of MOTU and POP released in 2013 and 14, with principle NA and FILM. See this speculative list:

    Jan - Netossa
    Jan - Ram-Man
    Feb - Jitsu
    Mar - Fang-Man
    Apr - Snakeface?
    Apr - Fighting Foe Men
    May - Glimmer
    June - Mantenna
    June SDCC - Two Bad/Tuvar/Bhadra
    July - Hydron
    August - Icer
    August - Horde Troopers
    September - Clamp Champ
    October - Geldor
    November - Octavia
    December - Rio-Blast
    December - Flying Fists He-Man

    2013 Non-Subs:
    Entrapta/Double Trouble
    LP He-Man/LL Skeletor

    Jan - Castapella
    Feb - Blast-Attack
    Mar - Ninjor
    Mar - NA Flogg/Skeletor 2pk
    Apr - Dragstor
    Apr Sub Exc - Shokoti
    May - Extendar
    Jun - Scorpia
    Jun - Modulok
    Jun SDCC - Rokkon/Stondar/Granita
    Jul - Mermista
    Aug - Strong Arm
    Aug - Flutterina/Sweet Bee
    Sep -Squeeeze
    Oct - Angella
    Nov -Tung Lashor
    Dec - Madame Razz/Broom
    Dec - Blade/Saurod/Gwildor

    2014 Non-Subs:
    TC Skeletor/Buzzsaw hordak

    It all depends on how manyt slots we get in 2014 and if that will be enough slots to cover all the remaining figures.

    We don't know if we will have enough slots due to the very low sell in of the 2013 sub. But I will fight for every slot we can get in 2014 and we will maxmize every slot we do get with the most fan demanded figure we can (i.e. don't expect extremely obscure Filmation or concept art figures in 2014).
    Only the Sky Sled instead of Battle Ram?

    I'm a big fan of the Battle Ram!
    But when i read your answers about this theme, i think it's unlikely that we get to him.

    Is it time to think about the sky sled?

    He alone is much smaller and has probably the biggest recall value (because of Filmation).

    Also it is more likely that fans would buy multibles because of army building and a lower pricepoint! Also heroic warriors and evil's could us it, like Trap Jaw in Filmation.

    Sky Sled might be easier, but honestly, the best way to support more vehicles is to buy the current one.
    Sir Laser-Lot

    Can't wait for this awesome figure. Loved it since day one when it was revealed. I'm only sorry that he is the only new MOTUC figure this month, but the rest of the year will make up for it.

    Speaking of which, is everything else currently on schedule as it was stated at SDCC? No more delays, I hope. The next few months (while awesome) will bite the wallet each month in turn as is.

    At this point the year should be locked.

    Aug = Sir Laser Lot

    Sept = Mekaneck, Dragon Blaster Skeletor, Snake Men 2 pack

    Oct = Rattlor, Frosta, Cy-Chop, (Weapon Pak # 3 non sub item)

    Nov = Eternos Palace Randor (Filmation look), Dekker, Castle Grayskullman

    Dec = Mosquitor, Procrustus (and Granamyr non sub item)
    Thanks for answering, but what is with Zodac and the Council?

    Thank you TG for answering my Carnivus question. But my first question was:

    I’m a bit confused about the timeline between the pact with the elders and Trolla and the time than Zodac becomes a cosmic enforcer. In the bio from Zodac it is written that the former member of the Council decide to keep his human form and left Eternia and find peace between the stars. Later he would be recruited from the Overlords of Trolla. In Zodaks Bio it is mentioned that he joins the Council after the real Zodac left Eternia to fulfill the pact with the Elders. In the Cartoon Series we can see that the council members becomes to spirit figures after direct after the dead of Grayskull. The Questions are now: when was the pact between the elders and Trolla arranged, before or after Grayskull dead? How long Zodac stays between the stars before he was recruited by trollas overlords? Or is there something twisted in the Zodac bio (should it mean that he was recruited by trolla, keep his human form and left eternia and later he found peace between the stars)?

    Or should i keep reading the Bios?

    Keep reading the bios!
    Spikor's eyes

    My Spikor's eyes were not painted on properly. I returned it and was given a second "wonky-eyed" figure. Now I'm looking for a correct figure, and there are none to be found! Over a dozen people I've spoken with have told me their figures' eyes are just as bad. Is there any way we could get some kind of limited head reissue to address this problem? Is Mattel aware of this problem's cause?

    Every figure is hand made and hand painted so there will alwyas be some level of QC on every fig. We have passed these comments on to our vendor but there are no plans to reissue just the head. If you are unhappy with the one you got just call CS and arrange a replacement on us!
    SLL Deco ?

    This figure's bio is way better than the actual figure...seems like there is just too much blue from neck to legs....I wish there was a little more silver on him. Did you have any say in the final rendering of this figure?
    How much new tooling did he need and what shared parts if any does he have?

    It was 100% up to Geoff Johns the creator of Sir Laser Lot on the color and look of the fig (as well as which shared parts were used, we presented several options to him using his original drawing as a starting place).

    The head, chest armor and accessories are new.
    2014 sub

    I know you can't tell us who is in it or how big it is. However, right now the fan community is still very active, so why not put up a preorder for the 2014 sub. Just say we're getting 12 figures + sub exclusive, e.g. 2 from vintage, 2 from NA, 2 from MYP, 2 from Filmation, 2 from POP/Great Rebellion, 2 minicomic or 18 figures (make everything 3x instead of 2x), etc.

    I will happily pre-order my 2 subs for 2014 tomorrow if you would do this. You can make it clear that if there isn't enough, then it won't happen, just like the BTTF Hoverboard.

    At this point we don't know how big or small 2014 will be. Once we know that we will also review how it is sold and when which can very well be different from last year. (or exactly the same, we just don't know yet).
    2013 "Fan Demanded Suprises"

    Scott, you mentioned recently during the "WE MADE IT!!" video update that you planned to share with fandom what the suprises and fan demanded goodies would be, but I honestly can't recall if you said these 'presents' would be opened up during NYCC or NYTF. I don't have access currently to re-watch the video or I'd simply check there. Can you please confirm at which of these shows you plan to clue us in?

    NYTF in Feb 2013.
    Thank You Toyguru for looking into my email issue

    Thank you for having my email change issue taken care of, I appreciate your help. Finger crossed no issues next month.

    Me too!
    Zodak reissue

    Will we get a chance to buy a second Zodak on Matty in order to display him with the head coming with Strobo?

    I'm not sure. I'd need to look at stock but I think he may be full sold out. I'm not sure off the top of my head from home.
    Dragon blaster skeletor add

    I noticed that in the DB Skeletor add the figure and sword are in the same position as vintage cross sell...

    Was it on purpose?

    Because they used the same photo! What, you think this line has a budget?
    Batman reused MOTUC parts as per IAT

    Hey TG, you said on previous posts that only shoulders were used. But in this IAT article, it does sure look like its more than that.

    Is this all true?

    Design has told me it is just the shoulders that were leant but I haven't seen the fig itself to inspect it.
    Sir Laser-Lot™ Figure - WHY???

    I really want to know why is millions of pounds of plastic and paint being spent on this horrendous and worthless figure. Not only the design is very "power rangers", he wears this Bane-looking mask - TERRIBLE. Waste of $22. And it does NOT add any quality to the wonderful world of the "MASTERS". Please, there are still a good number of "Core" characters from all 3 shows to be made. Don't make crap that doesn't exist. That's all.

    He may not be for everyone but we love what Geoff designed and are thrilled to have SLL join the MOTU world. As part of the 30th sub, you don't need to feel obligated to buy him. That is why we did not include him or any of the other 30th figs in the main sub. It made owning him optional!
    MOTUC/JLU Comparison

    With all the recent concern about the size of the 2014 MOTUC lineup, one thing comes to mind:

    I'm a big JLU fan and really appreciate how you kept that line going on Matty with 4 packs, 2 packs, oversized figures, the 7 pack, convention exclusives, and now the final 3 packs (did I forget anything?)

    Can't you use that same magic that kept JLU alive to keep MOTUC going strong with at least 12 skus next year!

    I hope so! Time will tell. I will fight for every sku I can get.
    Dragon Blaster Skelly - painted abs?

    Is dragon blaster skelly's torso blue or painted to match his armour?

    Under to armor he is blue
    Possible to reveal every 2014 figure before sub sale ends to generate more sales?

    Many fans who were on the fence about whether to buy a 2013 sub wanted to see a list of every figure coming out for the year to help them make the best decision. While that was not possible due to time constraints, we now have 2014 to look forward to, and once again sub sales will be paramount to any continuation of the line in 2015.

    Would it be feasible for Mattel to release the complete 2014 character list before the end of the 2014 subscription sales period? What obstacles prevent Mattel from doing this?

    2014 is way to far off to make any comments now.
    MOTUC alike batman

    Why is batman using MOTUC parts or at least with the same design/style than MOTUC when you said so many times in the past on this very forums that MOTUC style/parts are for MOTUC only and are part of the line's look and wont be used in other lines??

    If other lines use the same style/parts then MOTUC, then MOTUC is not so special after all...

    Theonly parts this Batman uses from MOTUC is the shoulders. Otherwise it is a 100% new figure. Normally we don't share parts from MOTU but we made a one time exception due to only using the shoulders.
    3-packs of the little guys?

    Orko and Adam together have been at a pricepoint of 25$, at a time when basic figures were sold for 20$, so in the end Orko was 5$ extra.

    Now with the risen costs, could you imagine doing a three-pack with Kowl, Montork and Dree-Elle? They all could reuse a lot of parts from Orko, even Kowl could have the same hands and the flight stand (with some modification, so he wouldn't have a hole in his body). This could then be sold at 25$ like a standart figure with some saving on costs and we could get three characters out of the way at one time

    The same could then be done to Loo-Kee, Yuckers and any Twigget.

    Anything is possible but nothing to announce right now.
    Collect and connect

    What about c&c figures for 2013/14 because of the raised price

    Noplans for 2013. 2014 is too far off at this point to comment.
    How many times do I need to call CS just to have my email changed? I am over 5 now.

    So I have kind of reached my wits end with DR Customer Service. For the past 4 Months I have called 5 times and emailed 5 times just asking to have my eMail address changed. I mean how hard could such a simple task be? Where is this New and Improved US based CS everyone keeps talking about? I really have no idea what I am supposed to do now. I am hoping one of the moderators can here can help. Thanks.

    Once should be enough. CS has informed me your issue was reoslved!
    Crazy idea for 2014 sub!

    How about opening the Sub Period starting January 2013 (and ending by the time the sub period Normally ends)? No items to show? How about mentioning the amount of items that year and mentioning 4 characters that WILL Make it if the sub goes through! No sub extensions AND it's plenty of time for people to subscribe and MAYBE even go beyond what we need!

    We won't have the 2014 line to share until closer to SDCC 2013 so this is not possible.
    Is King He-Man’s Cape Removable ?

    OR will it be glued like He-Ro, King Randor ETC ?

    Please make them removable if it is !!

    I'm honestly not sure as I have yet to see a tool'd version of the fig to see how design made the cape.
    How About King He-Man WITH Vykron Bracers ???

    Is it possible to change his bracers to Vykron’s ? The regular old Bracer & Gauntlet hands look too plain on him. I guess Vykrons bracers will give him more royalty & richness as a King of Eternia !

    I am sure he’ll be AWESOME with that !!

    No, it is not possible to make this change.
    Old vintage figures

    Do you think it would be possible to do another motu sub of just vintage like they appeared in the 80's. You guys already the tools to do it right. You can even do the prototypes that were never released

    No plans for this right now.
    Ram Man With “Closed” Weapon Holding Right Fist ?

    Will Ram Man’s Right Hand Will Be Open For Holding His Axe (Just Like The Regular Figures) ? OR Will It Be A Closed Fist With A “Hole” (For Placing His Axe) ?

    It iwll be open to hold his weapon.
    Oct-Dec 2012 Studio Pictures

    Would it be possible to post the Four Horsemen studio shots of the remaining 2012 Masters of the Universe Classics figures, like what you did for the 2013 figures, on facebook?

    Those are really large photos and you can see some great details!

    We'll see what we can do!
    MOTUC 2013 Quarterly items question...

    For the sake of those of use who bought all 3 subscriptions, will you guys be trying to release the MOTUC quarterly items on non-Watchmen months?

    I did the math and if the subs were done that way (Watchmen and quarterly items being released on opposing months), then most months will fall into the $80 range, with a couple $50 months and the big months being when the Foe Men, Ram Man, and the $50 set come out, being a little over $100 those months.

    I know January will have Ram Man and Rorschach, but for the other months will you guys attempt to avoid this kind of overlap?

    We will try, but it may not always line up.
    Zodac and the Council?

    I’m a bit confused about the timeline between the pact with the elders and Trolla and the time than Zodac becomes a cosmic enforcer.

    In the bio from Zodac it is written that the former member of the Council decide to keep his human form and left Eternia and find peace between the stars. Later he would be recruited from the Overlords of Trolla.
    In Zodaks Bio it is mentioned that he joins the Council after the real Zodac left Eternia to fulfill the pact with the Elders.
    In the Cartoon Series we can see that the council members becomes to spirit figures after direct after the dead of Grayskull.
    The Questions are now: when was the pact between the elders and Trolla arranged, before or after Grayskull dead? How long Zodac stays between the stars before he was recruited by trollas overlords? Or is there something twisted in the Zodac bio (should it mean that he was recruited by trolla, keep his human form and left eternia and later he found peace between the stars)?

    One small question to Carnivus bio. Here is written that he joins Randors new council after the raise of Skeletor and the comeback of Hssss and Hordak. Means that that the Chief joins the council in the time of the second ultimate battleground?

    Yes, that is correct on Carnivus.
    Novel idea.....

    If I or anyone wanted to try and publish fan created stories or even a MOTU novel, who would I have to contact to get Mattel's permission?

    Yes. You would need to go to and click through inventor relations.

    since Motuc buck has been used for a Batman figure, can other series buck be used for slimmer character like Mantenna, 200x adam, 200x Mer-Man, Lizard Man, Modulok and all those characters who are actually smaller the standard body in order to cut the costs and focus the resource to the expensive sculpting costs and ?

    I actually checked with the DC team. This is not a Batman fig using the MOTU buck. It is in "scale" to MOTUC (in order to create that unique one time Dark Knight Returns look) but the only MOTUC part it uses is the shoulders. All other parts are brand new.

    We were happy to loan the use of the shoulders as a one time help for the DC team, but as always, MOTU classics parts will only be used on MOTUC toys.
    2014 Kind of Uncool

    I get that everything has to be approved by management, sales were down, etc. But Toyguru, you did a whole podcast and stated other places that if we just bought 2013, that you would make sure we got all the important vintage characters in 2014. If you go down to 6 figures - that just simply won't be possible (and that's just for Masters - not even counting NA or POP).

    I realize a lot of this stuff is not your ultimate decision - but does feel like a bit of a bait and switch to promise if we just hang in there with 2013 - the line will be "finished off" in 2014.

    I actually just did a follow up Gooble to clarify! :-)

    We will still "toss out the roadmap" and make every sku count in 2014, but to get enough skus to cover ALL the vintage figs and major animated figures we needed close
    to 100% renewal. With 2013 hitting the bare min, this may not get the number of slots needed.

    We'll still make every slot count toward finishing the line, but we needed closer to a full renewal rate to make that happen in 2014.

    We did keep 2013 as a full robust year, but the sell in was less than half of
    what we had previously so it may not be possible to get enough skus to wrap this in only one more year.

    But with the skus we do get we'll try to wrap up as much as we can!

    My sincere appologies for not making it clearer that to get enough skus to really finish by 2014 it would have required a full renewal, not the just above bare min we got.

    We don't know at this time how many 2014 slots we will get. We hope for the most but will do the most we can with what we get. (2014 skus will be based on sell in of 2013 sub, who's numbers, as I said were low)
    Maximizing character slots in 2014

    I posted this on in reference to your (Toyguru) post about maximizing slots in 2014 in the expected case it will contain much fewer skus. I'm posting it here as well because I'm not sure you got the chance to address it over there and I wanted to hear your thoughts about it:

    One way to maximize slots would be to add smaller characters with figures who don't have many accessories and little tooling, but are heavy hitters. For instance Glimmer won't require too much tooling and all she originally came with was her staff! This would be a great way to get us Kowl! What are your thoughts on this?

    Thanks for your time!

    If we included Kowl in a pack with a 6" figure it would rise the cost to over 25.00. Just look at Orko and Adam as an example
    Temple of Darkness Sorceress Question??

    Hello ToyGuru, Are you guys going to sell a pre sale for Temple of Darkness Sorceress and pick-up at the show(Power Con 2012),or is it going to be Whom ever come first to and get in line to purchase Temple of Darkness Sorceress??
    Thank you!

    No, it is first come first serve.
    Irritating 2014 discussions ...

    I am a bit confused about the somehow opposed statements about 2014. Now that we "saved" 2013, will another subscription be offered for 2014 or is that off the table?
    (Just in general, no matter what number of skus you'll be able to "squeeze" out of higher management.)

    That has not been determined yet. I can tell you 100% 2014 will be smaller than 2012 or 2013. How small has yet to be determined.
    The Mighty Spector™ and Subcriptions

    Scott, do you think that the decline in subscriptions could possibly be a result of The Mighty Spector™ messing with the timeline?

    Yes. Everything that has ever gone wrong with anything is Spector's fault.

    Tiem to take a breath from all those 2013 and sub- discussions.

    Scott, where is the director's note to Adora? Time to step into 2010...

    Yeah, working on it...

    I got a little behind working on selling the subs. I'll get back to my blog as soon as I can!
    WindRaider sales thermometer

    For us MOTUC vehicle supporters (be it vintage, NA, 200X ... whatever vehicles) is it possible to have a WindRaider sales thermometer on I think you made it pretty clear for now that to have more vehicles in the future WindRaider has to meet desired number of sales - this is a similar situation as in the case of the sub. So I was wondering ... the thermometer would show the fans what challenge they are approximately facing here. It should not be that difficult to do the thermometer and it would be a little step forward. Thanks.

    Sorry, we don't give info on stock levels this way. We only do meters for preorders, not current stock.
    2013 Surprises...I'm Excited!

    Hi Toyguru! As per your video, since we "knocked it out of the park" we are now getting the surprises that were originally going to be held back. I am assuming these must be NON-SUB items, which are outside of the "closed" 2013 subscription. Therefore, my suggestion is to make Illumina part of those surprises as a NON-SUB figure make Illumina part of those surprises as a NON-SUB figure, kinda like how Bubble Power She-Ra was in 2011. It will be a great way to say "thank you" to all the fans that did above and beyond to save the 2013 sub, and would go over very well with the fans and those that have concerns about the closing of the fan choice figure polls. With both figures being so close in the voting, those numbers show she's just as demanded as Geldor and would sell very well. It's exactly the kind of gesture that fans would love and appreciate.

    The "surprises" were already costed out a year ago. We just didn't get the green light until now. So we can't add or change them now.
    The Shortest Anti-Gwildor Rant Ever--

    Please Scott, for the love of God, home, country, and all that is holy... NO GWILDOR in 2014!! That is all.

    But Gwildor rocks!

    Honestly, as a fully tool'd figure he is harder to do. It all comes down to how many slots we will get. We really need at least 12 slots to tackle a fully tool'd figure (to bank the tooling as a full year tooling bill divided by 12)
    Filmation Figures- If ya make 'em now, can ya make 'em later?

    I asked this, but it never got answered:

    I remember that the reason we got Orko, Sorceress, and Prince Adam in the Classics lineup was because Mattel already had the rights to their toy designs, so since they made them back in the day, we could get them now.

    Will that apply to any future Filmation figures as well, not to mention Shadow Weaver?

    Or is this the one shot, and then it's done?

    We have a sub license from CM to do the Filmation characters. That is how we can put them in the line.
    Yet another vehicle question....

    And I'm sure you're sick of them by now

    Anyway, was there any thought that maybe the Wind Raider was the wrong vehicle to start with? People had seem the Battle Ram at the con, and it got their collecting appetites going. And then a vehicle was announced, and everyone got excited, then it was....the Wind Raider. Still cool, but not the Battle Ram.....or Attack Trak....or Dragon Walker.....or Land Shark....

    I know you have said that pre-orders are not possible for vehicles and such, and I understand that. But to show management that different vehicles would have interest, perhaps you could at least generate a poll (like you did for the figures for 2013-14) and ask about different vehicles, and what people would be willing to pay, how many would they buy, etc. Just a tool to perhaps show management to look at the potential that a 2nd vehicle might bring as far as sales.

    At the very least, it would be a fun poll to see. Can't deny that....

    Honestly, there is one thing and one thing only that will show management the demand for more vehicles. Buy a Windraider. It really is cool!
    Toy Guru Please!

    Hello Toy Guru, I hope you get to read this....I know subscription sales ended on August 6th and I also read there will be no extensions, but...I've been a MOTU sub holder since the begining and unfortunately I was in a severe car accident when hit by a drunk driver in June and was fighting for my life. I was obviously unable to purchase a subscription for 2013 as I was just released today, August 8th, and I understand that it was stated there will be no extensions, but if there is any way, or some kindness still in this world, would it be possible at all for me to purchase a MOTU subscription for 2013? I have a very long road to recovery and looking forward to a monthly figure from my favorite line and childhood memory would very much brighten the process and would be greatly appreciated. I really don't expect much from writing you this message, but it's worth a shot in my eyes, I am grateful to be alive and look at everday from here on out as a gift, but it would also mean that much more to anticipate a little surprise every month from Mattel, and just like "the most powerful man in the universe" it would also give me a little more power myself to push through and over come my injuries and ultimately complete my rehabilitation. I would probably be one of the happiest subscribers if the was any way an exception could be made. Thank you for your time, and as I stated above, I really hope you get to read this personally and at least consider the possibility.

    So sorry for your situation. I'll pass this along to CS and see what we can do.
    MOTUC Legion Of Super-Heroes type multi-pack

    Any chance of something like the Legion of Super-Heroes 12-pack for MOTU Classics?

    It would be a great way to take care of a whole heap of cheaper tooled characters in the one release!

    I wish! That pack too so much design work and got delayed almost two years. There really is no way I will get that type of resource again.
    Easy Stuff

    first, I'd like to thank you in the name of our community for being such a hard fan fighting the way you did.
    here's my question: as many beast/characters would require a 100% new tooling, i was wondering how about taking chance with a character such as Molkron? i mean now that we got both of bucks needed to do so(Swiftwind/He Man sculpt)

    Honestly, we haven't discussed this so I don't have an answer.
    Is Mattel scared of the "No Rio? We Riot!" movement?

    Let's be honest, this is the real reason the Roadmap has been changed, isn't it?

    You got it!

    No not really. I love Rio too but with sales less than half of what they were last year we need to do what we can to keep the line going past 2013.
    If 2014 Gets Cut Down To Six Figures...

    Let's say the "worst" happens and in 2014 we can only get figures bi-monthly (6 for the year via a subscription).
    Does this sort of "slimmed down" subscription model mean that Traveling Convention Figures (like TOD Sorceress and Strobo) and SDCC Exclusives would no longer be something Mattel would want to put additional money into? Or would there still be a budget for Con Exclusives in a reduced-figure year?

    Yes, if we only got 6 slots for 2014 we would likley not do a traveling con figure. But that is a worst case scenario and I like to plan for the best!
    TG - Evergreen & "Reissued" Figures $22 or $27 Follow Up

    You said in your response that all figures DoS will go up to $27, like they all went up to $22 this year.
    Why though? These figures were already produced under other operating year margins.

    Just the way it is going. You have been given ample notification!
    Giving Scott credit

    I've noticed you mention a few times that you don't get credit for this, you don't get credit for that etc.

    I'd like to disagree, in a big way.

    Is it not good enough for you that you got 3 figures made in plastic based either on you, or your own design? Nite-Lik, Spector, Palace Guard head. You get to write ALL the bios. You yourself pick who gets released and who doesn't, rewriting MOTU the way YOU want to. People praise you all the time here on Ask Matty and the Org. Your pay packet must also be reward in itself.

    Yet it's still not enough for you.

    How about handing the reins over to someone else then, I'm sure they'd love not getting the 'credit' you do. I'm a children's nurse, I save children's lives each day yet you don't hear me saying 'I saved a child's life, give me credit'

    My note about "getting credit" for the Keldor swords was just a joke. Just trying to illustrate that I am doing all I can to fight for what we all want! :-)

    your other points I don't really see as valid. It is my job to run MOTU and help on bios and figure roll outs. Yes, it is a really cool job, but in the end it is my job. That is like saying it isn't fair that Geoff Johns gets to write Justice League every month.

    You can come work for Mattel too. There are always open positions listed on
    Weapons Paks Reissues?

    This isn't likely a question on everyone's minds but I would still like to know.
    Will the first two Weapons Paks be re-released? If so when?

    We won't go back into production but we may sell off any remaining inventory for CS etc...
    Stridor/Nightstalker - Vehicle or Beast?

    With the recent announcement that vehicles are- for the most part- off the table, would Stridor/Nightstalker be considered a large beast or a vehicle? He's not technically 'alive' and is mechanically based, so I'm torn on how to categorize him. Also, if he's considered a beast does this mean there is a better chance we may see him in the line in the future?

    They would be great candidates for either but in the end are 100% tools (at least one of them is) which makes them a bit harder to do now that we only sold the bare min of 2013 subs (well 35% over the bare min, but still less then half of what we did in previous years).

    Longtime cherry picker, first time subber. Now I know that 2012 figures are off the table for reissuing, no problem there. However, is there a chance for a reissue of Roboto with corrected shoulders. I see many fans with cracked and broken Robotos because of the stress the incorrect shoulders put on the translucent plastic. We needed a corrected re-release, please.

    As much as I would love to do this, it would require a development slot and that would mean giving up a new figure to do a small (but needed) fix on an older figure. I realyl would like to do this as a fan, but as a marketing manager I honestly don't see it happening outside of a movie year.
    Horde troops + mini robots !!

    The horde troops don't need to have different heads like the past 2 army builder packs. But could you include the mini robots that worked for Skeletor in the pack ??? It can be placed in the middle of the packaging,like (trooper=minirobot=trooper)...I think this would be the greatest army builder set ever

    Right now we have no plans for Horde Troopers to announce but a cool suggestion if we ever get to them!

    Mattel's thoughts on fan (and celebrity) love for the brand?

    First off, thanks for answering all these questions!

    Was management aware of all the fantastic fan sub promotion (along with those from the former Masters of the Universe film pitching in to promote the subs) the last few weeks? I'm talking about the fan/celebrity youtube videos, Twitter campaign, and online petitions/rallies. If so, what did they think?

    It's just amazing after all these years, this toyline Mattel started in the 80's just doesn't go away, and we're still so passionate about it. It's the only toyline I collect nowadays, and MOTUC made me realize how much I've always loved it over any other toyline.

    MOTUC is likley the smalles toy line Mattel does (now that GB is on hold). Management is a big supporter of it and loved to see all the videos and pages.
    very happy and a request

    Very glad I got a sub and will get jitsu and ram man for starters.if you get to make madame razz flutterina perfuma clamp champ ninjor two bad shokoti and mermista before 2014 is over(I'm not picky when)I will be a happy man.

    WE'll do our best!
    Fan Vote: An Idea to Appease both Sides

    I hear you that Geldor is the winner. Really, I do. And even though I voted for Illumina, I'm happy with Geldor as he was a close second for me...I've wanted him since the 80's!

    But nobody can deny that the typo could have caused some confusion...and with a 27-point lead, there's reason to believe that the outcome could have been different, had people known the true time of the poll closing.

    So...why not make both as a two-pack?

    I understand we have an army builder coming in the $50 slot.

    IF it's the one everyone seems to think it is, there won't be much room for variations in armor, weapons, etc.

    Soooo....why not release the army builder as the November figure (with tons of extra day-of stock, and the put an Illumina vs Geldor two-pack in the beast slot? Soooo....why not release the army builder as the November figure (with tons of extra day-of stock), and then put an Illumina vs Geldor two-pack in the beast slot?

    That would be the ULTIMATE thank you to the fans of both sites for pulling together and saving the line for 2013, and all hard feelings/suspicions over the vote would be resolved.

    Because 2013 is closed. 2013 closed over a year ago. We can't add, subtract or change anything to the 2013 line up.
    new weapons with figures

    I liked things you made like clawful 's shield and snout spout 's jaws of life.besides jitsu 's axe weapons will we see any more new things like this.specifically I am asking if weapons for any she ra gals can and will be designed for them when a certain figure is made

    Anything is possible but no plans right now to announce.
    Other Options for Vehicle Production-

    Scott, how about a pre-sale for vehicles which includes enough fundage to account for the development dollars (including translating sculpt to final workable toy, etc.) needed to produce a final product? We fans who purchase 3rd party and/or from smaller companies are no strangers to long lead in times, so I doubt most fans would mind a year or so wait to see a finished toy as long as they know it's coming. You say it's all about finding the dollars from within existing yearly budgets to produce more vehicles, but that doesn't sound quite right, especially when you consider the option of building the design/R&D/production budget into your pre-sale pricing. Even if it might be necessary to carry costs across several fiscal years to make it happen it seems like something that could be viable. Again, we fans are willing to wait as long as it's done right.

    Also, if it's not possible to build the above costs into a pre-order model where it may take several years to produce, how about sub-contracting the design/R&D and perhaps even production to another established company, much in the same way you did with NECA for the Stactions?

    I'm just sayin', if it's ultimately about cost and development time there has GOT to be a way to structure things so that it still works out and Mattel makes their money back at (mostly) zero risk.

    At this point, the best way to support more vehicles is to buy a Windraider.

    I know we have no chance of seeing the Meteorbs in least not unless the line goes on for a LONG time to come...with our current sales crisis, all efforts will, and should, be on the essentials.

    But, the Meteorbs have always felt out of place in the MOTU world. SO much so, that I wonder if you guys could consider releasing them at retail OUTSIDE of the MOTU banner?

    Kids love transforming toys. There are only ten of them. You could do it as a one-and-done kinda thing. Kids and parents would supplement the MOTU fan purchases. I think it could be somewhat of a success.

    What do you think?

    I'd love to get to them, but man that is a lot of tooling. And right now I'd rather put that into fully tool'd figures like Horde Troopers, Gwildor, Mantenna, Modulok and the like.
    Just the Battle Ram Glider a possible option?

    with the Battle Ram seeming out of reach for the time being - would it be possible to just release the Battle Ram Glider (the front part of it) seperately? It's much smaller and thus needs much less resources. And it would be able to be sold much cheaper. Furthermore, (at least the vintage version) it's just ONE tool (okay, two, since it consists of two halves glued together). Might this be an option for 2014, maybe as a bonus item or convention exclusive?

    P.S.: The second part of the vehicle could be released at a later date, if and when the line grows stronger again and there's fan demand and resources for it.

    This is pro more likley due to the lower price point but still nothing to confirm.
    Any Management at the Power-Con panel so we can show them HOW much we want Battle Ram

    Scott, we're not letting this one go!

    Any time I've seen Management/VP type folks at conventions they have always seemed just as interested in fan feedback as you, but they've also seemed more surprised by fan passion, and I think that's because you are such a fan and know what that passion is all about!

    So might any of them be coming to your Power-Con panel? I hope if they see how much we want this thing in person it might help the cause, since I think the only other way we'll get the Battle Ram pre-order to happen is to sell out the Wind Raider, and I don't know how long that'll take! Thanks!!!

    I did invite all of the management types to PC and Danielle was kind enough to offer comp tickets to Mattel management. How many will show up is yet to be seen!
    Want to Be Our Hero?

    So, MOTU fans saved the line, so to speak. Want to know how to become our hero, since there will be no Castle Grayskull? Find a way to give us The Battle Ram, Night Stalker, and Stridor!!!!

    Trust me on this one.

    I'll see what I can do. I guess I don't get crddit for making Photog and Keldor's swords happen?
    More heads for army builders?

    I loved the idea of the Palace Guards, and I really loved the customization options with the interchangeable heads, especially the Toy Guru head snuck in.

    So I was wondering if any thought had been given to releasing more heads for those of us who have rather sizable armies? Maybe something included in a Weapons Pak or packaged with another figure. Also I'd love to see some more "celebrity guest heads", like the 4 Horsemen, or Pixel Dan, or heck, Alan Oppenheimer with blue skin.

    Anyway, I know the big concern right now is classic characters and continuing the line into 2014, but this was just something I thought would be a neat idea.

    I will now patiently await my "Cool idea, but there are no plans to do something like that right now" type answer

    We'll fit in more heads when we can! Even Strobo comes with an extra head.
    you seem to be waffling

    Thank you for all you do.

    When 2013 was in danger you said if we get to 2014, we would finish with the main vintage characters. Now you are saying we may be down to NOTHING in 2014 or 6-12 slots. How will you come close to finishing then? How do we go from save 2013 and 2014 will be epic, to maybe nothing? Not cool.

    What I will do is make every slot count. I never said we would be 100% done with vintage by the end of 2014 but I will do all I can to make sure every slot we get in 2014 will be used for a vintage fig or a main Filmation fig. There are 30+ vintage figs left to do and we've never done 30+ figs per year so realistically doing every vintage fig by the end of 2014 is unreleasitic.

    But also keep in mind, there are a lot of vintage figs left in 2013 too!
    Vote, Final Follow up

    Even if it was a mistake, because that's the information that went out as part of our contracts, does that not make you legally obligated to stand by it?

    It seems disrespectful to those who made that final push to buy their subs, that they may not have gotten a chance to vote for the fan's choice especially the people who had trouble with the site, as well who were given to understand that they had another 2 days to vote.

    The honorable and likely best legal course of action would be to reopen the vote for the same number of hours that were missed between the contracted ending (8/8 11:59 pm pt) and the actual end time (which I'm assuming was 8/6 6:59 am PT based on the information we've been given for the sub order's actual closing).

    Leaving it as it is just gives the impression that it was closed early to make certain that Geldor remained in the lead and the winner.

    Thank you for your time.

    Yeah, I hear you, and there are arguments on both sides. but at this point since we already announced Geldor we are going forward with him as the winner.
    reissues on 2012 figures?

    Are there any leftover stock from any 2012 figures that will be offered on here? I'd really like to get my hands on thunder punch he-man and snake man at arms should they be offered again! Any chance of a schedule for the upcoming re-sales of old stock? thanks

    There may be a few figs with cusotmer service stock sold off at some point, but it that happens we are talking a tiny amount. but no 2012 or 2013 fig will go back into production. Many figures (like Fisto) are completely gone and even CS stock is gone.
    Original 2016 Roadmap question

    Now that we're officially breaking away from the 2016 roadmap starting in 2014 I'm wondering about what might have been. That leads me to my question:

    Working stricktly off your 2016 roadmap/list-- how many figures/beasts/etc would have had to be slatted in 2014, 2015 and 2016 (inclued non sub items like SDCC) in order to have completed the 2016 road map by the end of 2016?

    You can answer in either a per year number or if it's easier just give a total number starting with where'd we be come the end of the 2013 subscription year.

    The original road map had 4 "Beast/Oversized slots" each year. Now that was are moving away from this it is unclear how many more beast we will be able to do. Some of them are easy like Battle Lion, others like Stridor would be a full tool. And while we could use Stridor for Nightstalker, honeslty with as few skus as we will get in 2014 I'd rather use fully tool'd slots for figures like Horde Troopers, Gwildor, Mantenna, Modulok and the like. Every slot is that much more precious now.
    Toyguru, On concepts characters

    your answer was "I love those characters too! But now that we only hit the bare min for 2013, we are going to concentrate on the vintage toy characters first for 2014 (and main Filmation characters) swinging back to these type of characters in time." we did not hit only the minimum, we are 35% OVER the minimun,so, why donดt we just keep the roadmap as is??? Just adress all the other problems and we will be just fine! Thanks!

    35% over the bare min is still tiny.

    In 2011 and 2012 we were more then double the bare min. We had over a 50% drop from 2012 to 2013 numbers. Although we "saved the line" we did so with just a smidge above the bare min to do so.
    Toyguru, on vehicles pre orders...

    your answer was "Yes, on paper a pre sale seems like a good idea but it still takes a ton of resoruces to do and with sub numbers so low for 2013 and WR sales so low it is jut not a resource we can get right now" could you explain to us the ton on resources involved in a preorder of a Battle Ram that is already sculpted? Thanx for everything you do on motu

    Sure, resources including costing out the item with our vendor and design the toy. It take a ton of work to translate a sculpt into a toy and we would need to do that inorder to run a presale.
    Follow up on vote

    You didn't answer the Question Scott.

    Why was the vote closed early?

    Isn't that part of the contract for the sub sales, the vote open until 8/8 at 11:59 PT?

    It was supposed to close on the 6th. Noting the closing on the 8th was a mistake I missed when proofing the copy. It was always supposed to close when sales closed. I made a mistake.
    Captain Randor and King Randor 200x

    How nice would be to have Kind Randor 200x convertible in captain randor with optional parts like Vykron?

    That would be nice!
    TG - Did you have higher hopes for Filmation?

    Just curious - it seems unfortunate that just when the Filmation license is acquired, the MotUC line needed to be scaled back to be vintage focus to help ensure the line ends properly.

    Did you have bigger hopes that the Filmation licenses would keep the line moving forward and do you still feel that heading in a Filmation direction could rejuvenate the line as it is coming to a vintage close?

    The scaling back had to do with the price jump and needed CS improvements. The later being the one we are trying to improve, we can't do much about the cost.
    Just a couple of my opinions about future years (and a question)

    I obviously only speak for myself and these are just my opinions.

    In 2014 I would tend to think you could totally get away with keeping the 16 figure (plus exclusives) platform so long as none of them are still hitting the $75 price range. Keeping your oversized/multipacks between the $30-$50 price mark in 2014 will help.

    I for one have really enjoyed the concept figures, but I think it probably is a good idea for the general well being of the line to take a break from them in the 2014 sub. But hopefully there will be a 2015 sub and we can maybe see a couple of concept figures come back to the line at that time--plus concept figures can always make great convention pieces along side variants.

    Last, just like most people collecting this line, I grew up with the original He-Man figures and filmation cartoons. But I also really love the POP characters and at this point I kind of want some of the key POP figures more than anything else. Also, while I was not an NA fan I've really liked the way you and the Horsemen have incorporated them into the line and I do think they have a necessary place in this all encompassing line we know as MOTU Classics.

    With that said I think going forward (presuming we get a minimum of 12 figures per year) I think we need at least 2 to 3 POP figures and 2 to 3 NA figures every year. Again I'm not speaking for anyone but myself, but when I look at how many POP figures we still need and how few NA figures have been done I think a minimum of 2-3 of each per year is somewhat necessary (and personally, as of now, in a year with 16 figures I wouldn't mind seeing as many as 6 POP figures in a single year--especially if you count Filmation POP and Horde POP).

    TG, what would your thoughts be about devoting at least 4 to 6 total spots to POP/NA in a given year? Would it make sense to set aside that many yearly spots to help cover and catch up on POP and NA characters? Or would that turn off too many of the "vintage MOTU only" collectors?

    It all depends on how many slots we get in 2014. We will try to maxmize them to hit as many fan requests in 2014 as we can.

    Also, keep in mind that 2013 is CHOCK FULL of fan requests and a lot of what people are asking for will already be out by 2014 in the 2013 line!
    Future Variants

    Can we get variants, i.e. Terror Claws Skeletor, Filmation Hordak or 200X King Hssss?

    Maybe outside the sub or something like that....

    Always a possiblity but depending on how many skus we get we will more likley focus on orignal characters in 2014. But nothing is off the table.
    "Fewer slots"

    I'm happy to see so many strides are being taken to maximize the impact of next year (even though I would love to see the line continue as it has been, with a nice mix of 200x and concept figures, as well).

    I do have a question about the number of "slots" being referenced for 2014. Are you referring to actual figure development slots, or potential SKU slots? The reason I ask is because if there were, perhaps, 2 SKUs for next year (a standard single figure SKU and a two-pack SKU) with alternating months (say January is a single figure, followed by an appropriately paired 2-pack in February, followed by another single figure in March, and continue the pattern), with 12 slots you could increase the impact of next year on completing the vintage MOTU and core POP, NA & FILMation. I know talks are probably just beginning, and all suggestions are being taken into consideration, but wanted to toss this into the mix.

    Thanks for another great year!

    Total number of skus. Based on the very low sub sell in for 2013 (just above the bare min vs double the bare min in previous years) management will decide how many figures we can do in total.
    Seems the story changed

    Toy Guru you first said all vintage and a list of pop and NA. Now you say maybe all vintage. When will we know what's going on with 2014. I don't really want a shortened 2014

    Catra's Wrath: Toy Guru aims to get to most of the vintage MOTU characters, plus the core POP and NA characters by the end of 2014. There's no word yet on how many SKU slots will be in 2014, TG commented it could be anywhere between 6-12 monthly figures, but if things go well over the next year and the demand is there, and people want more figures, then who knows. There's nothing that can be said about it at this time because 2014 planning is so far off!

    To add:

    We will make sure all slots in 2014 are vintage figs (MOTU, POP and NA) and major Filmation characters. We won't do concept characters or that type. But we don't know how many slots we will have in 2014 at this point. Based on the huge drop in sales for 2013 I am guessing it will be less then 2011 and 2012. We won't get to every fig but we will do our best to maximize the slots with all vintage and major Filmation characters that the majority of fans want.

    It doesn't mean concept figs and variants are gone forever, but for 2014 our focus will be on vintage figs and main Filmation figs (assuming 2014 happens, management has not signed off yet).
    POP/NA in 2013/2014

    Is there still a chance to get the major NA and POP figures in 2013 or 2014?

    Maybe in a special sub line?

    That is our goal but we don't know at this point how many slots we will have for 2014. But we can say we will do all we can to maximize all the slots!
    Hi TG!

    It's VERY exciting to see Illumina was only 27 votes away from winning the Fan Vote (and I'm happy for all the fans who wanted Geldor)!

    It's no surprise or secret, that there were many people who did not vote for Illumina only because she was described as getting a repainted Teela tunic instead of getting a new, two-piece outfit, and utilizing the Female Buck 2.0 (Bubble Power She-Ra body).

    I think it would be pretty awesome if Illumina and Sleetah (her cat) were produced as a two-pack and I have an idea on how Mattel could produce it cheaper.

    When Mattel makes a Shokoti action figure, make sure her skin tone is the same colour as Keldor and make TWICE the amount of blue, female torsos (so you have enough for Illumina). Then, when you get around to the Illumina & Sleetah set, you can cast all of their body parts in white, which is much cheaper. Sleetah is a complete repaint of Panthor, with a new tiara and saddle. The saddle, tiara and weapon can be produced when you have something that will use gray plastic.

    Illumina only requires a new head, top, skirt and sword staff thing. Both her and her cat are VERY low on tooling, and making all the parts together in a batch of white should greatly reduce costs.

    Another cool thing would be if the packaging background was done with the night sky, with moon and stars, like the comic cover she was a part of (and the figures posed like on the cover). It would kind of look like the 3D plastic posters of classic movies McFarlane used to do (like Jaws, Nightmare on Elm Street, etc.). If that's too expensive, the existing background could be used, just re-coloured to mimic the comic cover. It would be super cool! Note: pic of the Jaws cover as example at the end of post.

    This could be a sub item, outside-sub item, SDCC item, travelling con exclusive, Power-Con exclusive, etc.

    I know it's a suggestion and not really a question, but I'm really excited about the possibility of getting her and her cat in MOTUC and I know you guys work a year in advance. Big Grin Please make Illumina and Sleetah happen in MOTUC!

    A very cool suggestion but as you likely guess, we don't have any plans to announce for her right now.
    Suggestions on fan-choice poll releases

    Geldor won by a hair! He's coming out soon! (Oct-Nov 2013 soon) yay!

    Here's a few suggestions for the other folks! (so they can be passed along to the correct teams, etc.)
    All females: NO Battleground Teela thighs. they Limit articulation,

    Illumina: NO Teela Dress... Shield Bearer Sherri-Lyn's (Female FFM) top is closer To Illumina's and has a plug-hole where the lower part of Illumina's top could be plugged (and glued to a BGT torso painted white could help create her look while reusing some parts.

    Trap Jaw: Can we say Traveling Exclusive?

    Masks of Power Demon: He screams 2014 or 2015 Comic Con Exclusive 2 pack with his red buddy... Hopefully with de-powered versions of them.

    Songster: Bow's hands kinda look like he's playing a guitar...

    Kamo Khan: another decent Traveling Con exclusive.

    C&D Evil Lyn: Perfect for a variant slot!

    Marlena: Eh, She could also work as a Traveling Con exclusive...

    If Spector's whip and a new alternate unmasked head are tossed in to one of these, I'm so buying the one who carries the spector stuff!

    All cool ideas but no plans for the runner ups right now.
    Resources for Vehicles

    TG: "Alas, a vehicle takes way more work and with WR sales being so low we just can't get the resources to do another, even as a presale."

    Wait... so basically "even if we had enough money to do it... we wouldn't have the resources to do it"? Resources cost money... so enough guaranteed sales from preorders would be enough guaranteed resources. No?

    I'm kinda on the slow-side... could you clarify this a bit?

    A presale for the Battleram seems like a no-brainer to me, even if you have to set the price high. Either there are enough sales to make it happen... or there aren't. Where's the harm in giving the fans a chance?

    Yes, on paper a pre sale seems like a good idea but it still takes a ton of resoruces to do and with sub numbers so low for 2013 and WR sales so low it is jut not a resource we can get right now.
    Pre-order suggestion for 2014

    What about doing a pre order for 12 or the same amount of figures 2013 has for 2014

    Start the pre orders in Jan 2013. So between pre orders and the sub sale at comic con you should have plenty of subs to produce more of the same amount of figures as 2013. Since more figures will be revealed by then, more people might be convinced to sub after seeing a 2013 that you say is the strongest year yet. A lot of people were on the fence about this year for many different reasons don't let 2014 suffer because of this.

    A cool idea and nothing is off the table right now.
    Up the ante.....

    MOTUC should be advertised more. There is never anything on Newsarama, or comicbookresources. Even ads places in comic books could bring new people to Matty. I want to see this line increase in 2014, not dwindle down to 6-12 figures. There are too many characters.

    If we had the budget we would love to. You have to remember how small this line is. Even at 2012 and 2011 numbers MOTUC is likely the single smallest line Mattel does.
    Will "My Subscription" page be able to split shipments of different orders?

    I used to buy 2 MOTUC SUBS in the past years, but for 2013 I've got 4 just to support the line.

    I bought them in two separate orders, 2 subs in one order, other 2 in the other order. BUT I REALLY WANT TO RECEIVE THEM IN TWO DIFERRENT SHIPMENTS/PACKAGES, SINCE THEY ARE TWO SEPARATE ORDERS. I know the current system will send them all together to me...

    Is there any way I can split my two subs pairs in two separate packages? Or will I have to wait for "My Subscription" page to get that? BTW, will "My Subscription" allow me to do that?

    As long as you ordered them with the same shipping method they will ship together. You will also be able to change shipping on the my sub page that will launch before 2013.
    PowerCon 2012 Reveals??

    Scott, you mentioned recently that you have "big plans" to announce in Feb (was it for NYCC or Toy Fair, can't recall which), but does this in turn mean that we'll have to wait that long before we get any new reveals?

    Typically PowerCon sees a few new items and I'm curious if you still plan to reveal anything at that show. With the great news yesterday that 2013 is a go and the further announcement of great new things coming down the pipe for MOTU in that year, I'm curious if Feb is how long we'll have to wait for... say the rumored Snake Face reveal? Personally, I think the fans deserve another taste based on the fact that we quite LITERALLY pulled 2013 out of thin air! What say you sir?

    At Power Con we will show whatever is available and has been completed since SDCC.
    TG Regarding your response of vehicle presales

    "Alas, a vehicle takes way more work and with WR sales being so low we just can't get the resources to do another, even as a presale."

    I understand that you'd want to show the vehicles before a presale but:

    1- Battle Ram is already sculpted, so this one is a no-brainer. If minimum pre-sales are reached great, if not, no harm done
    2- For other vehicles/playsets I'm sure most people wouldn't mind preordering based on a few sketches only.

    Please don't disregard these ideas, people have already proved their commitment to this line

    We are not disguarding these ideas, but right now based on the number of subscribers we have for 2013 and the sales of the WR the numbers are just not there.
    ToyGuru please read

    for me the best part of MOTUC is that we get characters like Gygor, demo-man, Fang-man, He-Ro and YES the Fighting Foe Men! sprinkling in some of the never before made characters is to me the best part, I know that the majority want to finish off the main A listers from MOTU, POP and NA but please don't give up on characters like Batros, Goat-man, Lord Masque, Evil seed etc.

    I love those characters too! But now that we only hit the bare min for 2013, we are going to concentrate on the vintage toy characters first for 2014 (and main Filmation characters) swinging back to these type of characters in time.
    Kamo Kobra Khan and other variants

    I wanted to know what will happen with Kamo Khan, now that he hasnt win the poll.
    Is he out of the question, or there is a possibility too.
    Also, what will happen with all the variants and figures that were planned til 2016, and now the idea is to go out on 2014 with a bang?
    Cause I really enjoy the line, and I dont want it to end.

    It just means he isn't coming in Fall 2013. It doesn't mean he is off the table forever (just like all the other candidates).
    Question about 2013/2014

    First off I'd like to thank all the fans for keeping the line going! YAY! I love this line and so excited to keep adding to my collection.

    My question is this: You said 2014 would be smaller, 6-12 figures. But, if we start getting the "A" list figures from ALL the lines and see a huge spike in interest again and the 2014 subs (which go on sale in 2013)get a huge bump, is it possible to keep the current sub structure? (12 monthly figs plus 4 quarterly and some out of sub items)

    Thank you for your time and long live Classics!!

    I hope so! At this point we don't know how big or small the 2014 line will be, but based on 2013 sales it will be hard to "grow" since although we hit the bare min, we were still over 50% lower then we were in 2012 overall. Now that we are at the bare min that will note the resources we get from management for 2014.

    BUT if we do have a 2014 we will do our best to chock it full of only vintage figs and main Filmation characters to maximize every slot.
    Fan's choice vote ending 8/8

    It looks like you've announced the winner but I still have the pdf of the vote information and double checked... According to it, people have until 11:59 tonight to vote.

    Is there some reason the poll was closed early?

    Congratulations! You purchased a Club Eterniaฎ subscription and now you get one vote for our 2013 Fan’s Choice figure! Here's how it works:
    Click the link below to access the voting page.
    Enter the Club Eternia Voting Code in the Order Information section of your confirmation email to begin.
    Read each figure’s description and campaign slogan to find out more about them.
    Vote for the figure you think we should make.
    Poll opens 7/13 at 1 p.m. PT and closes 8/8 at 11:59 p.m. PT (don’t wait to vote because once the poll closes, there won’t be another chance).
    Check back to find out which one will be released as a monthly subscription figure in fall 2013!
    Click here to cast your vote.

    The winner is Geldor.
    TG - Evergreen & "Reissued" Figures $22 or $27

    Once we hit 2013, will the "Evergreen" items and CS stock items continue to be sold at $22 or will they also go up to $27 ?

    In 2013 the Evergreen and reissues will go up to 27.00.
    Well done! (But don't forget your pledge!)

    Well done Scott - I think you have worked very hard in the last week to get this to go - I hope it will be a little while before you start getting earache again for not including this or that.

    But please don't forget your pledge to the fans - the rest of the major characters by the end of 2014... I think that pledge made many a sale, and it does look like the time has come to get everything in order before the line does come to it's right and natural end.

    Well done Scott - I hope you have some R&R time coming up!

    We won't be able to get to every figure by 2014, but we will ensure all figs we can do are vintage toys or main Filmation characters. While we did hit 130% or so of e BARE MIN that is still extra ely low so it is doubtful we will get enough skus in 2014 to completely finsih the vintage line. But it will be our focus.
    Toy Guru Please Help Regarding Sub Error Code

    Dear Toy Guru, I have been trying to order subs for the motuc line for the last 48 hours (before it closed) but kept getting this error code when trying to add to cart . Error 2151021077 is an invalid value for m. I am based in the UK but I doubt this should make a difference. I have contacted customer service but with no reply. Please can you help as I like many others am committed to keeping this great line going.

    Please help and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Just call customer service and they can help you out
    With fewer figures

    With fewer figures means less likely we get a complete collection this is not nogotiable just can you please just do 12 figures i want a complete... What if the subs the year after trump 2013 i mean would you consider pushing up the skus i just want to request im sure this is what the fans want... And the battle ram was already sculpted we saw the ram
    At the sdcc 2010 convention i mean i would buy the vehicle. Thank you fans for your support this year

    Our aim is to do a line that appeals to the most amount of fans. We can't custom make the line around your particular needs
    12 or more for 2014!

    So happy the 2013 sub made it!

    Please make at least 12 figures in 2014! With what happened this year, I am 100% confident we can rally everyone in an organized manner by the time SDCC hits. Vintage heavy sells better anyway, so I have no doubt fans and resellers will buy 2014! 12 or more in 2014! We have the power!

    That will be up to management. I don't know at this point how many slots we will have for 2014.

    I have seen a lot of Q&A:s about Pre Sale, but am curious about the restrictions, and why a more Kickstarter-like approach is off the table (if it is).

    For exampel a regular Pre Sale means the customer buys the actual product, but with more of a Kickstarter-approach I would also be able to give more money to make the product and instead perhaps get an exclusive poster, or my name on a list accompanying the vehicle/playset (fairly small production cost, but still valuable).

    Also, transparency regarding how much the vehicle/playset would cost (like in Kickstarter) could improve sales. At least I felt that this mentality was one of the factors behind the rush in sales of the 2013 sub.

    Anyhow, I'm sure this idea has passed your minds, I'm just curious to why this is not an option.

    A kickstarted program still requires. Ton of work including sculpting. It isn't off the table but not exactly our first choice to keep the line going
    Geldor bio -secret liquid of life

    Since you didn't know until today who would win the fan vote did you write bios for all of them ahead of time or were you waiting for the winner and now are going to do his?

    Since Geldor is now being added to the line here's a great opportunity to reward the fans and make up something that we are so angry about: use the secret liquid of life to resurrect the Sorceress!

    Weldor was actually always part of the ,aster plan, the sub vote just got him out sooner. We already have an approved bio for him.

    Is Ninjor the twin brother of Jitsu?

    Is there a relation to explain the vintage re-used head?

    Keep reading the bios!
    now that Illumina got Silver...

    now that Illumina got Silver in the fan vote, can Mattel stop calling Illumina fan's the VERY small but loud minority? lol

    You can call her anything you want!
    MOTUC commercial with German Language from the Original commercial?

    i would love to make a MOTUC commercial with the original soundtrack from original commercial. It will be funny version of the 80s one with adults in it. can i make it? or will i get post from the lawyer?

    I honestly don't know.
    Vehicles - Pre Sale

    Thank you for all of your hardwork on the line first and foremost! I cannot wait to see what 2013 has in store.

    I know you've stated future vehicle status are up in the air based on lower sub sales/WR sales etc but please give Pre-sales a shot.

    It seems to be working with Young Justice. Obviously it's yet another tool in your toolbelt to get us more great MOTUC product. If it doesn't reach the minimum the conversation on that particular vehicle goes no further.

    Please don't disregard this as a viable option - Give MOTUC fans the opportunity to meet another goal!

    Alas, a vehicle takes way more work and with WR sales being so low we just can't get the resources to do another, even as a presale.

    Wishing you and the crew a good night's rest. Happy to know my favorite toys will be around for another year. Thank you for all you do!

    Bring on Dare with Craven, Eldor, Oo-Lar, and He-Ro, Son of He-Man!

    Much Love!

    Thnaks for your support!
    new tooling Weapons pak in 2013?

    sorry, i was asking if this Weapons pak is a hit and sells out with it's new tooling, then would you consider doing Netossa's mask in a Weapons pak next year, then the "fin's" on the side of her head would look like they are coming out of the mask and not just stupidly floating in mid air by her head, and Strobo needs his gun

    all cool ideas,but nothing to announce now.
    Scott, We Need Battle Ram!!

    Such absolutely overjoyous news that 2013 is a go! Many, many fans stepped up and I couldn't be happier that things are moving forward. Now, I realize you've said that Wind Raider not selling as well as hoped has impacted future vehicles, but (as others have suggested) would it be possible to do, for instance, BATTLE RAM as a pre-sale, similar to how you're handling the Young Justice two-pack? Let the market determine the need ahead of time rather than increase risks by producing in anticipation of demand. I'm just saying, this could be the way to go for vehicles moving forward. What do you think?

    Doing a pre sale still takes a ton of design work (beyond sculpting) and with sales of the WR being so low, there is just no way we can get those resources. The Wr was the opportunity for fans to vote for more vehicles by buying a WR and it didn't happen.
    2013. the year of the new tooled figs..

    Since, somewhere, I read about 2013 being the year in wich there would be some new tooled figs like ram man...I just wanted to now, how many figs with new tooling are planned, or at least a hint..

    At least 2. Maybe more.
    What do u mean?

    What do you mean by the 2014 sub will be smaller can u clarify that for some that dont understand

    Fewer over all skus then we are doing in 2013. (i.e. it could be only 6 or 12 figures for the whole year)
    2014 question

    You have mentioned that 2014 will be smaller, and with lower than normal sales numbers, that is to be expected. But will we still have at least the 12 monthly figures? Cutting back quarterly extras is all well and good, but most of us have to have a monthly dose of our MOTUC drug to survive.

    Whether we can do 12 figures or just 6 remains to be seen. 2013 sold in higher then the bare min, but it was still dramatically lower then any other year which means 2014 will be much smaller.
    "New Program" Carification

    Does the "New Program" you mention for 2013 strictly involve 6 inch figures, or is it something else or beyond?

    That is a surprise for NYTF!
    Lets talk about 2014 shall we?

    Now that 2013 will be a reality and you are at this moment planing 2014 with the 4 horseman and the design team please make sure ALL the vintage figures, all the most requested filmation figures, ALL the most requested POP and NA will be done until the end of 2014 like you promissed ok?

    Rokkon, Stonedar, Extendar, Dragstor, Thung lashor, Laser Power He-man, Flying fists He-man, Laser light skeletor, Terror claws skeletor, guildor, saurod, you name it!!... (theres no MOTU character from the vintage line that's not an A lister for me and most of fans here so please make them a reallity!!)

    Lizard man, strong arm, batros, celice, plundor and so many others

    Glimmer, scorpia, Queen Angela, Madam Razz, Broom, Horde troopers, Entrapta, Double trouble...

    NA Adam, NA He-man, NA skeletor, etc... (not a fan of NA but there are many people that are...)

    How you'll be able to do so much stuff in 2 years??? Well... I don't care but I trust on you with that! You are Toyguru not me so figure it out!!

    After that you will still owe me a lot of characters like snake mekanek, snake armor he-man, ice armor he-man (really must have this one), snake teela, queen veena (common... you did king grayskull she is a must have), etc

    After all that we will still need all the other remaining figures, vehicles, playsets and dioramas...

    A friend of mine has for more than an year now this sentence on his msn profile... "Eternia will be mine..."Well we all want one complete eternia and etheria for ourselves dont we? Make us dream!! You did it once you'll do it again!!

    Thank you very much!!!

    Great suggestions! Time will tell.
    2014 Suggestion

    Congrats on the continuation of the line!

    There seems to be a feeling that the line is ending and that 2014 will a "wrap-up" year. I believe that the line can last a few more years with the following changes:

    Streamline the sub, with an emphasis on action figures with less or fewer beasts and multipacks. If beasts are in the sub, let them be the only item released in those months without all the expensive pile-ups. Avoid expensive three packs of obscure characters. I think if this had been the case for 2013, you would have had significantly higher subscriptions, even with the price increase.

    I can confirm that the FFM is and actually always was (even on the 2016 road map) the last 3 pack. It is just coincidence that we had a 3 pack in both 2012 and 2013.
    Moving to the 2014 sub

    TG and fellow moderators,

    I am overjoyed to hear that 2013 will go forward and hope for many years to come. I tried to remain fairly positive; however in the last three weeks all I read was that the dub may fail. Not how I wanted to see MOTU's 30th aniversary and still it seems tainted with despair. I for one hoped to see such things as a slime covered He-Man as seen in the mini comics, a Horde trooper Hordak with baby Adora, and my own guilty pleasure of a cub Panthor, much like we saw with Cringer and would be a great pack in for Illumina if you ever got there, not to mention my Keldor needs the cub he rescued to feel complete. (You have to admit, its a good idea.

    Anyways, seeing as how we know roughly that 2014 will try to round out the line with the major A listers and that Scorpia will be included in 2014, isn't there enough there, legally, to open up a 2014 sub earlier than SDCC '13 and still keep it open through SDCC for the reveals?

    2014 will definately be smaller then 2013 and 2012 since we only sold a little over the extreme bare min to do 2013.

    Also, we have not confirmed Scorpia for any year, just noted that we consider her a "must get to".
    MOTUC Vehicles Follow-Up

    Just to follow-up, so there's still a chance to get more vehicles in MOTUC? Depending on when the Windraider sells out?

    My pleasure helping promote MOTUC and DCIE. Thanks for all that you do and here's to a great 2013!

    We would love to do another full vehicle but with 2013 sales just a smidge over the BARE MINIMUM and the Windraider sales where they are, it makes it a lot harder to go to management and ask for these type of resoruces.

    We really needed the WR to perform better to justify more vehicles. We can only make toys if their is an audience to buy them.
    Ram Man Numbers

    Given the interest in Ram Man, and the extra tooling costs involved, will production numbers on him be significantly higher than usual? Will he follow the one off production model, or would he be a suitable eventual addition to the esssentials line? has he a unique or could I put a standard head on the body, like I can with Orko.

    And is Dree-Elle a possibility, or too much of a small fry?

    We will produce slighty more of him vs other 2013 figures due to the popularity but he will not be part of the evergreen items. Once he is gone that is it. No second runs on any 2012 or 2013 items. (we will sell off any remaining customer service stock, but no actual second production)
    Early access on the army builder?

    We've been told there's an army builder in 2012. Will subscribers be able to get extras via early access? If so, would it be a set percentage of day of sale stock or would it be the whole lot?

    while all other figures in 2013 will be low numbers, are these likely to be produced in higher numbers?

    An army of 2 horde troopers would look pretty lacking because of no stock on sale day...

    No, sub holders will not have early access to sub items, only non sub items and this army builder pack is part of the sub.
    Is POP part of the additional suprises in 2013?

    Scott, in the video you uploaded earlier today, you mentioned that there are some new programs for 2013. Is POP part of these too, or will it be just MOTU again?

    I think POP fans deserve at least a toy line variant subscription line (similar to the 30th anniversary sub line), since Classics was originally advertised with the goal of celebrating the toy versions. We also never got the toy versions of The Star Sisters.

    Please consider this.

    No, it is not.


    I want my PLUNDOR SCOTT!!!! You hear me!?

    Me too! I want to do him before Hasbro does Jinx. That is my personal goal. 80's rabbit warriors kick butt!
    Concept figures back on the table?

    With the large increase of subs,could there be room for a few concept characters?

    I and many other fans love them,and I can't wait to have my wind raider pilot.

    While we sold above the bare min to keep 2013 alive, the 135% of the bare min is still WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY smnaller then we had for 2012 or any other year.

    So knowing this, and knowing 2014 will be a smaller year (as far as number of skus) we will definately concentrate on just the vintage figs going forward to try and finish the line. It doesn't mean concept figs are off the table, but they will not take priority now that the line has peak out. Still going well, but we definately peaked in 2012.

    Now that the 2013 sub is going through, in the coming weeks/months when you lock down 2014, can you give us (in general terms) an idea of what it will look like (vintage only/vintage mainly/going back to original release plan/etc).

    thanks for all the work to get the 2013 line going.

    2014 will definately be smaller then 2013 (since even at 135% of the bare min quota we were still WAYYYYYYYY lower then 2012 or 2011). We had enough to save 2013, but not enough to keep expanding or even match 2014 to 2013 size. 2014 will be smaller then 2013 or 2012 but not gone.
    Illumina = 2014 travelling con exclusive?

    well..the title sez it all :-)

    We're always looking for ways of getting to her. Just because she didn't win the poll doesn't mean Illumina or any of the other candidates can't make it into the line one day. But Geldor did win when we cut off voting and sales at the same time we can streamline the announcements.
    future of the green guys who lost in fan choice voting?

    Does it mean we will see the green demon in a 2 pack with his purple buddy
    and will ol'Trappy accompany Tri-Klops in a mini comic 2 pack?

    None of the non winners are off the table. It just means Geldor is first.
    Cloak and Dagger Evil-Lyn as future Traveling Exclusive

    Since most fans seem to be satisfied with Battleground Evil-Lyn, how about considering making Cloak and Dagger Evil-Lyn a traveling exclusive sometime after Geldor comes out? That way, the fans who don't want "another Evil-Lyn" don't have to get her automatically as a subscription figure. The fans who want to make the ultimate 200X Evil-Lyn can go to conventions (or wait until the leftovers go up on Matty) to get her.

    Anything is possible. No plans right now.
    Songster for Traveling Exclusive?

    Well, everyone else was doing it....

    And same answer.
    Will you be coming out with another video

    What great news to hear that MOTUC will live. But we will see a video to confirm this and a sneak peak/close up look at another figure?

    I posted a video this morning!
    Great Rebellion Sticker Sheet

    What is the different sticker at the bottom left of the sticker sheet and who is it meant for? It's hard to see in the picture. Thanks and SO excited for 2013 and BEYOND!!

    Fans were asking for an explanation of the spade on Spector's chest so we added a "time agents" sticker to address this fan request for an explanation. So the sticker is for Spector if you want.
    Its time for Battle Ram and more, isnt it?

    Could you give us more than "just" the sub news.

    Can we get a Battle Ram in 2013?
    Preorder would be perfect.

    And Roton, Stridor and Nightstalker please.

    Oh i forgot, do you know how much the Caดstle Grayskull Statue cost at AFX and when it will be available?

    Lets sell more Windraiders before we consider a second vehicle. So far we still have plenty of WR stock.
    Any news?

    Is there any news already for us?
    I'm getting mad refreshing the site minute by minute

    Yup, we are golden!
    We did it!

    Thanks so much for the video update! I am glad to see we made it!

    As a reward for everyone's great effort, how about a hint at one of those awesome things that are now available?

    You certainly did! This was all the fans!

    Well done, Sir. Well. Done.

    Well done to the fans! You guys did it!
    How many figures in 2014?

    Huge thanks to Scott for his sincere efforts as brand manager for helping in a big way to keep us informed and support the best toy line ever.
    135% is huge!!!

    Moving forward, can you now give us some clarification about how many figures we can expect to see in 2014? You mentioned in an earlier video that Mattel would be scaling down and producing less figures. Could we now see as many figures as in previous years?

    Very excited for your decision to scrap the 2016 roadmap and packing in as many vintage figures as possible and making that the line's focus here on out, which is exactly what fans want!

    We don't know at this point. It will likely be fewer then 2013 but not none at all.
    Paying the subs in advance

    I'm an international fan, and I'd like to know if there is a way for me to pay the whole sub year upfront.
    This will be better for me, becasue of future regulations in my country and possible limits in my credit card.

    Is there a way, or can be something be arranged?

    No it needs to be month to month.
    Is this your office Scott?

    Short question Scott, is that your office, from where you do all those videos? What room is that?

    I have never thought it could not go on with MotuC. Because at the end the figures you do are very good and make even 30% of price increase forgotten.

    But you said also Scott, now you would have to go work.... one has got it with the whole video messages of the actors, this was a very good work Scott.

    No, my office is much smaller. That is my friend Lloyd's cube who is a director.
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    holy crap. where did they show off the sticker sheet?
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    Sounds like Illumina is still on the table, but Evil-Lyn got the cold-shoulder response.

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    So when they say vintage only in 2014 does that mean no Filmation or POP? Maybe Filmation/POP will get it's own sub, since POP figures are going with the Filmation style anyway?
    Most wanted Filmation style MOTUC figures:

    Hunga the Harpy, Webstor, Kobra Khan, Leech, Grizzlor, Mantenna, Rattlor, Catra Cat Form, Ram Man, Count Marzo, King Miro, Twiggets, Frosta, Kothos and Admiral Scurvy.

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    Hopefully they don't reduce 2014 TOO much. I still want at least one figure a month (12 figures for the year), the sub exclusive and some 2-packs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blackiecats View Post
    So when they say vintage only in 2014 does that mean no Filmation or POP? Maybe Filmation/POP will get it's own sub, since POP figures are going with the Filmation style anyway?
    They mean the characters who had 80's figures. The remaining 80's MOTU characters. The major POP and NA characters. I would think that Octavia and Scorpia are probably in that bunch somewhere between 2013 and 2014 since TG lumps POP Horde villainesses in POP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tallstar View Post
    Hopefully they don't reduce 2014 TOO much. I still want at least one figure a month (12 figures for the year), the sub exclusive and some 2-packs.
    Agreed. Figures are the priority now. Other ancillary items like vehicles, beasts, giants, weapons packs, figure stands, etc, are not of importance in my opinion. I would definitely support replacing "extra" slots in the subscription to two/multi packs that help finish the line.

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    New stuff is up! And more is coming....

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    Getting a Wind Raider this weekend. Sounds like they can hardly sell them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BCreviews4628 View Post
    Getting a Wind Raider this weekend. Sounds like they can hardly sell them.
    Seriously! OK guys, we HAVE to get that Battle Ram! How do we do it? Other than buying the entire remaining stock of Wind Raiders?
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    Okay, I'm done.

    Maybe vehicles aren't as important to adults as they are to kids?

    Do we have two or more 100% tooled figures?

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    2 or more 100% tooled figures > Battle Ram, Land Shark, even Point Dread. The figures I want take precedence for me now over the vehicles I wouldn't mind having.

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    If the 2013 subscription sold 35% more than the minimum they set to make the line-up profitable, I don't understand why they would potentially have to reduce 2014 to 6 figures?

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    Quote Originally Posted by zodak74 View Post
    2 or more 100% tooled figures > Battle Ram, Land Shark, even Point Dread. The figures I want take precedence for me now over the vehicles I wouldn't mind having.
    Ha, I'm the opposite. The Battle Ram is by far my top want in the line right now. Honestly, if someone told me I could have that or Ram Man, I would take The Battle Ram.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tallstar View Post
    If the 2013 subscription sold 35% more than the minimum they set to make the line-up profitable, I don't understand why they would potentially have to reduce 2014 to 6 figures?
    I don't get it either. Especially if 2014 is vintage/core character heavy, I think it would sell way better than 2013.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tallstar View Post
    If the 2013 subscription sold 35% more than the minimum they set to make the line-up profitable, I don't understand why they would potentially have to reduce 2014 to 6 figures?
    From teh way Scott sells it, 2013 was based on 2012's 200% buy-in. 2014 will be based on a 135% buy-in. There is logic there, whether it's accurate or not is up for debate.

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    Me too! I want to do him before Hasbro does Jinx. That is my personal goal. 80's rabbit warriors kick butt!
    Scott, I'm not a violent soul, but I will go Glenn Close on that rabbit if you don't make Shokoti and Scorpia first!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tallstar View Post
    If the 2013 subscription sold 35% more than the minimum they set to make the line-up profitable, I don't understand why they would potentially have to reduce 2014 to 6 figures?
    Probably covering themselves.

    I wouldn't be surprised if MOTUC has TWO goals just like DCUC had for this year. One would be the minimum for 6 figures. The other would be the minimum for 12 figures.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The All American View Post
    I don't get it either. Especially if 2014 is vintage/core character heavy, I think it would sell way better than 2013.
    I'm of the mind that 2014 will sell much better, too.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hoffman View Post
    From teh way Scott sells it, 2013 was based on 2012's 200% buy-in. 2014 will be based on a 135% buy-in. There is logic there, whether it's accurate or not is up for debate.
    Quote Originally Posted by MegaGearMax View Post
    Probably covering themselves.

    I wouldn't be surprised if MOTUC has TWO goals just like DCUC had for this year. One would be the minimum for 6 figures. The other would be the minimum for 12 figures.
    The thing is, I feel like we're getting a lot of conflicting statements. Wasn't Scott promising to complete most of vintage MOTU and the core POP and NA characters in 2014 'if we just hit the minimum?' While I realize 2014 funding is based on 2013 sales, at no point do I recall him saying that they had to sell a certain amount above the minimum to continue giving us a basic 12 figure subscription. To potentially reduce 2014 to 6 figures seems drastic. I get they have to get rid of SOME items, but something just isn't adding up here, imo.

    I also read somewhere that 2012 was a peak year. Wasn't 2011 the peak year?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tallstar View Post
    If the 2013 subscription sold 35% more than the minimum they set to make the line-up profitable, I don't understand why they would potentially have to reduce 2014 to 6 figures?
    My guess is that there's an entire year to go, with potential 'big names' yet to be released in 2013. Nothing that would be left could possibly sell the subs that Ram Man and Jitsu did at these prices. It's too expensive now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tallstar View Post
    Hopefully they don't reduce 2014 TOO much. I still want at least one figure a month (12 figures for the year), the sub exclusive and some 2-packs.
    Yeah I'm hoping for at least 12 monthly figures. anything else would be gravy!!

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    I'll be honest, I'd rather have figures than vehicles. BUT, I'd love to get a Battle Ram some day.

    And I sure hope Stridor/Night Stalker are still on the table as beasts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tallstar View Post
    If the 2013 subscription sold 35% more than the minimum they set to make the line-up profitable, I don't understand why they would potentially have to reduce 2014 to 6 figures?
    Very confused by that as well.
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    The only thing I can figure is making it a bit smaller to make it that much more attractive. But I can't see going to 6 figures or something. That'd totally stink.
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    What was that comment about Jinx and Plundor?

    Hasbro just did Jinx as their 2012 exclusive for SDCC. Is Scott unaware, or saying he didn't make his goal? Or is Plundor on the way? LOL I'm scratching my head on this one.

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