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Thread: Are you willing to sacrifice packaging for the good of the line?

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    Are you willing to sacrifice packaging for the good of the line?

    There has been talk of foregoing packaging on future MOTUC figures and bagging the figure to save money on the line's budget. Would you be okay with this change?

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    Heroic Warrior RichieRich's Avatar
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    Personally, I plan on opening everything eventually but I'd rather keep the packaging.

    I think Mattel went on record saying that the savings would be miniscule. I think at the numbers they're dealing with it might be 25 to 50 cents to package each figure (my guestimate).

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    2,279 long as I GET my figures... they could come in a baggy in box of packing peanuts for all I care...

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    No and it won't help, why are we spreading this misinformation. Sacrificing packaging won't improve figures and will **** off TONS of collectors. BAD IDEA.
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    It would be fine with me but we would use A LOT of MOC collectors, and I think that would be worse for the line.
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    The packaging will play no part in greatly reducing costs for these things, compared to the labor & materials for the toys themselves, cutting the cardboard will do nothing to save money in the long run. It certainly won't afford for more figures to be done, or give more paint, unless it's a tiny dot per figure more paint.

    And don't be fooled either DR will still charge the same amount for shipping, therefore you'd end up with a $25 figure, flopping around in a cardboard box (because you know DR, won't package them right), and MOSC collectors will revolt, part of the appeal of these figures is the consistent packaging across all these years. Cutting the packages will only appeal to loose collectors, period, and loose collectors only make up half the fan base +/-, and even those collectors that open them, but save the packages in case they wish to reclose them will be ticked. There are likely more that either save the packages or leave them sealed than there are loose, if not, it's half and half, and those in charge of MOTUC can't afford to tick any more people off.

    There are a lot of MISP / loose, but keep the packaging collectors, far more than many realize, just because they all don't post or say so, don't think the number is small.
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    Lord of the Patch baronterror's Avatar
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    yes, but certainly we all know that wouldnt save money. And I'd still want bio cards

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    All Era-Warrior Barnster's Avatar
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    I'm a lose collector so it wouldn't bother me, if they change the packaging but for those who collect MOC it would be just unfair.

    Keep the packaging as it is.
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    Snappy Threader
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    Yes but I collect loose only, so less packaging wouldn't bother me.

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    Heroic Warrior AdultCollector's Avatar
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    I've thought about this topic a while and have concluded, I'd support the idea of no packaging, as long as people are given a choice (packaging or no packaging) when they purchase their figures.

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    Heroic Warrior Donimo's Avatar
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    I'm willing to forego the white mailer box, but not the actual packaging and cardback.

    Unless, as a last resort we get the figure in a baggy with a cardback included. As long as we still get cardbacks, I can live with it.

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    Heroic Warrior Hemotoggy's Avatar
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    Keep the packaging just the way it is.
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    Awesome Warrior Alexx's Avatar
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    If it saved us money, then sure. I toss the packaging anyway, save for the bio card.

    And heck, you know what? It would probably fix a lot of QC errors if they weren't shoved in a package in an awkward pose and rubberbanded in with a weapon in thier hand. No possibility of bent weapons, no stretched hands from weapons being put in there in-package, and less posibility of paint sticking to other things because the the figure was posed in some such way.
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    Lightning League Leader kylun flac's Avatar
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    the packaging just gets recycled anyway I dont keep anything but the bio & name logo.
    the bio is the only thing i care about keeping.
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    Heroic synthalus's Avatar
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    In the end this comes down to loose vs mosc collectors. Most loose collectors won't mind losing the packaging as long as they get the figures (myself included). Without packaging the mosc collectors will massively quit collecting which would hurt the line a lot more than the money it saves on packaging. For this very reason we must keep the packaging as is because it saves the line more than we know.

    Losing the mailer box is a different story...
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    Heroic Warrior
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    1) Yes, I wouldn't personally care;

    2) They have said several times that the packaging isn't a large part of the cost, and wouldn't really reduce costs significantly;

    3) It would lead to lower sales as many buy MOC only or buy extras to keep MOC, without a "C", they would not do so;

    So it's a rather moot point all the way around.

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    Heroic Warrior He-Boy's Avatar
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    Regardless of the cost savings, I wish they would get rid of the hook tags on the back of the card.

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    Heroic Warrior MrRoboto's Avatar
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    No. Being a MOC collector, this isn't ideal ~ esp this far into the line. Besides, how much of a saving could they realistically make? Not much in my opinion.
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    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Arkangel's Avatar
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    Absolutely not! It's insulting just to think of it!

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    Heroic Warrior Sky Breaker's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arkangel View Post
    Absolutely not! It's insulting just to think of it!
    I'm with you. Mattel the biggest toy company in the world has to skip on packaging, artwork and presentation just to save a few bucks?
    That is the biggest load of crap I've read on here in a long time. I doubt it would reduce the price for the consumer.

    However, the environmental benefits are a nice thought. Maybe that's the line they could feed us.

    "In an motion to make our products more environmentally sound, and do our part to help future generations of children who will also enjoy our toys, all Mattel action figures will now be sold without packaging. This will reduce resource consumption by a whopping 33.3%! Mattel apologies to those who wish for our products to continue being sold in their packaged format, however we feel it is a necessary step to help solve the global issue of pollution that the toy industry has contributed to for the past four decades.

    Unfortunately due to the rising costs of materials, the reduction in packaging will not be reflected in the price points of our toys. We hope you will continue to purchase our products, so our shareholders can rake in gobs of money! Gobs and gobs of money!"
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    Heroic Warrior
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    Yep, no question.

    I'm not shelling out 40 bucks or so for Mattel's Masters of the Universe Classics Packaging, after all...

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