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Thread: Rank Orko's Importance

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    Rank Orko's Importance

    Next up is a little guy you either love or hate, Orko!

    This is a multiple choice poll with 2 categories to vote in. The first category is whether or not you would buy a variant of this character. The second category is the overall importance you feel this character brings to the franchise.

    Variant worthy?

    Variant Worthy: This is a character that you believe is variant worthy. You're willing to purchase different variants of this character even if your favorite version is the first one released. Matty can certainly put them in MOTUC's quarterly variant slot for you.

    Not Variant Worthy: You don't feel this character needs any variants whatsoever. You only hope that when they make this character that they get them right the first time around. You do not want to be taken for the ass.


    A-List: Integral to the story and the franchise. MOTU isn't MOTU without them. This is a core character that is extremely important to you. If Mattel doesn't make them, someone will have some serious explaining to do!

    B-List: They might not be integral to the story in your eyes but this is an excellent supportive character that helps to round out the story, franchise and your collection.

    C-List: You feel this is a good guest star type of character. You don't expect to see them hanging around the supportive crew all the time but you still want to see them show up to lend a helping hand now and then.

    D-List: Fills the role of background character and cameo maker for you. You acknowledge their existence but in a very limited way. This is an "okay" character.

    Z-List: You'd rather forget about this character entirely. Should they never be mentioned again in MOTU-lore, you would be quite happy. This character would kill teh lien for you.
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    A List. Not variant worthy.

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    Orko is definitely an A-lister since the Filmation days. But not variant worthy. Orko is great comic relief and would come to save the day. As long as he doesn't hog the spotlight too much.

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    oh yeah, he's a list for me. But so few are variant worthy, and he is not one.

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    I think I'd like to see a Battleground Orko with magical armour and magical weapons.

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    Z-List...I'd be fine without Orko ever being in MOTU. However, I wouldn't mind a Zombie Orko variant.
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    I'd say A list. I don't think he needs another release, but I would like to see Dree Elle and Uncle Montork make the line.

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    A list. Here's why: Orko survives going through another dimention and what's the first thing he does when he gets to Eternia? He saves Adam and Cringer in the Tar Swamp. If it wasn't for him saving those two, Adam and Cringer wouldn't become He-man and Battlecat and Skeletor would have taken over Eternia. So in a way, it's thanks to Orko we have He-man.

    Plus these reasons:
    1. He's adorable
    2. The guy hides his face, which makes him mysterious
    3. I think he's funny (the Filmation version, not the MYP version)
    4. He has an Uncle...and a girlfriend (how many comic relief characters have a girlfriend?)
    5. He has magic powers (not all of his magic screws up)
    6. He doesn't say his name after every sentence (like a certain Thundercats character)

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    A list for sure. SOme don't like him, but he was a very important piece to the FIlmation cartoon. Variant, well, I'm not sure. I would love to see a 200x type variant, but I figure if they go that route, they would do Oracle first.

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    A list! He is the master of the universe
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    Very important. Not necessary but is a well recognized character that appeared in about every He-Man ep
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    I really want to get a MOTUC variant of Trap and Smash Orko from 200X.

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    I don't know... I don't hate him, but I also wouldn't mind if he disappeared forever. He's important to the Filmation mythos, but that's not the only MOTU. As an adult, I really don't care for the Filmation additions to the story. As a kid, I loved it.

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    B-List and Not Variant Worthy. One Orko is enough for me.

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    As a Filmation fan above all else, Orko is an essential character to me, but I don't need a variant.
    I think they should use the body for more characters though: Uncle Montorg, Dree-Elle, Yuckers.... soooo many Trollans!

    I think there's a definite 'inverted snobbery' when it comes to Filmation. A lot of people seem to almost trip over themselves in their rush to declare that they were "fans of MOTU before Filmation came along"... Well, maybe you were, but do you honestly think MOTU would have endured for as long as it did with just the toys and mini-comics? Filmation made MOTU the phenomenon it is now, and that can never be understated. It's 'original' characters like Orko that contributed enormously to that success.
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    A list, No variant.

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    A-List. Heck, A-Team!

    No variants, but I do want more Trollans: Dree-Elle, Montork, Yukkers, The Oracle...
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    A List, and technically, has a variant....The SDCC version, which I have, but honestly would prefer the original colored one.

    But other than that, Orko doesn't need a variant, at least I can't think of a reason for him to have one, aside from the color change "Oh my God Orko disappeared" version we already have....
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    Quote Originally Posted by redsquadron View Post
    I think there's a definite 'inverted snobbery' when it comes to Filmation. A lot of people seem to almost trip over themselves in their rush to declare that they were "fans of MOTU before Filmation came along"... Well, maybe you were, but do you honestly think MOTU would have endured for as long as it did with just the toys and mini-comics? Filmation made MOTU the phenomenon it is now, and that can never be understated. It's 'original' characters like Orko that contributed enormously to that success.
    That's not "inverted snobbery". It's the response to the stereotypical Filmation snobbery that would suggest that nothing else matters to MOTU but Lou's cartoon. Some fans seem to forget that MOTU was doing well before Filmation came along or that there are other eras of MOTU that influence this line. Lou Schiemer for MOTU is like Michael Bay for Transformers, both guys made already successful brands even more popular.

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    No variant, Z-lister!

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    A list and he already gas a variant..

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    He's about as vital to the franchise as He-Man.

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    To me, Orko is Z-list. I'm a Gwildor fan!
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    A list of course.

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