I recently updated this project, moving it from the Sideshow "Prometheus" body to a new Hot Toys clone body, along with a duplicate for Old Snake. I needed 2 bodies to make sure their height and proportions matched, and both were cheap bodies. CC has the old 1992 uniform with 2008 Hasbro 25th CC boots and Sideshow pouches. Old Snake has the same Hasbro uniform on, with a Wild Toyz trench coat. I decided against adding the red details to the coat as I don't really stick to cartoon canon anyway. I'll be content to remain with the "he was a used car salesman who felt the world had done him wrong" Larry Hama version.

I then enhanced each one with a spandex body suit on underneath, which not only serves for extra padding under the baggy Hasbro clothing, but hides the wrists and neck.

Cobra Commander's jacket has short sleeves, not being made for modern 12" bodies. I compensated by using a spare set of sleeves on underneath to extend their length a bit.

Old Snake's head is a Hasbro head, with paint touched up and the hair painted the proper brown. That is a Barbie hat he's wearing.

One of my sellers improperly packed the body in a cheap paper envelope(unlike the other seller who used a cardboard box), and the neck peg cracked. I was able to glue it, but it's probably not durable enough to withstand a normal neck connector. And with this head beign solid rubber anyway, I just retro-fitted a Hasbro neck base to fit onto the post. It's not as articulated but was easier to do.

My next step will be an alternate head for CC, based on his unmasked Marvel appearances.