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Thread: MOTU 2D adventure game project

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    MOTU 2D adventure game project


    About a year ago Iíve started working on small test-level that I was planning to expend into a 2D adventure game based on Filmation series. Unfortunately I found myself lacking time to do this task & the whole development just ended after a few weeks.
    Seven days ago I was looking at my prototype again & decided that I shouldnít give up on it just because I canít finish all the work by myself. So if anyone is interested in developing this game with me and willing to participate & help in any way, please let me know.

    The things that I could find time for are:
    A. Programing
    B. 2D animation work (40-50%)

    The things that need developers are:
    A. Story
    B. Gameplay
    C. Background art
    D. 2D animation work (50-60%)

    Every person participating in this project will, naturally, be credited for his work & every step of the development will be publicly documented here, in the forum.
    So if you are interested please download the test-level that I uploaded on my SkyDrive in order to see preliminary game mechanics:!150

    Have fun,
    Pavle Nikolić

    ..forgot to add some screenshots:

    shot_0.jpg shot_3.jpg shot_8.jpg shot_16.jpg shot_18.jpg
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    This looks like awesomeness, you can use my storyboards or even my MastersQuest as idea material.

    ..unless this is just about He-Man and theres no She-Ra, then I cant help.

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