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Thread: How Good The Matty Essentials/All Round The Year Battle Cats & Panthors Are ?

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    How Good The Matty Essentials/All Round The Year Battle Cats & Panthors Are ?

    I remember the 1st release Battle Cats had sloppy, loose neck syndrome (at least mine had that) & most of the time, his head faced the ground & he looked like a sore looser ! Then came the 2nd release, which had a better, tight neck joint.

    Now, Does the “Matty Essentials/All Year Round” Battle Cats have the same tight neck articulation as 2nd release OR he “time travelled” back to his sore looser position ?

    Similarly, I guess the 1st release of Panthors had a sloppy paint job on tooth section. All 3 of my Panthors had that same problem. So how about the current ones ???
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    Well, I just received a Non Mailer wearing 1st edition Hordak....But I was waiting on him for a custom, so I had to open him....what are the chances I will get another one later if I ordered another one?

    SO I guess it depends, apparently you can get a re-issue or an old stock first edition when you order.
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