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I prefer Netossa the way she is now to the busy looking toy design. Also I hope we get a spear or sword in a future weapons pack.

The below answer troubles me:

Yes. Right now there will be at least two more fully tool'd figures. At least that is the plan today. That could change but we hope it does not.

I thought once a full year was locked down it was difficult to change or swap things around? I hope a fully tooled character isn't axed next year - that goes for deco changes and weapons too. We've all bought subs thinking we'll get the same quality/decco/weapons numbers as previous year - this with a price hike.
Another reason he doesn't just come out with the full year's line-up. If the subscription wasd under the 100% needed to go thru possbly cutting these fully tool'd figures would have gotten the line through by the cost savings, or the fact that the sub was 65% less than last year? Or could come to some legal reason, sculpting issue, design flaw, or many other reasons?

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Im glad they do. The 80s pop toys r horrible.
I'm with you, I've enjoyed the Four Horsemen's decisions when it comes to POP, well I can't exactly say that about the Star Sisters but that has more to do with them just being the "Star Sisters" in general.

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I also am perplexed as to why Captain Nazi shouldn't be made. The Nazi's existed and still do. They are in comics, movies and even Disney properties. The guy wears green and looks very goofy IMO so he wouldn't be taken seriously. As an online exclusive it would be fine I think. Heck the Empire were Nazi's basically. In no way would hia production support the evil things Nazi's did and I personally don't agree that we should pretend they didn't exist. If anything I feel that acknowledging them shows more positivity because it keeps us aware of their defeat and how we overcame the darkest evil the world ever knew. I hope I didn't offend anyone but that time period really sticks out in my mind as a truly amazing example of how people can truly do great things.

Anyway back to MOTUC. I really hope Scott doesn't try and tell us they changed the lineup for '13 after saying it was locked in and can't be adjusted. Like zodak74 said, that move would affect the 2014 sub sales. And Mattel would blame the sales drop on the price not lack of faith in them as a company. Things keep getting convoluted I would rather just hear things when we absolutely need to.
Because Mattel is a corporation and making a figure of a Nazi and then selling it to make money would look bad politically, people get so offended so easily in this day and age. This could cause protests from groups that are just not worth the trouble of selling this type of toy.