View Poll Results: What influences do you want to see in future PoP/TGR figures?

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  • 100% Filmation!

    7 6.54%
  • Filmation-based with toy touches (like Catra and her extra Toy-inspired accessories)

    70 65.42%
  • Primarily based on the vintage toys

    15 14.02%
  • I don't care - as long as they come, I am happy with whatever artistic designs the 4H make

    15 14.02%
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Thread: 2013 Pulse: With the PoP/TGR we have coming, which influences do you prefer?

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    Combo, but majorly Filmation, and I wish they had the Filmation rights from the beginning for the MOTU clan, would have been very interesting once the line was kicked off in full swing to see what could have been.

    I always liked the Filmation MAA much better than the Vintage or the MOTUC version, same with Hordak, and I would have loved an extra Filmation Skeletor head to come with a Skeletor Variant or even have come with Keldor, as well as the FIlmation Mer-Man head.
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    Anything except the vintage figures.

    I want spandex. Lots of colorful spandex.

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    I prefer Filmation-based with toy touches MotUC PoP figure style!

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