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Thread: Commemorative Reissues MOC / MIB for Sale!

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    Commemorative Reissues MOC / MIB for Sale!

    Hey Everyone

    I have amassed a pretty large toy collection and I'd like to down size. I will be updating and adding more as I go through my collection. 90% of the toys here are in mint condition as are the boxes cards and bubbles. I only collected perfectly mint toys and spent a lot of time and effort to track down the best of the best condition toys I could. The prices are negotiable as I have been out of the toy collecting loop and not sure how the values currently sway. If you have any questions send me a message at I will check back regularly. The prices are listed below the pictures and I have everything thats pictured. I can ONLY ship within the United states, and I can ONLY take POSTAL MONEY ORDERS, NO PAY PAL or credit cards. Thanks for your interest and I apologize for the Capitals but sometimes it gets overlooked

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    sent you a facebook message.

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    got anything left.
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