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Let the man work, people!!! Fro my experience (with the mystery accessory) as soon as he gets to your order, he and his company are on top of it! I must've got an email everyday updating my status now; if that's not customer service, then I do not know what is! Bite the hand that feeds you and pray your hand knows how to make your own food from there on....
Its OK I did tell people to let me know so as long as they just let me know everything will keep running smooth

I had to redo a bunch of invoices because the peoples email addresses they used for the store were not the same as their paypal so they never got the invoice. I went back this morning and started editing unpaid invoices using the proper paypal email (from my records) and that seems to have gotten the process going!

I should all be worked out by Wednesday at the latest I think. A bunch of ToD's are going to the USPS tomorrow so people should start receiving them by Friday I think!