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Thread: How should the layout be for the possible MOTUC C-A-C Contest submissions book?

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    How should the layout be for the possible MOTUC C-A-C Contest submissions book?

    I have been thinking about when (and if) Mattel puts out a book containing the entries for the 2011 MOTUC Create-A-Character Contest what order the entries will be displayed. Some key ways to divide them up are month, faction, state, type, creator, character & number order.

    Number order – as the entries came in they were numbered. With over 1300 entries this would make it difficult to find specific ones unless there was a massive index.

    Month – would be interesting to see what months had more/less submissions, but would be based upon when Mattel received them (if they even kept track of this) and it would be difficult for fans to find their submissions unless they kept track of this (we had 3-Aug, 5-Sep, 5-Oct, 7-Nov, 5-Dec & 1-Jan confirmed/expected deliveries)

    Faction – great way to organize and spread out entrant submissions throughout the book (we had 4-Evil Horde, 4-Evil Warriors, 7-Heroic Masters, 3-Preternia, 1-Snake Man & 8-no affiliation)

    State – would be interesting to see which state had the most/least submissions, but may be a legal issue since Mattel may not be able to reveal where contestants live.

    Type – i.e. minotaurs, dinosaurs, cyborgs, etc. May get repetitive or boring while flipping through hundreds of minotaur submissions, characters may fit more than one category (we had multiple cyborg combos)

    Creator – easy to find submission, by last name

    Character – easy to find submission, can split up sections by letter. Unnamed entries can be listed either under “U” for “unnamed”, but I would rather list them at the end under their own “unnamed” section.

    Also, I would like to see both the original submission and an artist’s rendering for each entry. (I would even like to replace some of my originals since I have redone several, but that is truly a pipe dream….) Finally, I think that the winner and the runners-up (including the disqualified) should either be listed 1st in the book or within the section that it would normally fall with notation indicating that it was either the winner, a runner-up, or a disqualified runner-up. I would prefer the later choice, but either would be fine.

    I came up with a dozen different ways to lay out the book (or books, with 1300+ entries it may take more than 1 volume):
    Number Order
    Month> Creator>Character

    I think that the Faction>Character option would be best for splitting up the book and making it so creators can have their ideas spread throughout the book rather than focused in one area.

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