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Thread: The Roast Gooble Dinner Drinking Game!

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    The Roast Gooble Dinner Drinking Game!

    Taking a suggestion and giving this it's own thread

    In honor of the upcoming 100th RGD, let's have some fun and create the Roast Gooble Dinner Drinking Game! The perfect way to get through that extra long boring day at work Use your beverage of choice be it fruit punch or perhaps something a bit stronger

    My apologies to folks who posted in the RGD #98 thread but you'll have to repost here

    Ok so here goes:

    Anytime Eamon says "flippin"

    Whenever Kit Kat makes a guest appearance

    Whenever Danielle uses her Penny Dreadful voice (recently hunted down a few Penny dreadful clips on youtube, they are awesome )

    Anytime Pixel Dan talks about going on a bender

    Whenever "Arnold" shows up

    Whenever anyone says "I work out"

    Whenever Val has to remind everyone that it is a He-man podcast (don't get me wrong I LOVE all of the discussions that take place)

    Whenever Eamon goes to Despondos.

    Whenever Scott goes to Despondos: Take 2 drinks!

    *Update* I'll try and edit and add suggestions people make, with credit after the suggestion

    Someone assumes an accent that is not their own (Teacher of Madness)

    Whenever the Irishman says "Filla-mation" (RockinHard)

    How about anytime someone says "right,right!" (CrashWatchman)

    What are some other good ones? Post em here!
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