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Thread: Castle Grayskull Trianglular Weapons Rack

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    Castle Grayskull Trianglular Weapons Rack

    Despite all the pains Mattel went through with the new Castle Grayskull to make it hew as close to the original, I was surprised that they left out the triangular rack of weapons.
    The rest of the cardboard pieces had been rendered in 3D this time around except that one, despite including close facsimiles to the weapons on that piece. With the declaration that there would be no more Weapons Paks, decreasing the likelihood of getting it separately, I decided to take matters into my own hands and make one for myself.

    This was done 100% with Sculpy III aside from the pegs, which are toothpicks. I wanted it to match the existing Weapons Rack as much as possible, so I busted out one of my spares to try to copy the wood sculpt as much as possible.

    I started with three posts, all slightly over six inches long. I didn’t want anything to be uniform, so as long as they were at least six inches it was all good. If you look at the original cardboard piece, the posts taper up, starting thick at the bottom and getting thinner up top, so I made sure to replicate that.

    Next, I created a 0.5”x0.5” beam that was 4 inches long. This was a pretty straightforward part.

    Then came the sculpting. I got almost all the way through sculpting the wood grain before I realized that it would be infinitely simpler to just roll the posts on the Weapons Rack and press the Rack into the beam. The results are just as good as sculpting them yourself and it takes waaaaaay less time.

    Once I had them baked and cooled, I used an Xacto knife and whittled the ends of the two front posts into points that looked like Man-At-Arms hacked them with an axe or something like that. I figured out the angle that the front posts would fit together, then I used a Dremel to cut notches in the top where they cross so they would fit snug and wouldn’t push one dramatically farther out than the other. I figured out the angle I wanted it to sit at (if you choose to do one of your own, this is entirely up to personal preference until gravity takes over) and cut the back post down accordingly, creating a notch at the top that could fit snug against the front posts. I got that all hot glued together and let it cool.

    The beam came next. I didn’t want it angled back like the posts, so I had to cut angular notches in them toward the bottom. I was then able to glue the beam into place and let that cool down.

    2013-12-29 09.59.49.jpg

    Now that everything was in place I rolled out some long thin ropes of Sculpy and wrapped it around according to the illustration on the original piece. This was also handy to cover up the fact that I’d gotten a little Dremel crazy with some of the notches and maybe overdid it a little in some spots. Once the ropes were all in place, I used a heat gun to bake the Sculpey. This is a good time to mention why I opted for hot glue. Super glue tends to fume, even when cured for hours, when heated up to that level. The hot glue would just remelt and even fill in some of the larger gaps that needed to be filled (it tends to be too thick to run out of small gaps before it cools) while helping bake the Sculpy from the inside as well, ensuring that the Sculpey is hardened all the way through.

    Once it was cooled back down I started fitting the weapons, noting where pegs would have to be placed to hold them up. I started with the shield, then the axe, mace, rifle and each pistol. I cut off the tip off of toothpicks, drilled holes where I marked, and glued the pegs in place (super glue was fine at this point since I was wasn’t going to heat it up again). I would glue the pegs in for each weapon as I went along so I could see each one in place when I started the next and prevent any accidental overlap.

    Once all the pegs were in place, I started painting. I used all Testors Acrylic on this, starting with a base coat of Flat Black, then a heavy drybrushing of Rust, then a light dry brushing of Sand for the wood except the carved tips, which was a heavy drybrushing of Dark Flesh Tone. The ropes were Tan and the pegs were Silver.

    2013-12-29 09.59.21.jpg2013-12-29 11.32.13.jpg

    It was actually a reasonably quick project that only took a couple of hours overall. I’m very pleased with how it turned out.

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    Very nice idea....Thanks for sharing....
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    VERY nice and SMART!
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    I just saw this. Great job. Would you think about mass-producing and selling them? I do think that Mattel did have a plan to include this since all the weapons came with the castle, but dropped it to save costs. I'd rather have that rack than the stupid jetpack, though.
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