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Thread: Journey to the Unknown Planet

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    Journey to the Unknown Planet

    Journey to the Unknown Planet

    Part 1 - “The Building of the Machine”

    What I am about to tell you may sound fantastical and unbelievable but please I beseech you to look into my eyes and see that what I am about to tell you is the truth.

    It all began one summers day just last year. I had awoken from a midday nap with a start. No, it was not that I had been unfortunate enough to endure some terrible loathsome nightmare. Instead my mind had been bombarded with images of strange machines and mathematical formulas that seemed to suggest the possibility of travel over vast spaces and perhaps even through time itself. What was strangest of all was that when I awoke I could remember it all in the minutest detail and what was more, I was sure that it could actually work.

    You may recall that for several months I locked myself in my laboratory situated in the basement of my house and I must apologise that I had very little time for you or anyone else during that time. But you must understand, the more I worked on my dream machine the more sure I was that it would indeed work. So I pressed ever onwards meticulously recreating every small bit of the device that I had first dreamt up all those weeks ago.

    Oh how I wish to God that I had forgotten that dream upon waking or at least had not been struck with a feverish desire to build that heinous contraption in all its entirety. If I had any idea what would befall me upon starting up this machine I would have destroyed it there and then and burned all the papers that held the various blueprints and numbers that I was working from.

    But alas I did not and could not know and so I continued building.

    Eventually all that remained for my great invention to be complete was a small piece of apparatus that required to be specially made and which I had to send plans for to a colleague in far off Munich in order to have it crafted by him. For three weeks, perhaps even more, I sat staring at my machine, so close to completion and yet totally useless without this one wretched piece of machinery that time seemed to be in no rush to bring to my door.

    Then one day I had just made myself comfortable in a large armchair that I had dragged down into my basement laboratory when I heard a loud knocking upon my front door. A flurry of footsteps heralded to me that my faithful housemaid and friend, a one Mrs Mullberry, was on her way to see who was outside. I gave a silent prayer, asking God or Gods that it be the device I had waited so long for. However I felt it was more likely that if it was indeed the postman he would probably be bringing me the latest instalments of the various scientific and artistic magazines that I was subscribed to.

    I was just looking over one the designs of the machine, making sure that everything was in its proper place, when the door to my laboratory suddenly swung open and Mrs Mullberry rapidly entered.

    “There is a parcel for you sir.” she said in that soft toned voice of hers. “But I am afraid you have to sign for it.”

    This instantly perked my interest as I never had to sign for my periodicals and the only parcel that I was expecting was the very one that I was waiting so impatiently for. Immediately I jumped to my feet and followed Mrs Mullberry to the front door. The Postman smiled politely as he handed me a clipboard with a sheet of paper on it and a single pen.

    He highlighted the area I was to place my signature which I did so fast that it was less of a signature and more of a wild scribble, but that didn't seem to mind to the man as he handed me the small brown parcel. Small, but big enough to encase the item I was so desperately waiting for. With a thanks I handed the man a ten pound note as a tip, the look on his face revealing that I was more than likely the only person to ever do such a thing, before returning back to the sanctity of my laboratory to open the parcel that I hoped contained the last piece of the puzzle.

    Carefully I used a scalpel to cut the tape holding the box shut. Peering inside all I could see was a mass of crumpled up brown paper, obviously used as packing material, which I quickly but gently pushed to one side.

    There it was.

    You could call it the heart of the machine. It was the device that turned the metal sculpture behind me into the future of travel.

    I took it carefully over to the machine.

    It was a fit. A perfect fit.

    Almost giddy with excitement I switched the machine on. Lights flickered and danced, gears moved and the engine hummed, it hummed beautifully. To my ears it was like listening to the song of a Nightingale. Oh how I wanted to test it out there and then, so long had I waited. But no, there was still a few things to be done before I could do any real tests with it, I had to make sure that what went through on this side came out, whole, on the other.

    Oh so you want to know how such a device could transport people if there is only one in existence. No there is no need for a second device and I feel that the exact workings of my little project are really too hard to explain unless you had a few weeks spare to listen to me go over every minute detail. Suffice to say that if my calculations were correct that my device was fully capable of sending anyone or anything to any point in space or time entire of my choosing. The return journey was just as easy. You see I had also created a harness that the traveller would wear that was tuned to the transport device. When activated it would break the wearer down into sub atomic particles and transport him or her back across the vast gulfs of space and time, back to the starting point of the journey, the machine that I had just now finished creating.

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    Interesting. It's very 19th century adventure. Which is what you were going for, obviously. Eagerly waiting the next installment.

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    Part 2 - “ The Machine is Tested”

    Selecting as the first test subject for, what I decided to term, my Matter Transport Device, I chose a simple apple. Naturally such an object was far too small to wear the accompanying belt but I felt that it really did not matter in this case as I planned only to send it from one side of the room to the other.

    With great care I calculated the exact longitude and latitude and elevation of my chosen destination, set the time dial to the present date and placed the apple into the centre of the machine. I took a deep breath and held it while I flipped the switch to activate the machine.

    At first nothing happened. The machine appeared to be dead and the apple remained perfectly where it was. If it had been alive I would swear that it would have been mocking me for putting all my faith in something I had seen in a dream. I was about to put the switch back to the off position when...

    There was a brilliant flash of blue light and the apple was gone. Eureka I had done it, I had successfully transported an object from one point in space to another. No wait. I had not yet checked that it had arrived where it was meant to. For a brief moment I considered the worst, that perhaps my device had simply atomized the apple and there was simply nothing left.

    Slowly I turned.

    To my amazement and utter joy there it was. The apple sat as plain as day on a desk on the far side of the room. There was no mistaken that this was indeed the apple that I had placed not a few moments ago in the machine because it was the only apple I had brought down into my laboratory with me.

    I ran over to the blessed fruit, picking it up in shaking hands and checking the surface for any signs of defects. I could see none. Still there was more to check. Grabbing a knife, whic I usually used to open letters, I cut myself a slice of the apple. It still looked perfect. Now came the final test. One bite of the apple and all was revealed. The test had went perfectly. The apple was still fresh and very much delicious

    Now that I had determined that the Matter Transport Device was indeed capable of what it was intended to do I still had the belt to check. The machine would be of little use if the person using it found themselves stuck at their destination with no chance of returning home.

    But what could I test this time. Despite the successful test with the apple I was still apprehensive about sending myself through. Then I recalled an old Tailor's Dummy that was stored in a cupboard in my bedroom.

    Rushing upstairs I quickly found the aforementioned object. It was about my height and build which meant the belt would be a perfect fit upon it and also it would allow me to test the device was capable of transporting human sized objects. Why do I own a Tailor's Dummy? The truth is I found it in that cupboard upon buying my house from its previous owner and just never got around to having it removed despite having no use for it, at least until now.

    I grabbed the dummy by the waist and heaved. By the gods it was heavier than it looked. Still that didn't deter me. I simply tilted it onto it's side and began to slowly drag it back down to my laboratory.

    With some degree of difficulty, plus a few knocked over vases which I am sorry to say I left for Mrs Mullberry to tidy up, I finally managed to get the dummy down into my lab and into the device. I securely fastened the belt around it's waist and ensured that the belt was also turned on. A green light on the top next to the return button indicated that it was and that it's power supply was still fully charged.

    I opted to leave the intended destination pretty much as I had set it for the apple test. I merely made a slight alteration so that the dummy would reappear in front of the desk instead of on it. I did not see the need to risk having the weight of the dummy cause the old desk to break beneath it.

    Again I flipped the switch to activate the machine. This time it happened much faster than with the apple. Blue light once more filled the room and the dummy was gone.

    Almost delirious with excitement I turned to face the dummy which was staring back at me. Part one of the second test had went as perfectly as the apple test.

    Now came part two.

    I approached the dummy and pressed the return button on the front of the belt. The same blue light began to spread from the small mechanism that was situated where the buckle of an ordinary belt would be. It covered the dummy in what could only be described as a glowing field or bubble and then, with a small pop, the dummy was gone.

    I was pleased to see that the dummy had returned fully intact to the inside of the Matter Transport Device.

    Now my fear of being broken down into the individual particles that make me a whole person was replaced by the sheer excitement of trying the device out for myself. So I dragged the dummy out of the device, placing it several feet away. Removing the belt I quickly secured it to my person and entered the machine. Once again I chose to leave the destination where I had previously set it. I saw no need to tempt fate further by trying for somewhere situated further away.

    Reaching round to the on switch that was placed just to the left of the door I quickly flipped it up to the on position before quickly pulling my hand back inside. I knew there was a slight delay from the machine being turned on and it transporting the object inside but I still wanted to make sure that when I did get transported my hand would come with me and not remain on the outside of the machine.

    For but a few seconds I saw that familiar blue light engulf my entire body and then there was nothing but blackness.

    I guess the shock of travelling in such away was too much for my body to take and I am afraid it rendered me unconscious. For how long I cannot say, perhaps it was merely moments or perhaps it had been hourse. Still I eventually awoke and carefully rose to my feet. My vision was blurry as my eyes began to get accustomed to the sunlight.

    “Wait” I had thought “Sunlight?” by all rights I should still be in my laboratory in my basement where the only light was from the bulbs in the ceiling. Perhaps there had been a hiccup in the machine and it had deposited me into my garden. Yes that had to be it.

    But no. When my eyesight fully returned a few moments later I could see that I was not in my garden at all. I was standing on a vast field of grass, purple grass, that stretched as far as I could see. Far into the distance I imagined I could see large purple mountains shaped in formations that I had never seen before in all my travels or in any of the books and magazines I read so voraciously.

    Where on Earth had my machine sent me? Then I happened to glance up and I understood.

    Twin moons.

    Wherever I was it was not on Earth.

    That was when I glanced down and saw what frightened me the most. The belt, my lifeline that had the power to return me to the safety of my home, it was gone.

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    Very interesting, Wolf. The first person storytelling and the curious scientist/adventurer aspect do remind me some of Lovecraft's short stories. The language seems similar too.
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