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Thread: Horde Troopers-How many would you buy?

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    Horde Troopers-How many would you buy?

    Ho many Horde Troopers would you buy?

    I would buy as many as I can afford...

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    I only have so much display space. This may change if the helmats are removable and you could make Horde armour He-man and others. I'd love to make a "secret of the sword" type display...
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    I'm supprised to see how many big spenders there are here.

    At most I'd want 4, but will be happy with one or two.

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    I want at least 6, I want the Horde to be the biggest threat on my Eternian Toyshelf
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    1-4. A basic two-pack would do me fine.

    I like an example of every release in my collection, but don't have the space, nor finances, to build buge armys!
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    I'd like to get 10.

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    I'm thinking I'll get at least six. It all depends on how they come; maybe more if there's cool extra stuff happening!
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    Lightning League Leader kylun flac's Avatar
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    i plan on having 10.

    would like 10 snake men when they every come out.

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    Heroic Warrior The Horrorist's Avatar
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    Probably around 6, I don't want to overdo it.

    I don't get that Mattel hasn't made them yet. This 2-pack could be a cash cow. Maybe they save him for january 2013. To get more subscription. Personally I think this figure will be the highest seller in the whole line.

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    just 2 for me.

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    Earth Intruder Hordaiquiri's Avatar
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    Jul 2009
    I'd say I'd probably pick up between 8-12, so I went with the 9-12 option.
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    I want at least 5 Horde Troopers when they come out. If they come in a two pack then it will be 6.
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    Definately 3 packs of 2 to match my Royal guards - needed 2 x 2 to display different heads, old Hordak will need his crew of 4 to match. The extra pack is because I am a MIB desperado and alwasy try to keep one.

    I have no other significnat hobby than MOTUC and very happy to save for the subscription hit and try to get extra if non-sub.

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    Heroic Warrior Paul Justice's Avatar
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    I have 10 Royal Guards, so I want 20 Horde Troopers. Can't wait for them, I know the Horsemen are going to do a great job.

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    I got 6 Palace guards so I'd like 6 Troopers.
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    Council Elder Tallstar's Avatar
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    Probably just 2 sets.

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    Heroic Warrior Neil Ronie's Avatar
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    Oct 2011
    I would defiantly get four of them than I'll see where it goes from there.

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    Come from the land of the ice and snow...
    I have 8 Guards... so 8 troopers; I think.

    Probaby not all at once, either... I would try to have 4 until the following Cyber Monday.

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    KARG for 2016! synthalus's Avatar
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    I chose the 9-12 option because ideally, I really want a 'platoon' (12) of Horde Troopers!
    But realistically I will most likely have to settle for a 'squad' (6) because of space/money.

    My 'squad' (6) Eternian Palace Guards are good enough and I could do with less Guards if needed, but the Horde Troopers have to be at 6 minimum no matter what.

    I like to build my armies in 3's. A better and a lot more realistic setup would be in 4's, but if I only buy 4, I have one odd looking because I like the look of the triangle/V formation. 1 soldier in the front and 2 in the back on the sides.

    These numbers are not a reality, but it displays great on the shelves for me and it saves space and money on army building.

    I also group them by their official names; 'fire teams' of 3, 'squads' of 6, 'platoons' of 12, a 'company' of 36 and a 'battalion' of 72 (I have yet to reach or desire a battalion because trying to reach a company is already a crazy amount so I should probably scrape battalion off the list ) I usually tend to leave the NCO's and CO's away for a consistent look.

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    • Platoon (2-4 Squads): 26–55 soldiers + 1 Platoon leader (Lieutenant, usually assisted by the Platoon Sergeant)
    • Company (3-5 Platoons) 80–225 soldiers + 1 Captain/Major
    • Battalion (2-5 Companies) 300–1,300 soldiers + 1 Lieutenant Colonel/Colonel
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    Princess of the 80's Princess_Adora's Avatar
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    At the rate my collection is growing I'm going to have to add on an addition to my house with a big room just for the collection (not that I could do that lol ). It would be great to have one whole room to dedicate to the collection. I can see it in my head now. A HUGE Glass table in the center of the room decorated to look like Eternian landscape, with all the figures set up on it, forming a huge battle for Grayskull (which I would love to be the Fortress of Power in the custom forums).

    Hey a girl can dream can't she

    But back to the original subject of this thread, I would get as many Troopers as I could, due to the fact I only managed to get one trooper from the original toy line, it always kinda of annoyed me because that was no army!
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    Motuc Enthusiast toyscourge's Avatar
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    i voted 1-4 thinking ill end up with 3, but if they were to do them like they did palace guards in a 2 pack id end up with 6
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    Heroic Warrior MrRoboto's Avatar
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    A couple at most.

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    Hero of Eternia zodak74's Avatar
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    I want 13 Horde Troopers on my shelf backing Hordak and co.

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    The REAL Mo-Larr yodafreakmaster's Avatar
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    I'm getting 3 from the sub (when they do them), but would likely get an extra set if they allowed combined shipping with the sub to display more of them

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    It's hard to comment on how many of something I'd buy, when I haven't even seen what it looks like yet.

    But, assuming they are as awesome as the Palace Guards, I'll probably get between 4-5 packs.

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