The Mantenna Compromise

Mantenna has four legs. Who knew, right? Judging from Jean's poll, most folks think he's pretty essential to the line. However, like most of the Horde, he'd have to have a unique sculpt. Since that's pretty dang unlikely, we'll have to get creative to see how he can re-use parts.

The poll options are as follows:

He should have two legs: Just retcon his other pair of gams out of existence. ToyGuru waves his hand and performs his Jedi Mind Trick..."Mantenna only ever had two legs!"

He should have four legs in a method that can be shared: They could probably make a new hips/crotch piece with four leg joints. I don't know how the engineering would work, but if they made it, they could re-use it with Modulok, Multi-Bot, and maybe even Sagitar.

He should have four legs in a unique manner: A unique tool that cannot be recycled for another figure to get the most accurate representation of Mantenna.

Forget him: You can't see how they could possibly make a four-legged figure look good, and you'd prefer that they didn't even try. Rather than compromise on his appearance, you'd rather that they just not make him.