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Thread: Everything must go

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    Everything must go

    Hey guys. I am looking to move most of my MOTUC on to new homes. I have both MOC and opened figures up through 2012. I'm going to be making an inventory today and hope to have a full list up tonight. Would like to avoid the fees of eBay and Paypal if possible. I bought alot on here and have also sold on here. My eBay screen name is Dohcboost.

    Looking for fair offers on what i have. If you are looking for something in particular, just reply to the message or shoot me a PM.

    A few rare items i have that i know people will be interested in include: sorceress, fisto, beastman & Ram man. I do not have Teela or Shadowweaver.

    Hit me up. I hope to have the list up later today. Thanks for looking.

    This is my full MOC list.

    I am unfamiliar with shipping oversees but I will. I will do my best to get to PMs in a timely fashion. Thanks for looking.

    MOC w/mailer unless noted

    25$ Dragon Blaster Skeletor
    30$ Mosquitor x2
    30$ Jitsu x2
    50$ Evil Lynn
    30$ Cy Chop (No mailer, slight bend in card)
    35$ Rattlor x2 (1 has no mailer) (1 Sold)
    60$ Mechanek
    50$ Optikk (No mailer, slight card bend)
    45$ Orko x2
    45$ Panthor
    Sold 45$ Battle Cat
    100$ Swiftwind
    Sold 40$ palace Guards
    70$ Snake Men x2
    35$ Griffin
    15$ Weapons Rack
    40$ Wind Raider (no Mailer)
    25$ Dekker
    25$ MerMan (No mailer, slight bend in card)
    30$ Snake Man At Arms
    25$ Palace Randor x2
    40$ Man At Arms (1 Sold)
    Sold 30$ Frosta
    40$ NA He-Man
    30$ TOD Sorceress
    100$ Ram Man x2
    15$ Mo-Larr set
    35$ Man-E-Faces
    160$ Sorceress
    25$ Sy-Clone
    25$ BA Skeletor
    35$ Clawful
    70$ Trap Jaw
    150$ Fisto
    45$ BA He-Man (In BA Skeletor mailer)
    25$ Moss Man (Still stinks)
    90$ Tri Klops (Tri klops written on mailer)
    120$ Whiplash
    40$ Webstor (Webstor written on mailer)
    35$ Grizzlor
    40$ Leech (no mailer)
    35$ Snake Face
    25$ Hurricane Hordak
    55$ Roboto
    45$ Spikor
    25$ King Hsss
    50$ Stinkor (Still stinks)

    Below are in Zoloworld Cases
    90$ Kobra Khan
    50$ He-Man
    50$ Skeletor
    50$ Man at Arms
    100$ Beast Man
    25$ Mer Man
    20$ Stratos
    40$ Faker
    30$ Hordak Sold
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    Pm sent!!!!!

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    All PMs replied to.

    As stated before that this is my MOC list. I have more that are loose. Once i have a good start on getting some of the MOC items sent out, ill work on inventorying all my loose items. Also will work on getting some prices posted on my original list. Thanks.
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    You have a PM

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    All PMs replied to. I have also went though all of my loose figures and they are available. For specific details on which just send me a message. Will ship packages tomorrow for all items paid for today. Thanks for looking.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Prices and sold items updated.

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    Payment sent for the 3 figures. Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by racer x View Post
    Payment sent for the 3 figures. Thanks
    Items boxed. Shipping out tomorrow. Thanks.

    Updated List.

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