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Thread: darthdrew13 - B/S/T thread! MOTUC WANTED

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    darthdrew13 - B/S/T thread! MOTUC WANTED

    10/6 EDIT: Current figure focus - Evil-Lyn - regular version (non Battleground). I need just the body (actually, only the tunic, boots and crotch piece to use for 2 different customs but will take the full fig if still cheap. And the Screech stand too if available). Willing to pay $20 shipped. I know she may be going for a little more than that, but I do see prices are fluctuating at times and I'm taking a shot that either someone wants quick (PayPal) cash, or maybe wants to hook up a BrORGer. If you have her, PM me! Maybe we can work a deal! Thanks!

    Greetings all! Here is my B/S/T list. Hope you find something(s) you like!

    If you are wanting to buy anything from my haves list below, make me an offer! As for shipping costs, it will be only what USPS charges me to send the item(s). I don't charge for packing/supplies/labor.

    I am slowly building up my MOTUC collection so I still have a bunch of needs....
    NOTE: Trading is preferred right now as my PayPal account is near empty. If you are looking for other toy lines, check the bottom of this post for a sample of what I have! PM me requests! But, If you have a fig (or figs) for sale that are too good to pass up, PM me! I may be able to figure something out! There is also a link to my FULL B/S/T website at the bottom of this post.

    MOTUC WANTED: loose and complete preferred
    In order of priority:BOLD items are most wanted.
    Kobra Khan
    Goat Man
    Zoar (from Sorceress. Need just the stand with the falcon)
    King Randor (EP version)
    Spirit of Hordak - do NOT need the crossbow (I DO want the armband tho)
    He-Ro - most common color of crystal is A-OK
    King He-Man (don't need the comic at all)
    Wind Raider
    Loo-Kee & Kowl
    Palace Guards 2-pack (also am interested in them sold/traded single)
    Battleground Teela
    Sky High and Sky Sled (I don't care what Matty labeled it, WE know what it is!) - prefer just the sled
    Snake Men 2-pack (also am interested in them sold/traded single)
    Mosquitor - wish I could get one from Pixel Dan! (with a signed cardback!)
    Chief Carnivus
    Demo Man (must have Alcala head)
    Dragon Blaster Skeletor - don't need comic at all (can be missing the sword too)
    Griffin - PENDING
    Grizzlor - PENDING
    Snout Spout
    Light Hope
    Shadow Beast
    King Grayskull - (for custom, don't need Orb) - PENDING
    Castle Grayskull stands
    TOD Sorceress
    Bubble Power She-Ra - only want the buck with dress, no head, no accessories - PENDING
    Clamp Champ
    Fighting Foe Men
    Batros (mildly interested in him)
    Plundor (also mildly interested. Mainly want the Axe)
    Geldor (not a priority at all)
    Optikk (least priority)
    He-Man MOC (2008) - doesn't matter which version (red eyes or not) as long as he doesn't cost too much as I want 2 figs to hang on my wall
    Skeletor MOC (2008) - doesn't matter which version (open or closed hand) as long as he doesn't cost too much as I want 2 figs to hang on my wall

    2014/2015 upcoming figs wanted:
    Battle Ram - who doesn't want this one? LOL
    Tung Lashor
    GP She-Ra
    Mermista - for my 3yr old
    Lizard Man
    200x He-Man & King Hsss
    Hover Robots

    MOTUC cardbacks WANTED:
    Thunder Punch He-Man
    Battleground Evil-Lyn
    King Randor (first release)
    TRU Skeletor (just the Skeletor side)
    TRU Mer-Man (just the Mer-Man side)
    TRU Zodac (just the Zodac side)
    BA He-Man
    Buzz Off
    King Hsss
    Snake Man-At-Arms
    Panthor (actually, just the bio is fine)

    MOTUC parts WANTED:
    Modulok parts - need 1 extra torso and 1 leg (either side. the alien one with white toes)
    Zoar (from Sorceress. Need just the stand and the falcon)
    female crotch piece - (v2.0?) used my Marlena crotch to fix Goddess. Need one (any color) to help her stand up again.
    Skeletor - Alcala head from Demo Man or custom
    Weapons Rack/Pack/Accessories
    . - MAA sword and pistol (either deco)
    . - Roboto parts in black
    TOD Sorceress Orb Stand
    Man-At-Arms - Duncan head x2
    He-Man full power sword (to give to Adam and more) x3
    Catra's sword
    Tri-Klops' Doomseeker (with stand)
    Mo-Larr (buck only - no head)
    Clamp Champ armor
    Prince Adam FULL Power Sword
    WP 200x Power Sword - PENDING
    WP orange Axe and Shield (for Faker)
    ANY bird stands (Zoar, TOD Zoar, Screech, Glorybird, etc) x2
    Snake Men head (yellow eyes and open mouth)
    Zodak head (from Strobo)
    Skeletor Filmation Axe (from Plundor)

    Parts for custom figs needed:
    Custom fig idea I want to put together:(have other parts already) IAT Shop Keeper
    . Evil-Lyn (yellow version) - only need leotard and boots.

    OTHER MOTU items wanted:
    Masters of the Universe comics from STAR comics (1986) - have issue #3
    collectible mini-comics that came with vintage figures and commemorative figures. (I have 1 already, but want more. Mainly the Alcala drawn ones and those where main characters were introduced like Ram-Man, Trap Jaw, Man-E-Faces, etc)
    Golden Books MOTU:Secret of the Dragon's Egg (8x8 book)
    other MOTU Golden Books (8x8)


    He-Man season 1 - spine shows complete Castle Grayskull (have)
    He-Man season 2 - spine shows complete Snake Mountain (have the DVDs, but need the cases!)
    New Adventures - spine shows complete spaceship (NEED)
    She-Ra season 1 - spind shows complete Crystal Castle (have)
    She-Ra season 2 - spine shows the main picture of the fright zone tower (NEED)
    200x/MYP complete set - spine shows complete 200x/MYP Castle Grayskull (NEED)

    80's MOTU film on DVD or Blu-Ray

    If anyone can help me find these DVD sets, I'd appreciate it!

    ************************************************** ********************************************


    MOTU Classics:
    none at this time

    MOTU Vintage:Grading scale is the best I can figure out. I may be grading a tad bit better than they are. Ask for pics if curious.
    Prince Adam - C6, no accessories, no shirt, works well
    Orko - C7, only has hat
    Kobra Khan - C8, no pistol, head squirter works great!
    Hordak - C6, broken leg band, only has white crossbow thingy and chest armor (no cape)
    Skeletor - C7, possibly DB version, no accessories, twisty punch broken, nice head (for swapping)

    MOTU 200X (new designs):
    none at present

    Other stuff I can trade you:

    I also have a TON of stuff from GIJOE, Star Wars, Transformers (mostly 1st movie), Marvel (Universe and Legends), and more! My COMPLETE B/S/T listings can be found at my website HERE.
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    Take it easy,

    Looking for: deals on MOTUC Roboto, King He-Man, Meckaneck, Zoar (from Sorceress) and more!
    Have to trade: A couple MOTU vintage, GIJOE (vintage 3.75 inch and 25th Anniversary figures and vehicles), Star Wars, Transformers (movie line), and Marvel Universe and a few Marvel Legends, plus MORE!.

    darthdrew13's B/S/T

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