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Thread: $40 haircut?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heeeere's Olesker! View Post
    Not too many ways you can shell out forty or fifty bucks and come out really feeling great, with afterglow lasting for a couple of weeks.
    Certainly not legal ways. :-)

    Until pretty recently, I mostly cut my own hair.
    I started going to a friend of a friend who is a stylist and she does good work, I think.
    Runs about $25 + tip... including the shampoo, scalp massage, etc... Not too bad, I say.
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    Just had a trim at the place my mom went for her hair and they only charged me 12 bucks. And they did trim quite a bit; it was getting so long I was afraid someone was going to hand me a loincloth and a chimp for a sidekick...
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    I pay $20 plus $5 tip to the woman that styles my wife's hair. The catch is... I go every 2 weeks. When I was little my parents were negligent about getting my hair cut in a timely manner so now I am very self conscious about it. So, I guess my wife actually has her hair done by the woman who cuts my hair since I see her much more often.

    That said... POOF! I disappear from the .org again for another year or so.

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    I pay £35 (which is about $54) for my hair cut at the salon I go to and that's the cheapest men's wash & cut they do.

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    Well, my hair finally grew back. And I just cut it again. Gutsy!

    Eh, it isn't that hard if you're smart about it. The back is where I screwed up last time so this time I pulled a winter cap down to the cutting level to make sure I didn't accidentally go above that. Worked great.
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