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Thread: Rank Rio Blast's Importance

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    He'd actually be a cool stand alone figure, especially if you can take off all his bricka bracka. Just a cool cowboy action figure.

    I still think he has no business on Eternia. Totally at odds with the established styles and culture of the planet. Ditto Ninjor.
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    B list but his very unique vintage sculpt plus well his designed action feature always made him one of my favorites! A 4H update is LONG overdue! Hope he comes out before the end of the year!

    Needs no variant - one Rio will be awesome enough!
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    B List, No Variant.

    Personally, I absolutely love him so, for me, he's a "Must Have" but being more rational about it, I see him as a B Lister.

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    In the vintage line there is only A & B list characters. The C,D & not worthy characters are for NA(I maybe giving too much credit when saying C & D list for NA).
    Rio is B list & not variant worthy.

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    This is a figure I was unaware of as a child, and while I do hope he's made eventually, there's a number of characters still unaccounted for that I'm more interested in. D-Lister for me.

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    Rio's a tough one for me. As a kid, I *really* liked him. He was loaded with weaponry and that backpack is still one of my favorite accessories to this day. However, I have no idea what a cowboy is doing in the MOTU world. Sure, I can come up with something, but there's just no way that in the context of the MOTU storyline, that he fits in. So D list for me. If he was just a former Palace Guard that had his body augmented to hold all of that weaponry, then we'd talk. I *want* him in classics because he's vintage, but oy...

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