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Thread: Snake Mt. SEALED & Castle Greyskull Complete (With Box)

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    Snake Mt. SEALED & Castle Greyskull Complete (With Box)

    Selling to get quick cash for trip..

    Canadian Snake Mountain (MISB) in good condition..

    Canadian Castle Greyskull 100% complete (with decent box)

    looking to get rid of these at a good price (but keep in mind shipping may be a little pricey due to size)

    Fastest response will be through email..

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    DO NOT BUY FROM BIGMOC!! I bought 2 figures from BigMOC(Rico Yetman) on July 11th 2012. I requested delivery confirmation & he decided to ship it the slowest & most uneconomical way. Plus he's out of country & no insurance. Guess what folks? No figures for over 6 weeks. He claims they were lost. And he said he would pay me back multiple times. The money was supposed to be in my PayPal account last Thursday 8/30/12. He has done nothing to relieve the situation. And his communication is non existent. There is always an excuse for not replying....out of town,vacation....been busy. From other complaints that I see above I'm requesting this person be terminated from this website.
    BigMOC owes me $140.

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    Prices..Can't list without prices.....

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