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Thread: Toyguru MOTUC News Thread September 2012

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    Toyguru MOTUC News Thread September 2012

    Welcome to the Toyguru MOTUC news thread for September 2012!

    Toyguru's Recent Posts on's Forum

    Like last year, instead of posting EVERY little thing in it's own post, I'll gather them ALL the relevant MOTUC Ask Matty postings here. Keep checking for updates! The old threads are ancient history and won't be updated anymore. This is the new spot until next month.

    As always, I'll put the most recent news up first, while the old news is down the bottom.

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    NEW STUFF!!!

    Castle Grayskull pre-order window? Time of payment?

    What timeframe will we have to get the minimum orders in? Is it a short window or a long one? Will the preorder likely take place in October, November, or December? Will we pay for the castle when it ships or when we pre-order?

    Enjoy the convention!

    You will pay when it ships. Ideally in Q4 of 2013.

    Thanks, Scott, for fighting for the possibility to see CASTLE GRAYSKULL done in MOTUC; this seemed almost impossible not so long ago.


    If Castle Grayskull pre-order sells well, is there any possibility to do the same with SNAKE MOUNTAIN?

    Lets handle one giant playset at a time here!

    The CG preorder will start right after NYCC and likely go until the end of 2012 to see if we can get the min order we need to go to a sculpt.
    Thanks for a diverse set of reveals!

    That's what I enjoy about MOTUC spreading love to ALL the eras... Sure some of my most wanted didn't show up, but the 3 AWESOME reveals BLEW ME AWAY!! Hopefully next time we'll see more reveals that cater towards ALL the eras like this set!

    Glad you enjoyed. Keep in mind, when the line was plotted out back in 2009 it was done to ensure each year was robust (take a drink). At that time we had no idea what shows we would be at or which figures would be "revealed when" so having a diverse set at any one con is just a reflection of how we intend each year to be as a full annual set. Isolated figures down to a set that is revealed is just lucky. Although we do try to spread things out so you don't for example (ideally) get two figures from the same faction two months in a row. Doesn't always work, but that is the idea.

    Plus sometimes you get a fig like Octavia that covers a lot. POP, Filmation, Horde, Female, multi armed octopus monster. All those faction are covered by her!
    He-Ro, Son of he-Man story

    What is the new story? I just read the He-Ro Bible and a lot of things have changed from that story. Man-At-Arms(Duncan) is dead, and there is a new Sorceress. Then there is Kay-La who is Duncan's niece... Does that make her Fisto's daughter? We need a new story so fans can fall in love with these characters, please push for a new comic book.

    Wait for it...

    Keep reading the bios!
    Mighty Spector + Hoverboard

    Hey TG, I really liked seeing the mini Hoverboard displayed with MS at Power Con. Where's that from??

    If you preordered our HB prop back in Feb. it is a free gift. Not avail for day-of sales.
    Castle Grayskull - Just a facade with moat?

    Awesome news about Castle Grayskull! You must have fought REALLY hard with management for this! Thank you!

    Just a quick question: I read on another website that it would just be the facade with moat. Is this true, or will it have the inside details as well?

    Since when do "other web sites" give you the straight info!

    We're looking at a two sided design based on Mark Taylor's original prototype as the main inspiration. More at NYCC.
    Rumor control - Josh

    "At the She-Ra panel today, Eric Scot Frydler said that "Mattel" said that Josh was going to be a figure."

    Can you confirm this?

    We have no plans for a Josh figure in Classics at this time.
    ??? Please clarify something?

    No place I go to seems to have a proper explanation of what's up with Frosta. Can you clarify?

    Refund? Do we return the figure?
    Free gift? DO we get it automatically?

    Just a few quick notes to sort things out from an official source, that isn't given to speculation by second parties.


    Oh, and as far as Castle Grayskull goes......

    SUPER COOL AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

    THANK YOU FOR THAT!!!!!!!!

    2012 sub holders will be getting a small gift. But it likely will not ship until 2013.

    If you are a sub holder and don't want Frosta you may return her for a refund. But keep in mind this is the only Frosta there is. So if you return her you will be Frosta-less. This does not apply to day -of sales since you know what you are getting.
    Spell of Seperation

    First off, everything shown at Power-con is amazing. Really glad to see Karatti in particular, and kudos to how the Frosta situation has been handled.

    My question is about the third mini-comic (which is great by the way). It seems to show the Spell Of Seperation being used to defeat the snake-men, but my question is what does this spell actually do? Does it banish them? Kill them all? In particular... what happens to the unlucky Master who happened to be snaked up at the time? Was he killed?

    It is pulling their spliced DNA apart. See the Snake Men bio for more.
    Snake Face-Staff canceled?

    Is it true, that Snake Face`s staff could be canceled? The staff is already molded...

    You said in a previous answer: "Once we hit 2013 we are at a higher price to give us more freedom."

    Snake Face already comes with a shield, an alt head and two snap on Green (not red like the PC sample) chest snakes. That is already a lot of accessories. We don't want to reduce the deco so it may be possible the staff is cut. We don't know at this point. Still reviewing.
    keldor swords

    the keldor swords that come in the weapons pack cant they be stick together?

    Yes. The version in the weapon pack splits in two and can lock together.
    A-List Great Rebellion - Accessory Suggestions

    I don't profess to speak on behalf of all fans, however on the basis that Mattel's focus will be on including A-List members of The Great Rebellion in the *possible* 2014 subscription, I just wanted to suggest some accessories for those figures.

    1. Glimmer - Flower Staff (based on the design of the toy staff), Kowl and alternate head (with curly hair and the circlet tiara).

    2. Queen Angella - Unique round shield (based on design of the toy halo/tiara), unique royal sceptre/wand based on the staff used by the Castle Bright Moon soldiers in "The Crystal Castle" and the Castle Bright Moon power source (the Moonstone) from "Glimmer's Story".

    3. Castaspella - Unique round shield (based on design of the toy backpack/spinning wheel), Loo-Kee, the wizard's wand from "Bow's Magical Gift" and an "open" version of the "Book of Spells" (which was included with Shadow Weaver).

    4. Mermista - Alternate fins/legs, unique "shell" shield (based on toy shell backpack/accessory), a royal sceptre based on the trident used by King Mercier's soldiers in "The Pearl" and the mer-folk power source (the Power Pearl) from "The Pearl".

    Great ideas, but this forum is not for suggesting concepts it is for asking clarification or brand questions please.
    Vintage Mini Comics

    Has there been any thought about collecting either the mini comics or the Marvel/DC 80s comic series into a trade paperback (or hardcover) or even as a digital download? In fact, it would be great to get all the comic iterations of the brand together in a multi-volume collection. Please consider this.

    We have talked about it but no plans right now.
    Will Castle Grayskull have two sides or four?

    THANK YOU FOR CASTLE GRAYSKULL!!! Any version of it would be amazing. I was just wondering if you were envisioning a full structure with four walls and a (hopefully removable) roof or just the two walls that the vintage castle had. I suspect that many fans would prefer a four-sided, roofed structure.

    Four sides would likely double the price to 400.00 and we didn't want to go that high. Besides the vintage playset set a nice benchmark with two sides and that is what it will be based on.
    Snake Face feet (image)

    Toy Guru, Hordak feet look much better for Snake Face

    A cool idea but the Horsemen and design in the end make this call. ;-)
    Flutterina in the 3rd mini Comic

    Flutterina and even Glimmer got beautiful artworks in the 3rd mini comic. (this comic is fantastic) And both arts are bigger than some other characters. Could this be a hint for upcomming figures? I would be so happy to get Flutterina soon :-D Could you tell something about her? I think she would be a beautiful MOTUC figure!!

    The mini comic is not a hint at all. The character that appear in it due so because they were needed for the story, not because they do or do not have a figure.
    Sub Grayskull

    Any chance 2013 sub-holders can get a slight break on the price of Grayskull,seeing as how they have already committed hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars to the years lineup?

    At this point a lot if up in the air. It may come down to logistical issues of whether that works or not. But a cool thought starter.
    Sanke Face's Sankes details colors!

    Do the head's snakes gonna be details painted (I mean eyes mounth....) or they are going to be just orange?

    Just hope for hordak feet which better match the vintage and staction versions!

    Thank you, again HE'S INSANELY GORGEOUS no dumb face at all!

    The only change I know of is the body snakes are green, not red, just like the vintage fig.
    In regards to Snake Face...

    ...not trying to step on anyone's toes, but I prefer the feet we were shown at Powercon. You've got my vote for keeping him as is.

    Well good cause those are the feet he will have. ;-) (still not sure what you are talking about however)
    Snake Face

    Please! Don't change his feet.

    Scott, when you get samples in of Snake Face it would be cool to see a short video of you showing us how those chest pieces work.

    Thanks for your time

    What is wrong with his feet?

    I just want to say that PowerCon has reaffirmed my faith in MOTUC. The last six months or so have been a veritable rollercoaster of ups and downs- what with the subs almost not making it and much griping about chipping paint, etc.- but the recent PowerCon reveals and the announcement of a Greyskull pre-order have re-instated my faith that this line appears stronger than ever!

    Also, it was great getting to meet you, Scott, have you sign a book or two and see the new reveals up close and persona in the Matty display case. Quite unexpectedly the atmosphere during the reveals panel was nothing short of jubilant, with fans raucously cheering and pumping their collective fists in the air! Just goes to show that it's always best to assume things are going 95% better than any online griping might lead you to believe. Big Grin Thanks again for making PowerCon such a great show, Scott!

    I had a fantastic time too! Wish Power Con was every weekend ;-)
    2013 is shaping up to one AMAZING year!!

    2013 is shaping up to one amazing year! I love the renderings of Ram Man, Jitsu, Snake Face and Karatti..and gotta say Netossa looks beautiful! Can't wait to see what else is coming in 2013!

    Me too!
    Love the Powercon Reveals

    2013 may just be the best Club Eternia subscription year to date. I have subscribed in 2011, 2012 and now 2013 and I'm very excited about 2013.

    So far you have a nice diverce linup and this is how it should be, Fairness in the Factions. Please keep up the fantastic work you are doing for us in 2013 with MOTUC's and I can't wait to place my preorder for Castle Grayskull this fall as that announcement just blew me away.

    Thanks again for everything you have done and will do for MOTUC's

    You keep buying em we'll keep making em!
    EP King Randor's Crown

    After seeing a few of the images from this weekend's PowerCon, I have a question regarding the new Eternos Palace Randor figure:

    Can you please confirm what color his crown and gauntlets will be? In the photos, they look yellow, but I'm desperately hoping that the final product will be in gold (like on his first release and Queen Marlena).

    Thanks in advance for taking the time to read and answer this!

    They are more yellow, like the Filmation look. It is a flat gold, but more yellow vs. gold.
    Caslte grayskull

    Will it have the point dred and talon fighter attactment or will be just the castle grayskull without that and will the castle have all the stuff the vintage one have trap foot swivel chair where the trap door opens and will it come with another weapons rack or do we use the same one u guys realeased awhile back awsome cant wait

    I'm honestly going to wait to comment on any "will it have" questions because we simply don't know yet. More at NYCC.



    Since New York Comic Con has yet to release their panel schedule would you be able to say which day the Matty Collector panel will be? I only go to the con for MOTU and do not want to bear the expenses and loss of time to go on the wrong day. Thanks!

    As soon as NYCC tells us we will let you know!
    Eternian Palace Guards, in the "Essentials Collection"?

    I've seen the Eternian Palace Guards 2-Pack appears in the web page for this month's day of sale, but they do NOT appear if you click on the "Essentials Collection" link.

    So... are they going to be incorporated to the "Essentials" (so they will be available anyday from now on), or will they be on sale just this month (to return God knows when in the future...)?

    WE'll note this and correct!
    Question from a typically non complaining fan


    I am so happy with my collection but I have 2 requests/suggestions. Can you please respond to both?

    1. I understand design as you've described it is the "director" if you will. Is it fair feedback to pass on that most of their recent changes/choices as of late have not been with lots of love so as long as financially feasible to stick as close to 4H prototype as possible.

    They are the ones who have done the greatest amount of research to see what fans want and they seem to most honor the source material.

    2. I as well as seemingly many other fans would really LOVE to go back to having females with painted faces. For the sake of the females cohesiveness with the men this should not be a case by case but rather something that ties them in + it would avoid the glossy faced look many of the females have.

    I'm sure you're in a tricky boat trying to appease multiple people but as brand manager you must be able to objectively see that on the whole your customers on the whole are happier with the figures prior to design choices (i'm not including stuff that has to be taken out for cost)

    I'd be happy to pass all of these comments along. But yes, as I've said it is not my call.
    Why is it so hard to buy from MattyCollector ? Please comment this Scott.

    My order history is still not working. This goes over several month.

    But now i have another big problem.

    On Sep.9 2012 i got a e-mail from MattyCollector that it's time for my club subscriptions from to automatically renew.

    But after that i not get any e-mail that my two Club Eternia Subs have renewed. I have no ordernumber or any update info. And tomorrow is Saleday.

    Have my 2x Club Eternia Subs 2012 cancelled again this year?
    Is anything ok with my 2x Club Eternia Subs 2012 and with my 2x Motu 30th Anniversary Series 2012 Subs.

    I bought Motu Classics since 2008 and i got 2x Subs for 2013 since the day they were offered.

    But most of this year beginning in Feb.2012 i got a lot of problems to buy from MattyCollector. And i don`t see that it get better.

    I think now its Mattys/Digital Rivers Part to show how good there custom service is. I was really patience the last 6 Month but nothing happened. I spend a lot of money in the last 4 Years and i will spend alot money next year. Maybe its time for a compensation for me from you.

    Its sad that i must hope to get the Sep.2012 Sub-Figures. Maybe i have luck..............

    You'll need to call CS. This forum is for brand and product questions.
    Just another New Forum Member asking questions...

    I know that the "painting-over-black-plastic" issue has been received, and it's being dealt with by Mattel.

    However, I have a few questions that I believe need to be answered, mostly to calm most MOTUC investors, specially when Mattel decides to give us feedback about it:

    Question #1 - How far ahead in production have Mattel used this practice? Are we going to see Ram-Man, King He-Man or the Fighting Foe Men with Painted Black Plastic?

    Question #2 - What actions will Mattel make? Will they stop Immediately with this process, or are the figures already made, and they can't "re-make" them? If so, will they eventually make re-issues with corrected plastic?

    I believe this questions to be very fair, and straight to the point. I personally feel that Question#2 is the most important.

    I haven't read all of the other topics, so I'm not sure if this particular questions have already been asked. If so, My Apologies. If not, then consider this questions to satisfy the need of information for us, the fans.

    We are changing the way we do figure starting with Dekker. Design heard fans loud and clear and the images helped a lot. QC will not be perfect, it never will be since every fig is hand made and painted and assembled. But design did take this feedback and will look into other base colors and paint assemblies to address this specific issue. Dekker was the first figure we could affect and make a change to.
    revisiting combined shipping

    Has there been any progress made on getting early access items combined with subscription items for 2013, to save on shipping costs?

    I totally went against my word and bought a 2013 sub in hopes of this issue being worked out, please tell me I didn't make a mistake.

    Still working on this.
    weapons rack price increase

    So, I know everything is pretty much going up in price, but if I recall correctly the Weapons Rack was $12 at launch, but is now listed at $18 for Monday's sale.

    Is that price correct? Did it really go up by $6??

    I don't recall the original price off the top of my head, but the current price is correct.
    Around the Office ...

    Every office has its fair share of jokers and pranks. I imagine that Mattel is no different.

    Do you ever play practical jokes on one another? Have the Four Horsemen ever played jokes on you? What sort of banter happens around the office and who is the biggest prankster?

    We have one manager who tries to send mass emails from your desk when you get up for 5 minutes and leave your computer unlocked.
    FYI Shop Link has MOTU you can add to your cart

    FYI- The add to cart button is active for Dragon Blast Skeletor and Snake Men and it will add them to your cart. In addition the price is wrong.

    Might want to fix that.

    Yup. This was fixed.
    A possible solution (black plastic matter)

    I think a lot of "He-fans" such as me don't really care about the black plastic matter.
    the point is how long can they be manipulated before they show black shades or worse?especially on clear coloured characters (Skelly, Mekaneck). My question is: is that too expensive to simply use varnish so we can make sure the paint adhesion is no longer a problem on Motuc figures?
    Thanks for being the best toy manager i've ever known.

    Design is looking into this and they have already confirm they will explore other base colors and solutions starting with Dekker, the next fig going into production that still had time to change.

    Three months till sale-date, time for packaged pics, is it?!

    As soon as we have we will post! Nothing yet.
    King He-Man

    Do you have a shipping date yet AND will the mini-comic come packaged behind him or seperate from the figure?

    Should be March 2013 and the mini comic is packed in the same as the 3 2012 minis behind the fig.
    Snakemen 2pack

    On monday this awesome 2pack will be on sale and there has been a lot of discussion about a repainted pack down the road.

    If this item (you produced more of then the monthly figures) sells out fast, how good are the chances for a repaint version outside of the sub?

    You could even change some parts without needing new tooling, like giving us a repainted Kobra Khan head or using the scaly Whiplash torso. It would also give you the opportunity to reuse the Rattlor buck a third time.

    Wouldn't this be a great way to give us more figures while the line has been cut back, at no tooling costs?

    With the low sell in of the 2013 sub, even fast sell outs of the tiny quota for day of doesn't change too much.
    9/17 day of sale

    Which DBS will Be the right one to order the $20 or $22

    If both are up will the $20 be honored

    Day of was $22.00.
    Mekaneck left bracer

    rodan56 asked:

    "Hey I just had a question about the awesome mekaneck coming soon. This isn't a nit pick or something I am complaining about. I think he looks perfect. But I wanted to ask why he wasn't given the longer bracer on his left wrist like the vintage figure? Is it to make that piece more unique to he-man?"

    Rodan, the answer is that the 4H based MOTUC Mek's look on his vintage card art, which had two short bracers.

    And there you go!
    Thanks Scott!

    Good morning Scott (TG). My name is Jonatan, but in most of the MOTU-forums use the nickname "Jonh". I'm Argentine and MOTU fan to the death. It hurts everything damage to the line and your perseverance. I've criticized by BIOS or system of shipping to my country (indeed, any three purchases has come to my door. And only one I have been refunded). But, is more I thank you for bringing back the best fictional universe that exists in the world, accompanied by the best line of action figures. And...

    More thanks, you for the minicomics.
    More grateful for DC comic yet.
    More thanks, because upcoming movie is rumored.
    More thanks, all the new characters and try to make a linear story with them.

    Well, it's more I have to grateful, that the negative of the line. Sorry by headaches that many fans have given with the complaints. But, I support that most places what are more fans of MOTU is: the world. I think for MOTUC must continue to evolve and should begin to look more to the rest of the world. Countries like mine, Germany and Italy are superfans of the line and it'll be forever. In my case, Mattel has a branch here in Argentina and employees have no idea of ​​the existence of MOTUC. Maybe if these store become outlets for other continents, the rest of the world would trust more in the delivery methodology and ordenariamos our subscription without fear that our figures do not reach.
    But despite all that, I do not want to believe that this is a criticism, because either way, with my brother we will continue trying to get the figures as is, and as long as is, as soon as is. ΏAnd why? Because there appreciate MOTUC exists, because this line is the dream of every fan, every child who grew up with the illusion of having their hands on these amazing but, palpable MOTUC figures.
    The next November, next to drawing workshop I attend, I will post a sample with the theme MOTU. Of all students, I'm sick MOTU fan and I passed my passion to others, helping them to take their vision of the mythology, so they can do their artwork. I have asked for assistance MOTULA forum that we promote the event as it has saddened me everything that has happened with the line and the down slots in 2014. I do not want the ends line ever, and increasingly more and more excited hope the output of a new character. And unlike some, I love dark characters release or figure ever made (and not to mention many of Filmation!) .
    Well Scott, I will not take more time, just tell you and I know many who give them an eternal thanks for all you done and what he continues to do for MOTUC. Please do not give up, keep fighting for all the people like me who love this line.

    Thank you!

    As long as fans support the line I'll do all I can to keep it going! Thanks for the kind words.
    He-Man head sculpt PLEASE!

    Spent so much time tonight enjoying my MOTUC collection and it occurred to me that I really like the He-Ro, Fisto, Bow head sculpts and how dead on they are and I realized how having the hair being part of the whole head sculpt really made a difference on them. The females, Catra, Marlena, etc. all look great too this way.

    Is there any chance we could PLEASE get a He-Man head sculpt with the hair and head all being one piece in a future He-Man figure?

    I'd love to revisit He-Man in time. No plans right now but maybe one day.
    Whats happening with renewal Emails?? Aus Subbers NOT notified!

    Hello, we are 4 hours out from Sale time for the september figures and at least 6 Australian Subbers have NOT received Renewal notices??

    Can you please explain whats gone wrong? Do we sit up until 2am and fight the WSOD to ensure we get the figures (thus playing roulette , and spending money on figs we dont need + Postage)...Or just sit and hope like **** that we get the notification soon?

    Seriously this is ludicrous. Please explain how you think we should proceed?

    I honestly do not know. This forum is for brand and product questions, not shipping questions.
    Sale starts and i don΄t have received renewal notices.....

    As i wrote in another tread i`m still waiting for a renewal e-mail for my 2x Motu 2012 Subs.

    I can`t look in my order history because my history don΄t work anymore since 6 months.

    Don`t know what to do?

    Wrote about the problem to DR but got no answer.

    You need to call CS. This forum is for brand and product questions not shipping questions.
    Not billed for my sub this month

    I’m a sub holder and haven’t been billed or received notification of shipping for September's figures and my order has been processing since the 12th. Other members at the org. also seem to be in the same position.

    With the figures now being on sale, I’m uncertain if I should just pick them up or hold out for my subscription? I don’t want to miss out on these great toys but don’t really want to pay for them twice and being stuck with more than I need either.

    Any clarification from the nice folks at Mattel would be great.

    P.S.: This wouldn’t have anything to do with figures mistakenly going on sale early would it?

    You will need to call CS. This forum is for brand and product questions, not shipping questions.
    Add another to the list of subs that did not renew this month.

    Are there any updates on when ALL subs will renew? I have 2 MOTUC and 1 DCIE that should have renewed by now. I know it's not your fault or your job, TG, but we all rely on you to advocate for us and keep us informed. A lot of us are nervous, since Mekaneck sold out and the Snake Men seem to have disappeared. Any info would be much appreciated by the many who are affected by this oversight on Digital River's (I assume) part. Thank you.

    EDIT: Received a very welcome unsolicited email from Digital River regarding this issue a couple of hours after posting. The message is that my order's shipping should process between now and 9/20.

    Another customer in limbo

    On the 9th, I received 2 emails that the 4 Club Eternia and 1 Club Infinite Earth Subs were renewing.

    It's now the 17th, Mekaneck is sold out, everything else is listed as "almost gone", and I have nothing except an "order in process" note on my order history for nearly $400 worth of product. Please Help!

    EDIT (about 3 hours later): Thank you Digital River for sending me an email update with status (within 2 hours of me posting this), I really appreciate that and this was amazingly fast customer service.

    Power Con - Anything else for sale beyond Sorceress?

    Forgive me if this has been asked and answered but I couldn't find it discussed here.

    At Power Con this weekend will there be anything on sale from Mattel directly beyond the Temple of Darkness Sorceress? I'm trying to budget how much money to have available for the weekend.

    No, Mattel is only selling TOS Sorceress.
    The Imp issue

    The little red dude with the bat wings that is packaged with Hordak, I always believed this to be the "classitisized" version of Imp. What I'm asking is; Who is this little red dude with the bat wings that is packaged with Hordak?

    A little bat friend Hordak had on Preternia before he was banished to Eternos and met Imp.
    How Do You Feel?

    Today I bought the Snake Men 2 pack and the JLU pack and my overall total was $93. How, as a collector, does that make you feel? I love these toys but man they are really expensive.

    And if we had more customers they would not cost so much. The reason they are expensive is because of how few we make. The fewer we make the more it costs to make. I wish we could make more and charge less but the numbers simply are not there.
    shipping when??

    Just wondering, how come some sub holders didnt receive a shipping notice yet?

    I don't know. I don't have access to this info. I need a specific order number and shipping number to research specifics. This forum is for brand questions not shipping questions. I am not the shipping manager I handle the product.
    Why isn't Digital River shipping Subscribers Items yet and it's 9/18/12

    One of the perks of haveing a subscription is that our orders should ship out TWO DAYS prior to sale day. Why is it Digital River NEVER does this? Why do we Subscribers have to be at Digital Rivers mercy and have to wait till they get good and ready to ship out our subscriptions?

    Customer service knows nothing they just say i'm sorry for the inconvenience but we show your order is in process. DUH! My order has been in process since Friday. Scott you are in charge of Matty Collector and this is an issue you need to adress with Digital River and make them understand the subscriptions ship out two days prior to sale day not that they start processing the subscriptions two days prior to sale day and hang the customer till they get good and ready to ship out our product which is already paid for.

    Please have Digital River get with the Program?

    We do everything we can to ship sub orders early whenever possible.
    Canadian Shipping 2nd Request

    ok, as Canadians we have asked this question more times then i can count and it's always ignored. Please read the question and advise. All packages that are shipped to Canada for some reason are being shipped to Sweden and then shipped back to Canada, hence the 30+ days to arrive. I don't know if Digital river thinks because Canada is "International" that we are located in Euro somewhere..they do know that we are located just over the US boarder right??? shipping from Cali or wherever in the US to Canada should not not more then 10-14 business days to arrive via international Post.

    Can someone please look into this and advise as it's getting very frustrating that no one answers our questions

    If you can provide an exact shipping number and order number we can look into this. Otherwise I don't have enough info to review this with DR.
    Next One with a subscription without a shipping mail... Germany.

    Text from "gummi"

    I figure if enough people post here, maybe we'll get some kind of official response. I'd just like to echo the frustration of so many others on the subscription shipping issues. How in the world can you justify the fact that Digital River shipped out orders that were placed due to their own error several days prior to shipping out sub orders? It's now the day after the sale, everything but DB Skeletor is sold out, and I'm still sitting here wondering if my sub is going to ship. Scott, if you're reading this, the whole situation is a real slap in the face to subscription holders, especially after all of the crying and begging that was done last month.

    It was an error. Less than 50 orders were shipped. A tiny fraction of the quota. Mistakes happen.
    King He-Man Question?

    Hello ToyGuru, Do you know if King He-man's Cape is removable Like King Grayskull... if is removable Awesome!!

    I'm not sure. We don't have a tooling model yet but hopefully an update soon.
    Sword of Power Lightning -- Inspired by T-Punch He-man

    I know I am new but I am a long time fan and I have a question/suggestion. I was toying around with my Classics He-man trying to get him in his traditional "He-man stance" from the transformation sequence and after about 30 minutes of screwing around trying to get it right I had an idea...

    Thunderpunch He-man has this badass lightning on his fist so would it be hard to make something like that we could clasp onto the sword of power so that we could get this awesome lightning effect going on?

    It might be a stupid idea but I just thought I'd ask.

    That would be cool but no plans to announce right now!
    Email address STILL not changed and I think I know why

    Not sure if you remember me or not but a month ago I posted here as a last resort to get some help to have my email address changed after having been unsuccessful with DR CS for over 3 months. Long story short we all thought we resolved the issue...that was until yesterday.

    Yesterday I received my monthly shipping notice to my Old email. I think I know the issue, last week I received my pre-sale email which was sent to my correct New address but the shipping notice email was sent to my old address. I believe DR is using 2 different databases from which the 2 email systems draw the customer addresses. The pre-sale email was updated correctly but not the shipping notice database.

    This is just a theory but I am a Digital Marketing manager and I deal with these type of issues from clients all the time and given the issue its the only answer I can think of.

    Not sure what the resolution is here seeing as how this is now month 4 of this issue but any more help you could provide would be very much appreciated as my old email account will be permanently deleted next month and I would like everything from Matty to goto my new email.

    It is possible. I don't really have access to this info so best to call CS to have them quickly resolve.
    Shipping shipping shipping

    Things will ship when they ship, so asking when a bundle will ship is a moot point. I have never worried about it at all, because usually things ship within a week.

    However, as others have pointed out, subscribers are supposed to have the benefit of having our orders ship prior to sale date. This entire year, that has only happened once, and it was Sir Laser-Lot last month. Usually, my own bundle ships *on* sale day. Others are not so lucky.

    Delays happen, and you have been really good about telling us if a figure or figures are delayed and will slow down, so things happen. But when everything is on schedule, (aside from not getting any emails at all either,) we should really start getting what Mattel promises us in the fact we get early shipping on our products.

    Please help us with this issue.

    Yes, our goal is to ship sub orders first whenever possible.
    Ask Matty follow up question

    on a Recent ask Matty the following question was asked:

    quote: Arthur asks: Very impressed with Strobo and Jitsu. Any chance of repaints of Jitsu's armor and Strobo's cape to recreate the vintage King Randor look?

    and the following answer was given:

    quote: Matty: You can just buy the Classics Randor figure we released 2 years ago!

    I'd like to clarify something with the following pic:

    Now with that said: Is it possible to get a repainted Jitsu Armor and Strobo cape in vintage Randor colors on a weapons pak? That way we can have a 98% Vintage Toy Accurate Randor...

    I do see what you are saying, but no, with the very few skus I expect to get in 2014 I don't see this being a priority unless a huge amount of fans get behind this.
    Snake-Men follow up

    With the Snake-Men selling out faster than Dragon Blaster Skeletor, does it give you more hope for the line? I know sub sales were still down overall, but that must be nice to see an item never offered before selling out faster than vintage a toy.

    PS More Snake-Men please! I want, no, need, a green and red Snake-Men 2-pack!

    It is always good when a figure sells out! But in the end, the subs drive the sales now. Day of is a very small portion.
    A question about NYCC?

    I will be attending NYCC, but I was wondering on which day the Matty Panel will occur, and at what time.

    I live and work in NYC, and need to know if I can attend the panel. I have to put in a request to make sure I have the time free from work.

    As soon as NYCC tells us we will let fans know. It is not our choice.

    Toy Guru:
    Could you consider RIO BLAST as a Latino caracter ????

    Personally the vintage figure or Staction does not look Lation to me. But I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion!
    Completely Sold Figures - Can You Atleast Mark Them "Gone For Good" ?

    Why not mark them as “Gone For Good” ?? I think it will help a lot of fans to try their missing figures on outside markets such as eBay instead of hoping & waiting to get them here at Matty Collector !

    Many of us are waiting month after month for left over reissues, while some have their luck of getting their desired ones, some are terribly disappointed of not seeing theirs !

    I mean, Isn’t it like making the fans foolish enough to believe that they may have an opertunity to score figures like Fisto (a figure which has been completely sold out, Including CS Left Overs - OFFICIALLY) here at Matty on one fine day ?

    Think About It Scott !!!

    We are working through a lot of inventory right now. It is possible we may do this as early as Spring 2013, but to manage expectations we won't be noting something like this any earlier.
    Toy Guru, I really have to say.....

    .....THANK YOU!

    Thank you for bringing back my childhood memories.
    Thank you for the awesome surprise in my mailbox every month.
    Thank you for sticking with MOTU Classics through thick and thin.
    Thank you for dedicating your personal time to the fans on this forum.
    Thank you for listening to our feedback....and following through (Snake Man-At-Arms and Keldor swords I'm looking at you!).
    Thank you for the battles you fight everyday.
    Thank you for everything you've done for the brand.
    And finally....thank you for reading this

    You are most welcome!
    Yes, even X-OR trust toyguru+question

    People knowing me know when i say something good(rare) it's because i am honnest, when i don't like something, i say it
    Maybe you saw my sub support banner, you said by 2014 we could get characters selection based on Vintage and pop essentials figures.
    I trusted you, i have a sub
    I still trust you, you're a fan, you will do whatever you can for the line

    i just want to say 3 things

    First thank you
    second Crybabies from fan sites are not the ultimate representation of customers feelings, sure stinkor's reversed arms is bad but there are some people who love their figures even with a minor issue like a bent loincloth or a small black paint mark on the toys.
    It's minor and easily fixed.
    My bro is happy with his stinkor by the way and my godess and my snout spout are in very good conditions

    Yes, you deserve credit for Keldor swords and comments like "you have paycheck" are ****** because you could have got your check without fighting for FANS against management decisions, so thank you for this

    Finally, my question

    As a POP-fan, sub holder, who is trusting you on your words, and IF there is a line in 2014 or beyond of course, am i right if i say the horde would feel incomplete without Entrapta?
    I think of her since i saw the removable mini horde emblem on FFM woman...

    Thank you again and i think Frosta is great so one more thank

    Entrapa would be great. We'll have to see how many skus we get in 2014. Heck, there could still be a 2015, a 2016 and beyond. We just don't know at this point and I'd love to see EVERY figure fans want in the line in time!
    A letter to TG

    I've seen a great deal of, lets call it hate mail you've been receiving here lately. I just wanted to say that while there are some issues with the line, it's a vocal minority of people with entitlement issues who are projecting this vast quantity of hate.

    I'm not an apologist. I'm not saying everything you do is perfect, and we should praise the ground you walk on. Nor am I saying the same thing about Mattel. What I am saying is you do your best, (your current actions to rectify the Black plastic issue is an excellent example) and we, the silent Majority really REALLY do appreciate this line, and what it represents to our respective "inner child". And we DO appreciate everything you do to keep this line going, and make it the BEST line it can realistically be.

    And that's the Key. the best line it can REALISTICALLY be. It seems some fans want Solid gold figures, with diamond cores, sculpted with 100% original tooling every single time, with 47 accessories each. Hand delivered to their door by John Erwin, wearing the He-man outfit. But they don't want to pay more then 10 Dollars a figure, because that's what other companies charge for mass market releases, and there is "soo little difference" between that, and a Collector targeted line". Also they don't want 1 figure a month, they want 30, but the only want them from their chosen " pet series". Only new adventures figures, or only vintage, or only 200x. Should a figure get made that is not part of their chosen mythos, look out, it's pitchfork and torch time. It's irrelevant that Some people do want that figure , who's sales and parts re-use allowed them to get their umpteenth variant of whomever that required new tooling, oh no.

    Is that an exaggeration? A little bit, yes. But much like Jonathan Swift, sometimes I feel a bit of absurdity helps to put things into perspective.

    Me, my personal preference is the MYP series. Though, I've bought the subscription every year it's been offered, except the first 1/2 year sub. And I love just about every one of them. Some figures are a little underwhelming to me personally, But I get that the same figure might mean a great deal to someone else. I do wish others would take a few seconds sometimes, and think about what they're typing out before they hit the send button. Sadly, it seems that regular person + anonymity of the internet = Giant jerk in many cases.

    My point, Scott, is this. Take to heart the words attributed to Winston Churchill in regards to how he dealt with a group of hate-mongers in the 30's and 40's. "Never, never, never give up. Never Give in."

    We love the line, we love what you do. Keep doing your best, and we will keep buying.

    The Real Fans

    I love it too. Gold and diamond encrusted or not!
    Toy Guru I need your help

    I called customer service to know if my order for Dragon Blaster Skeletor and snakemen 2 pack will be cancelled and they say it won't be cancelled because it says order in process. I'm worried because I read on here that you said they will be and I'm fine with that except for the fact that if they are the money won't be on my card for Monday. The didn't know what I was talking about. I told her if its going to be cancelled can I do it now so the hold of my money will be taken off, so the money will be available.

    I ordered 1 of each and not a ****** load so I can sell on ebay. I don't care that they made a mistake, I'm fine with that, not mad at all. I want don't want to be stuck with extra figures and I don't want to sit and think these figures are coming when they're not and then get screwed because they're sold out

    We are doing our best to contact all customers who placed and accidental order. Only a very small amount actually got mailed before we noted the error and stoped all orders. We will do our best to notify all customers who placed an accidental order to note that it was canceled and refunded.
    Figure reviews

    This may seem a stupid question but I really think it would be awesome...

    We all know that you and Pixel Dan are friends so would you consider do a figure review together with him?

    You could increment a lot of info on the review and wipe out many fan questions in a row by telling about some details on the same video.

    The "comparison time" would be also perfect for you to tell fans, along with Dan, the design options and this could make people understand easily those options. (I'm not saying the fans would... just saying they could understand more)

    Even so it would be cool to see some reviews with you 2 and only thinking the huge amount of info that could be brought in to that reviews it would totally rock! (Don't need to be Mattel official)

    I don't know if would be possible even geographically but it would be really really cool from my perspective.

    Thank you

    Alas we are in different states so it is a little hard to film togehter outside of a convention. Maybe we can do one together at power con.
    Rest of us out of luck for 9/17 sale???

    Well it appears that ppl on are reporting there "error/early access on 9/11" for the 9/17 sale items are indeed shipping out now...

    So I have to ask...
    Does that now leave all of the rest of us who didnt "watchdog" the sale page for early sale access/site update errors for early shopping... out in the cold?

    I am very curious if you can clarify whats going on.

    I am just concerned that this will end up as another error early access/fisto style incident and those of us who are getting by with "day of sales" till next year an our subs kick in will be left high an dry and out of luck on the actual 9/17 sale date for the Snake men, Mekaneck, DragonBlaster Skeletor sales?

    [If] all early "error" orders are being filled anyway, will more stock of these items put on backorder if it comes up short to fill the "Day Of" sales on the [actual] sale date now?

    I hope you can clarify more as to whats going on.

    Only about 50 orders went out when this accident occured. We canceled and refunded the fast majority. Sometimes mistakes happen and this was one. We tried our best to minimized as much as we could. We did not intent to sell product early and the great majority of these were canceled and refunded.

    Just wanted to say that I appreciate the time that you put into this line. I know some of us may ask the same question over and over, but thats because we love this line and can't wait for our favorite figure. CC was the 1st action figure I bought with my own money from a local K-mart that I had to walk to at the age of 10(Man.. did I get in trouble for that, a story for the grandkids). Sorry for the ranting, cant wait to read Clamp Champ's bio. Did you ever find out why in the mini comic they spelled his name Klamp instead of Clamp?

    I'm guessing it was just an error. I was not at Mattel at the time so I realyl don't have access to this type of info.
    Early access error, people's orders being shipped???

    Really?? Are people's orders that were supposed to be cancelled and refunded actually in the mail on their way to their new homes???

    This is why you catch so much flack...

    All I know is I better get my September sub figures.

    About 50 orders did go out, but the majority of accidental orders were canceled and refunds will be given. It was an error and we moved as quick as possible to correct.
    Another design choice question

    Scott you know what people want and expect extra items like He-Mans sword, Panthors helmet, the orb are good and fun but they're extras it doesn't change things but changing forearms and such things makes people get all mad and hate the line and you and mattel. I personally don't mind the subtle changes and do feel people overreact all the time,

    So my question is why not tell Ruben that the fans don't like when things are changed

    I just hope that you and management don't think that the loud mouths are the only fans and that more fans are pleased with the things you do despite not being as vocal

    I pass comments to Ruben all the time and while he doesn't post he reads a lot of the threads. But in the end, MOTUC are his toys to design and it is not my job to tell him how to do his job. I do pass along suggestions online, but I can't force him to do anything. That just isn't how Mattel works.
    Stop Motion Animation question

    I have a bit of a random question which I hope doesn't get lost in the crowd.

    I'm a lecturer at a University in New Zealand and (as a personal project - non-academic) I've created a stop motion music video featuring seven of the MOTUC action figures.

    It's a big / slightly camp music video, animated at 12 frames per second, and is my first attempt at stop motion and my first (completed) music video.

    My question is: Do I need special permission to use these figures for a video that I plan on (hopefully if I get rights to the song) uploading to Youtube or possibly a stop motion festival. The video doesn't feature any questionable actions / scenes / shots and would, at a stretch be PG. I would ofcourse add any symbols / site names at the end with the credits but I just wanted to know your general thoughts.

    Honestly, I don't know the legal issues. I'll ask Seth and Matt next time I see them how they do it.
    Another Stop Motion question

    Thank you so much Scott.

    Um, could maybe I contact Seth and Matt - I could get in touch with them directly and explain my situation - saving you the hassle. Is there a way you'd be able to tell me their last names - I'll try and find them within Mattel US

    Sorry. I'm not really at liberty to give out their private contact info. But I'm sure you can drop a line on the RC Facebook page etc...
    Fangman neckpiece question

    Hey Scott, I wondered: the position of Fangman's head is quite different from the other figures. Would it be possible to show us how exactly his head connects to his body in a picture? Will it be possible to swap his head with other figures without looking to odd? A small picture of a headless figure would be GREAT! (maybe at Power Con?)

    As soon as we have a first shot sample I'll do a video!
    Snake Men 2-Pack

    Tricked ya! I just wanted to say while I don't agree with all the design choices and some of the choices when it comes to character selection but I really appreciate all the work you've done and, hopefully, will continue to do.

    I spend a somewhat obscene amount of money on toys from various companies and lines. Lego to Transformers, Japanese Status to minimates, silly Wii games to MOTUC and a lot more. Nothing gets me more excited than my monthly Mattycollector order arriving. When I'm critical of the line, and I hope I speak for most outspoken fans here, it's because I have such high standards of the line; as I know you do too. You have been consistently making some of the best toys on the market, and I hope you get to keep on helping these get to out door step for many more years.

    PS Snake Men 2-Pack is like, the greatest troop builder set ever in any toyline, and I kind of hate you for making it easy to buy multiple sets!

    If we had more fans like you, the line would have no end in sight!
    MOTUC Evilseed

    This is my first post and I just wanted to quickly take the time before my question to thank Scott and the Matty team for providing this forum where we can post our questions. Not many other toy companies do that and it is a credit to you guys that we have an avenue for our ponderings here.

    I was just wondering about Evilseed.

    I understand that going forward with MOTUC we will see less skews and as a result 200X characters are competing with Filmation for spots now (You have previously mentioned the line will focus on vintage and key animated characters going forward) Evilseed fits the bill for a key animated character, but I doubt we will see both his filmation and 200X versions in the line due to the limited slot availability - so the question is, which one of the two is more likely to get made?

    I know you "may not have an Evilseed figure planned so these discussions may have simply not taken place" but he is a really cool character and I for one would hate the 200X design to not get a representation in MOTUC. Could he possibly get the double head treatment do you think?

    Thanks again for this line, there are a lot of fans like myself who are not as active on the boards but LOVE everything about these toys.

    As a character who was in both Filmation and 200X he kinda has two cards in the reaping bowl. So that does increase his chances a bit. But no guarantees. Nothing to announce now at least.
    Toy Guru

    Is there any new blogs coming before powercon

    I have three more written. They are all with proofing still.
    Jitsu's Weapons

    I know someone already once questioned why Jitsu was given a pair of Kama despite the fact that he will not be able to hold them both at the same time. And it's also not like his vintage toy came with them.

    Due to their similarities, I can't help but compare him to Fisto, who's figure was given an extra belt and giant sword, both inspired by his 200X look. Jitsu also got a 200X look made into a figure by NECA, and there he got his kama (I would imagine these were the inspiration for the MotUC Jitsu's kama), but he also came with a long katana. For further similarities between them, I think it would have been great if Jitsu were to come with his 200X "belt" and katana instead of the kama.

    Now, I'm assuming he's not going to come with any other accessories besides his repainted vintage sword and his two kama, so I'm also going to assume neither a belt nor a katana as a secret accessory is on the table for him, but would it be possible for something like both of those to be included in a future release, whether it be a Weapons Pack or Armour Pack (as was discussed though of course not confirmed)? And another question, though I'm not sure you'd be the person to ask, why were his accessories not chosen so that he would parallel Fisto even more than just the hands and vintage swords?

    Also, NECA Jitsu pictured for reference.

    The two smaller swords were a nod to the Staction. All of the accessories were the suggestion of the Horsemen in this case.
    Digital River put the 9/17/sale day items as available to purchase on 9/11/12

    Scott it would seem from this thread that Digital River put the sale day items on sale by accident this evening 9/11/12 and people bought up snakemen two packs and other sale day items they shouldn't have been able to purchase.

    Since this was not supposed to happen today 9/11/12 is Mattel going to cancel those orders so that everyone has a fair shot at the sale day Items?

    Yes. This was an error and all sales will be canceled and refunded.
    Thank You

    Hello Scott,

    I want to chime in with other fellow collectors and send a big Thank You to you for all your efforts and outstanding results in the form of the MOTUC line!

    It's obvious that this is an extremely challenging role PR wise. To say that 'not everyone one can be pleased' is an understatement in the MOTUC fan realm. It's so tiring as a fan to see this festering whirlpool of negative energy grow ever day.

    Hang in there and keep releasing cool MOTUC figures! Can't wait to get multiple packs of Snakemen this month!

    These short sighted, tantrum throwing, leaky diaper toddlers will realize how good they had it once books on this line are closed.

    AS long as we have enough customers, I'll do all I can to keep the line going!
    Scott...thank you

    "I can't think of any line that generates so much negative feelings over issues that are not life changing. Do I even need to bring up that crappy Thundercats line Bandai put out? How about that Luke that had his hair sculpted the wrong direction and a cloak that was totally off model. Yes MOTUC has had issues, but not issues that I think are worthy of the amount of negativity that sometimes generates. Other lines tend to skate by while MOTUC fans just want to throw everything under the bus as quick as they can.

    All of this winds up being not very good reasons to keep a line going. (do you not realize how cool it is that we are even GETTING new MOTU each month? Remember what it was like in 2004-2007? Nothing new. very easy to take what we are getting for granted)"

    I am so happy to see you say this. The internet has given birth to a society of angry malcontents who think because they have a forum they need to spread their own misery. Do not let them get you down, they are few and they are loud, but the majority of fans love the line and the job you and your team do to maximize this lines, and DC's, potential. This is the greatest resource to fans, and while no line is perfect, this line comes close. Don't allow these fans to effect the future of this line.

    How can we fans who are not spoiled entitled malcontents help?

    We should make Angry Malcontent action figure army builder sets. One can be Scalpor in disguise!

    Thanks for the kind words.
    Snout Spout Replacement Head... When Mattel, When?

    I just checked my Snout Spout figure. He has sat in a ziploc baggie since the day I got him with no pressure on his trunk. I've never posed his trunk, in fact I've never even so much as touched his trunk and it now has a huge crack right at the base.

    So my question is, when is Mattel going to do the right thing and start supplying those customers who have defective Snout Spouts with new heads that have been made properly?

    Please don't tell me about refunds after returning defective figures or whatever because that is not an acceptable solution. First of all, that means we will have paid for shipping twice just to get a refund on the figure not the shipping expenses, so no one in their right mind would ever take this option and all it represents is an easy out for Mattel. People want a proper Snout Spout figure that has a non-defective trunk.

    If a whole head replacement is not in the cards, at the very least Mattel should issue plastic-based trunks that we can glue on or somehow attach to our figures after removing the defective trunk.

    I'd like to see some action on this, it would build a whole lot of goodwill with the fan base and be an opportunity to make amends for some of the issues that have recently plagued the line. Thank you.

    We can get you a replacement Snout Spout as long as we have stock, but we don't have replacement heads. I wish it was something we could do, but alas not in the cards. I loose more battles than I win with management on this line, trust me. The number of things I have pitched vs what has gotten approved is not at all comparable!

    (and before someone asks "what were those things", I can't share unapproved concepts, but you can imagine if fans have asked for it, I've tried to pitch it once if not multiple times over the years.- I have way less power over this line than people give me credit for!)
    Please reply ToyGuru

    So I entered on ask matty and I see many people saying you go out on managin motuc, whats up man?

    I have to be honnest, I don't like many of your decisions, some options etc. But why are all this people saying something like that?

    Its your work and your project. You made it start and made it this far so don't go.

    Now that you are about to give us our most requested figures?? This is madness!

    Please see that black plastic thing and help us have a complete collection with all vintage motu, pop, na and most requested filmation... After that you can leave to where ever you want ok?

    Please reply saying I can rest my head at night knowing the line will comtinue with the same stories and style that always have.

    As long as I am on the brand my intent is to keep the 6" line going.
    Design Needs to be Restricted

    Why is Design being allowed to take artistic liberties with the 4 horsemen sculpts? Cost/Safety etc. are things I can Design needing to intervene on, but why are they looking at forearm position? There isn't a need for them to change things like that, and it seems almost as if they are being used as a scapegoat for incorrectly assembled figures. However if they are being allowed to take such artistic liberties, maybe it's time they were told not to and just stick with making the figures cost effective/safety regulation compliant?

    Let me see if I can explain this one a little better.

    Think of MOTUC as a movie. If that were so, I would be the producer, Ruben is the director and the Horsemen are the actors.

    It is Ruben's job (as dictated by management and Mattel structure) to translate the Horsemen's sculpts into articulated manufactured product (i.e. action figures).

    Many times factors be it costs, artistic desire or even accident can affect things Ruben (or whomever is in the design seat)does. Sometimes fans have really liked these things (like when Terry darkened Shadow Weaver's robe), other times not as much (like when Ruben moved around Stinkor's glove).

    But the bottom line is that it is Ruben's JOB to do these things. Much as a Director owns the artistic vision for a film. The actor (sculptor) can suggest things or provide a good starting point, but it is ultimately the director (designer) who creates the figure.

    We do work as a team on MOTUC and lots of folks from across the group have contributed over the years I even got to suggest two accessories that were created, Panthor's helmet and King He-Man's sword, and I remember TC our previous engineer came up with the Orb of Grayskull concept).So we all chip in a bit.

    I hope this clarifies. If you are expecting the Horsemen sculpts to be 100% the toy, I honestly just suggest managing your expectations. The Horsemen are great sculptors, but in the end it is Ruben's (or whomever is the lead designer's) toy.
    Any Latinos in the Master's universe?

    Hi, I'd like to start by saying that I LOVE what you've done with the line! Ever since I first saw King Grayskull, I loved the line and even more when a fan is behind it.

    Any ways, I'd like to ask this question; will Mattle ever make a Latino Master? We've seen all type of ethnics in the He-Man universe from black and white to humanoid animals. I know for a fact that there are a LOT of Latino fans cause even my old man knows who He-Man is and loves the line almost as much as I do.

    Thanks again for making this line so awesome and hope it goes beyond next year!

    I'd love to see more diversity in the line. I know that if we get a 2014 line we want to concentrate on the vintage figures and key animated figures. A Latino character might require an all new character (unless someone knows of an existing one I am overlooking) and we won't be concentrating on new characters in 2014.
    Hey Scott,

    Look, we fans do on occasion, for lack of a better phrase, bust your balls over issues with the MOTUC figures. You aren't the one building the figures personally, and things will happen, but you have always tried to fix what can be fixed, and you have given us great surprises in the line as well.

    I have been one of the fans who complain about figures from time to time, but I think why all fans tend to do this is that we all want the MOTU brand to be the absolute best that it could be, and for this one toy line, fans have a direct link to someone on the inside to vent to. So don't take us too personally, especially the ones (maybe 1-3%) who have nothing better to do than attack you directly for things you had no control over.

    Don't ever leave us or the line Scott. And don't let any of us get you down. You're only human, and dealing with us can be frustrating at times (heck I read these posts and I can't believe half the things people say,) but the bottom line is you have done very well by us and this line. Maybe we should make more posts giving you your due credit from time to time, instead of just complaining.

    I'll stay on the brand as long as management will let me. I imagine if someone else took over they would most likley revamp the entire line and so somethig completely new to give fans an all new way to collect. I can't guarantee that, but from 7 years experience here, new brand managers tend to mean new directions.

    To manage expectations, how many reveals can we expect at Powercon?

    1 or 2. We revealed so much at SDCC and have fewer items in 2013 (due to combining quarterly beasts and variants into one slow and not have the 30th sub line in 2013).
    Netossa - Feedback for Mattel Design/Ruben

    If possible, would you please pass along the following to Mattel Design/Ruben in respect of MOTUC Netossa:

    - would it be possible for the "bright white" used on Bubble Power She-Ra to be used for Netossa's bodice, lower arm guards and boots (as opposed to the "dull white" used on Frosta); and

    - would it be possible for Mattel Design to confirm whether or not Netossa's head fans/fins/wings will be attached to the collar of her cape (Toyguru previously indicated on 20 August 2012 in response to a question posed by DavidLogan that this had not yet been determined).

    I appreciate that you have previously suggested that fans provide their feedback to Mattel Design/Ruben at SDCC and Power Con, however as an international fan I am unable to attend US conventions.

    Thank you.

    I'll be sure to pass your comments along.
    Why Did Design have the right to ruin Frosta?

    Hello, You keep Blaming Design for altering Frosta (and many others)...why Have design that Right?

    If The Figures truly are -as you always remind us - left solely to the 4H to design and can someone who is here simply to translate the Figures into allowed to mess with the Four Horsemans Far superior designs?

    Frosta on 1st reveal had a bad face app...everyone knew that..the 4H stated it was fixed straight after NYTF.Then she left the 4H studio Bright white,Fully bodiced and great colors....

    who let 'Design' Change colors,change concepts (Dark blue translucent hair...Really?? No it is not 'Keen')

    Either the 4H are responsible for MOTUC or Design are...Please draw a line in the sand once and for all.

    I am not blaming design, I am stating facts. Whether for artstic reasons or cost reasons or any other reason, Design has to make choices on how to translate a prototype statue into an articulated hand made figure. Not always easy choices, but that is what their job is.
    Jitsu's hand

    I just wonder, if Jitsu is able to move the fingers of his right hand. I'm not meaning the action figure, I just mean ... well, the character Jitsu himself.
    Is his hand a solid golden object or some kind of bionic prothesis.

    If this fact is revealed in his bios, that answer would be enough for me ...

    Thank you for this wonderful line!

    No. His hand does not have posable fingers. Same as the vintage toy in that regard. (see this is a legit question and the type of question this forum is designed for!)
    To TG:

    You wrote, "Sales are down, all most online fans do is complain, and people are very negative all the time. *Now don't get me wrong, there are clearly some issues to complain about. But come on. Look at any other collector lines. I can't think of any line that generates so much negative feelings over issues that are not life changing. Do I even need to bring up that crappy Thundercats line Bandai put out? How about that Luke that had his hair sculpted the wrong direction and a cloak that was totally off model. Yes MOTUC has had issues, but not issues that I think are worthy of the amount of negativity that sometimes generates. Other lines tend to skate by while MOTUC fans just want to throw everything under the bus as quick as they can."

    I totally agree with you about QC from other lines. It's unfortunate that the self entitlement and the negativity is the most prominent things on the MOTUC boards. The people that find the constant issues to ****** about will whine the loudest. People like me, however, who have faced a few QC issues are actually happy with the line and everything we have gotten (I buy two of everything - can I afford it? Yes, because I know what's coming and I've budgeted...a very simple thing to do).

    The people who are happy with the line, I think, tend to stay away from the negativity, read the posts of the same people complaining all the time and shake their head. I agree, it's awesome we get these toys at all and you can't make everyone happy all the time. Are there things and design choices that I would have changed for my own preference? Of course.

    Bottom line, Scott, don't feed into the negativity and keep your head up high for the great job you and the crew do. You can't be 100% accountable if someone overseas is ticked, not doing THEIR job right and assembles some figures poorly, or the paint is messed up. There are things, especially with DR and some QC that can be worked on, but you've acknowledged this.

    People need to simmer. Pat yourself on the back and remember, it's unfortunate that the people that are happy and content don't post nearly enough as those who constantly complain.

    Long live MOTUC!!!
    (Sorry for the diatribe...keep you responses happy and positive - don't give into to other people's crap).

    Yup! I'm all positive. I love MOTUC!
    Will you be attending NYCC?

    Just wondering if any of the big names attached to MOTUC will be attending NYCC this year? Last year was a blast, and bugging the nice lady at the desk about why it took so long for x or y character to get made was fun and all, but man, I'd love to shake the hands of some real Eternian Heroes. And, uh, also annoy you with questions about Stridor.

    Either way I just want to thank you for all you, the Horsemen, and the men and women behind the scenes have done to return us to a time when all men were beefcakes and wild Orkos roamed the countryside.

    Yes, I will be there and we will give a MOTU fan panel.
    Whiney Fans... and all that this entails

    First off, thank you so much for your recent reply to my inquiry about the potential loss of a 2014 line.

    I certainly empathize with your concern that many fans these days have gone from happy and greatful that a line exists at all to downright nasty, whiney, sniping, and griping of late. Just like you I read the various messageboards and can certainly see the writing on the wall, that fans (those that remain) have become all but biter in the face of what they term earth-shattering issues. Are they earth-shattering (i.e., switched shoulders, dull white costumes, goggles a millimeter too high, etc.)? Absolutely not. But fans are a fickle and whiney lot, as you well know. Yes, I agree that it would be ridiculous to pretend the animous doesn't exist, but is it all that exists in this line? Heck no!

    I beg you to please not let this vocal yet hopefully minor nuisance crowd of whiners dissuade you from your mission of getting these great toys to market, and as many as humanly possible. I know Mattel has been working out its various QC and customer service oriented snafus of late and for that I am heartily greatful as are others I'm sure. But please stay the course and don't give up on this line. I realize I am one voice amongst the choir, but I feel given a little more time for others to see the improvements that I know are already working their way into the pipeline the negativity CAN change back into support and adoration. I subbed in 3 more times than I needed in 2013 just to prove that I know things can change. I know you support this line through and through and I have faith in that and in you, but ask for some measure of reassurance from you that you will continue to push forward and push for more product in spite of the haters. They suck... but this line doesn't. End rant.

    Mattycollector site updates

    When will the site get more updates like more MOTUC wallpapers?
    And when will see more of the Alvin Lee art we saw at SDCC like Hordak, Orko and She-Ra?

    Right now we are putting all our resources into the my sub page. Once that is up we can look at other upgrades.
    Sale update for Sept 17 items

    Can u let the powers that be know that we need clearer pictures and information for the Sept 17 items? The top page link just goes back to the news section. I just want a bio and better pics to see if I want black mask or not but I am sure other customers want better pics and the sale is less than a week away. I think somebody is asleep at the wheel a little. Thank you

    I'll pass this along!
    Thanks to Toy Guru for the best line motu

    In this moment of negativity, I want to thank to Toy Guru and Mattel for giving me the opportunity to have again after so many years my favorite figures from my childhood.
    Very few times I have had problems with the quality of some figure, and when I've had, I've always gotten a positive response from Digital River and got a replacement figure.
    I hope the collection follow a few more years, and enjoy all the characters that remain out.
    I do not want a line as good as this, ends abruptly.
    Thanks again for giving me the illusion every month to get my hands on these figures.

    I feel that way too. There will always be issues, but man as a whole, what an amazing line this has been!
    Thank you for all your hard work

    I tried to post this in private messaging a few weeks ago but am not sure if it worked so, "I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for all you do for the MOTU and Ghostbusters lines. All I see on these boards are complaints in your direction and I just wanted you to know that some of us really appreciate how much you've accomplished to help our toy shelves. I'm hoping that somehow you guys can get through the base MOTU figures and a proton pack replica within a few years but if not, I'm happy for what I've been able to get. I'm just a lurker and cherry-picker (all I can afford with four kids) so my opinion may not be worth much, but thanks again anyways."

    You are most welcome! (I'm just in it for the toys~!)
    About recent events, this is for Toyguru...

    Well, seems that the latest answers have shaken all the M.o.t.U.C. fans but, hey, let's try to calm down the tides...

    First of all, thanks for answering the question I left for you about Frosta's unpainted back (I still think she deserves complete painting anyway).

    I'm a recent M.o.t.U.C. collector, I started this year, but I managed to get my figures each month, I've got my 2013 sub and actually, I'm catching up with previous figures, is not gonna be that easy to fill all the blank spaces at once, but I have time, hehehe, also, I became a complete collector recently (I wasn't into variants, N.A, or 200X but I think a few MOC figures would look good, so I'm now hunting those figures too).

    About your answers, Scott, well, 2 left feet (or right) in a figure, is not a minor issue, I got my (yellow) Evil-Lyn last month, and she comes with 2 same forearms, hands are fine, but she looks odd... Is not that bad, but, I wish she hadn't that problem, is REALLY frustrating when you see repeated pieces on the figure.

    Let's not compare to another lines (Like those ugly Thundercats or those awful SW), simply, we're talking about M.o.t.U.C, let's try to take the line to another level, let's try to turn the line into the best toyline ever, even more outstanding than it is now, with an amazing quality.

    Yeah, it is really cool to get a new figure each month, but sometimes is really disappointing to see the figure is not what you expect, I want Frosta, I like her, but I don't expect her as much as I did now I've seen her unpainted back, believe me, I'm gonna like her, but it's not cool that some "John Doe" design guy ruins one of your favorites, I want my Great Rebellion complete and I'm gonna support the line to get it.

    Now, cancelling and go to Barbie and Hot Wheels? Man, that would be an easy way out and a big mistake, He-Man was one of Mattel's strongest toylines back in the '80's, let's not forget that.

    A reason that there's complaining about some figures is because we love the line, the characters, the figures as much as you do, we've had amazing figures this year (Fisto, Kobra Khan, Sorceress, Shadow Weaver) I haven't read any complaints about them (with the exception of the ones that have quality issues like 2 feet of the same), we've had amazing previous years, let's make the next ones great too.

    I like M.o.t.U.C, I like the characters, I have now figures that I haven't as a kid, I have faith in this, and c'mon, we're over the middle, cancelling would be a HUGE MISTAKE, there are still great figures to be released in all factions (Perfuma, Flogg, Artilla, Rio Blast, Spinnerella, Ninjor, etc.), let's keep that good work.

    Thanks for your time.

    By the way, any way to contact that Ruben design guy? I'd really love to have a conversation with him...

    Not every figure will come out perfect. But we are still getting new MOTU every month and that's a win in my book.
    Suggestion for improving Matty/Customer relations

    I humbly suggest that it may be time for you to move on to other projects.

    Your responses lately toward customers (We are customers. NOT fans. We spend money on these products, you know.) have been impatient and very disrespectful.

    You have started taking potshots at your competitors (Bandai and Hasbro) in an effort to make yourself look better and to justify the poor quality control that plagues this line...not a smart move, unless you plan to stay with Mattel until you're 65. I doubt either Bandai or Hasbro would touch you after this week's tirade.

    You state that all we "fans" do is complain, but you never acknowledge that we do, in fact, pay a premium for your product offerings. You have always asked for our input, but now that the quality is on a downward spiral, it seems that you would rather blame us for being insatiable than to take ownership of a decline in quality since Terry left. Black plastic? Reversed forearms on Stinkor (and maybe Frosta)? Sorceress's barrel shoulders? Snout Spout's trunk? Leech's net? And you still haven't properly responded to inquiries about what Netossa's cape will be made out of. These aren't complaints about a particular color scheme. These are legitimate concerns about product quality that you do not take seriously. Historically speaking, you do your best at damage control at the time of an incident, but have seldom made changes to prevent similar damage from occurring later. Digital River issues have recently been on the decline, but that took years longer than it should have.

    Lately your defensive comment of choice has been to ask why you don't get credit for things like giving us Keldor's swords, Draego's whip/sword, and various other items. You do get credit. It's called a paycheck. I'd also remind you of two things: 1) We aren't getting ANY of those things for free, and 2) they should have been included with their respective characters to begin with. Yet you want to be treated like a hero.

    And you wonder why sub sales are down.

    We don't trust you. And with your attitude lately, it's increasingly hard to like you.

    You misled us with lofty promises during the subscription period. In a matter of weeks, your tune has changed from "all major characters by Dec 2014" to "limited skus, we'll do our best" and now to "there may be no line at all, and why should there be, since all you do is complain and Barbie and Hot Wheels are more important than MOTU."

    Wrong. MOTU could be as important for Mattel as GI Joe and Transformers are for Hasbro and TMNT have been for Playmates. Mattel's inability to reinvigorate the franchise over and over again as the other two companies have done with the aforementioned lines are a reflection on management, not product. The only reason MOTU and PoP aren't heavy hitters is because you and your peers haven't let them be.

    I've distanced myself from the .org, the matty forums, and just about every other MOTU outlet I normally patronize with fervor. The reason is because of you. Your attitude and the affect you're having on the collector base.

    You did great things for the brand in the early days of MOTUC. But I have to wonder how much more it could thrive in more capable, more loving, more responsible hands.

    I'll get right on that.
    Thank you

    I humbly request that you stay on the MOTUC brand for as long as possible.

    Your responses lately toward customers have shown some building frustration. Considering you post here in your spare time and could easily just stop, I think your occasional venting is more than justified (and usually absolutely right).

    Lately your defensive comment of choice has been to ask why you don't get credit for things like giving us Keldor's swords, Draego's whip/sword, and various other items. You should get credit. Your paycheck is not credit since you would get paid whether we got Draego Man's swords or not.

    Most of us appreciate what you do. It would be far easier for you to leave the boards and rely on "Matty" when there's something to update us on.

    You did great things for the brand in the early days of MOTUC, and you continue to do so now. I have a feeling that if you left the brand, management would decide it wasn't worth the trouble to replace you and just end the line. The line couldn't find more capable, more loving, more responsible hands.

    In short, thank you.

    I'll stay on it as long as my managers will let me!
    Thank You

    Keep up the good work and don't get frustrated. I know you are doing the best you can with the line. I know that you have to cut out accessories because of costs/management. I know that the vendor that makes the figures is not the best in the world. You are doing all you can and I and the rest of the fans really do appreciate it. I bought 4 wind raiders and really want another vehicle. We can do this.

    I'll do all I can! Best thing to do for more vehicles is to buy a Windraider!
    TG: I understant your hard work for this line

    Without lengthy words, I know that the line is a reality thanks to your advocacies in favor of MOTUC within Mattel.

    I can comment it is one of the lines that has given me most hours of fun and joy.

    QC issues are a real problem, and we customers don't deserve a less-than-perfect product, but I know there are other complaints that are just noise.


    There will alwayus be some level of QC, but we do our best to lower it as much as we can!
    TG & Fan Interaction

    Thank you so much for all that you do for MOTUC and your willingness to participate in Q&As and Podcasts, which you do completely in your personal free time.

    Please ignore all the outlandish rants of spoiled, ignorant fans that say extremely negative things towards Mattel, MOTU and you personally.

    No other toy line (or comic line) has EVER allowed this much fan interaction and most of us are extremely grateful.

    Don't let these "louder than numerous" folks ruin everything for the rest of us.

    If you are getting frustrated with it all, scale back your internet presence and see these same people cry to get you back to answer questions.

    I don't care how much we pay for these figures, NO customer is EVER allowed to contact a company's employees directly and spew hateful speech.

    I am truly sorry that Ask Matty has shifted from being normal Fan Q&A questions to a place where people feel they can personally attack and berate you.

    I do appreciate hte kind words. Usually 90% of the time the isses fans have are not anything I control or have any say in. So I tend not to take things personal. ;-0)
    *IF*... We Get a 2014 line??

    Scott, you recently mentioned in a Q/A response something to the effect of "IF we get a 2014 line"... which immediately set of a flashing red alert. Are you saying that, worst case scenario, management may decide to nix a MOTUC 2014 sub line altogether??! Obviously subs were down for 2013 with perhaps the concern that they may dip even further in 2014; however, I never considered that management might decide to do away with a sub in 2014 completely.

    Obviously this would be alarming for several reasons, not least of which the fact that one of the major selling points for lapsed and new sub holders to come forward and help get to 100% for 2013 was your promise of a robust vintage-centric 2014. Are you now saying that management may do away with the line in 2014?

    I've always said I will maximize the number of skus we get in 2014, be that 1 or 20 or 50. Yes, there is a very real chance management may decide MOTUC isn't worth the trouble anymore. Sales are down, all most online fans do is complain, and people are very negative all the time. *Now don't get me wrong, there are clearly some issues to complain about. But come on. Look at any other collector lines. I can't think of any line that generates so much negative feelings over issues that are not life changing. Do I even need to bring up that crappy Thundercats line Bandai put out? How about that Luke that had his hair sculpted the wrong direction and a cloak that was totally off model. Yes MOTUC has had issues, but not issues that I think are worthy of the amount of negativity that sometimes generates. Other lines tend to skate by while MOTUC fans just want to throw everything under the bus as quick as they can.

    All of this winds up being not very good reasons to keep a line going. (do you not realize how cool it is that we are even GETTING new MOTU each month? Remember what it was like in 2004-2007? Nothing new. very easy to take what we are getting for granted)

    It would be much more profitable for the company to put the resources we use for MOTUC into Barbie or Hot Wheels which make way more money. It is way easier to just say "we are done" than to keep fighting year after year to keep this line. I do it personally because I love MOTU and I will continue to fight for every skus I can get in 2014, but at this point I simply don't know how many (if any) we will get. That is managements call, not mine.

    I was wondering what Sychor looked like prior to being rebuilt by that group of mad scientists into the monstrous Cy-Chop. Did Terry have a pre-Cy-Chop design in mind? If so, could we see it or get a rough description?

    You'll need to ask Terry that the next time you see him at SDCC or Power Con!
    Special for ToyGuru! Video from Grayskull Convention in Germany!

    European love and support Masters of the Universe! Take a look at our cosplays

    Video presented by Mo-Larr (of course lol) with some Interviews (Bjorn Korthof, Val staples, James Eatock, John F. Carroll and many other)

    Awesome! I'll check it out.
    Essentials figures

    We've had She-ra and king hsss added to the essentials category.

    Would you consider adding man-at-arms and (original) Teela to that list? I strongly believe it would help generate more interest for 2014 and beyond. The prices on ebay are just beyond what anyone should have to pay.

    I"m honestly not sure if we have either of those in stock anymore.
    Frosta paint.

    why did she not get her back painted and why are her legs white on the inside? poor POP

    That was Ruben's choice from design. I don't have any say in these things.
    Frosta - Proto-type vs Production

    The original proto-type for Frosta, while not perfect, was a great looking action figure.

    Would it be possible for Mattel to explain the following changes from the proto-type of Frosta created by the Four Horsemen to the final production figure released by Mattel.

    1. Reversed Forearms/Gauntlets
    2. Translucent Hair (instead of the original "painted" hair)
    3. Unpainted back of bodice (white plastic instead of painted blue)
    4. White crotch/inner-thighs (white plastic instead of blue plastic)
    5. Dark blue collar (instead of the original mid-blue colour)
    6. Light grey/dark white plastic and paint (instead of the original "bright" white plastic and paint)

    Also, what can fans to do prevent similar changes being made to the production figures in the future?

    Fans were very vocal about the paint application on Frosta's face on the original proto-type, but many of the other changes appear to have been instigated by Mattel and not in response to fan requests.

    I think all fans would appreciate some insight into Mattel's reasoning for these changes.

    Simply design choices. This is what design is responsible for and they often have to make calls on how to translate a figure into a toy.
    Frosta's paintjob.

    I've seen early Frosta's pics, some figures may come with reverse forearms, some doesn't, but a bigger issue is seen in ALL Frostas...

    Why the **** she hasn't all painted blue in her back??? She seems unfinished, that white/gray in her back looks AWFUL!!!
    C'mon guys, we just saved the line for THIS??? No one is checking quality???
    Frosta is one of my favorites, I'm really angry to see what you've done to her...

    Why, Scott, why?..

    This was a choice by design. In the end if is their call. Not every choice will be for every fan, but someone does need to make these choices. Ruben was at SDCC and will be at Power Con. I'd suggest you mention your feedback to him directly! He loves chatting with fans.
    The Frosta Test

    Frosta will be a test to measure the success of POP figures? How can Frosta be used as a test to measure POP popularity when she was already sold in the subscriptions? And it's been stated that there will be very little Day of Sales stock - is that not the case with Frosta? Is this where the test is?

    No, just want to see how she sells. Nothing deeper.
    The Clamp

    Don't know when he's coming but I'm hoping for 2013 to see Clamp Champ. The question that I need to know is how will you do the clamp? Playing with this weapon was good for my imagination, capturing the bad guys with the clamp and tossing them was awesome. I'm really hoping that it will work like the classic one.

    WE don't have a CC figure planned right now so this type of discussion just has not happened.
    Clamp Champ Armor

    Are there plans to get rid of the larger sword holder on Fisto's armor for Clamp Champ?

    No plans for Clamp Champ at this time.

    Obviously by now you have to know your consumer base with this line. Moving forward how are things going to be handled? I'm not really a fan of things like Fighting Foe Men but I really don't like delays that I would expect from a garage kit company, paint scraping off my figures,and rising costs for fouled-up product. And no, getting FUBAR figures in place of no figure, no mater how awesome they are is not acceptable anymore.

    With the buck being passed at every turn and the spin-doctoring that would make anybody in politics proud, is there any real command and control of this line? We get a mini-dissertation on how if felt to get LT Spector and The Mighty Spector made but hear nothing on any issues of relevance. The writing should be on the wall by now. Am I going to regret my 2013 sub that I begrudgingly signed up for? The problems are always "fixed" but we know that's just lip-service to keep the masses from rioting. Seriously is this line every going to hit on all 8-cylinders or is it going to be a constant dance of damage control?

    It all depends on your point of view. To me, it has been rocking since day one. It is so easy to loose sight of the fact that we are getting new MOTU figures every month. Remember 2007. How many figures did Mattel put out that year?
    what is happening to QC In 2012??

    What is going on with the quality control for MOTUC 2012?
    First it was the Sorceress with her big drums, then came Photog's cracked lenses, next was Draego Man with loose ankles, followed by Stinkor's famous reversed elbows, then limbs popping off Griffin in package, Spikor's derpy eyes, Vykron's flaking paint, Mekaneck's misaligned helmet and now reversed Frosta forearms. Please aim for better QC for 2013 as this is getting serious with almost every month's figure having one or the other issue!

    WE are always working to improve QC. Every figure is hand made and hand painted/assembled. So there will ALWAYS be some level of QC. This is why we offer replacement product if you use a trackable method. It is impossible to eliminate it 100% when dealing with hand assembled product.
    Is 2013 going to run smoother than 2012

    Mainly, do you anticipate any more delays problems, etc. I know you can't predict the future but I have to say 2012 was a very frustrating year for me as far as planning ahead. It's not a money issue but it is annoying to go from 1-figure one month, no figures the next and 4-figures plus a multi-pack soon after. Again it's not the money it's just with so many things on my plate (I'm building my own Knight 2000 replica and like to have my spending mapped out at the beginning of each month to see how much I can spend on it after real life expenses are covered) it's just plain frustrating to see a heavy month is coming. I did like the mention of a flat monthly billing rate split over the year regardless of what each month delivers. Honestly I'd say it's the little things like this that I think is moving people away rather than the character selection.

    We hope so. This is one of the reasons we had such a hard cut off with the sub sales.
    Terror Claws Skeletor WITH Filmation Design Elements !

    Not really question, but more of a request & I seriously hope you’ll take a note of this !

    I do know you that have nothing to announce right now, but “If” & “When” you get to Terror Claws Skeletor, can you ask 4HM to design him with Filmation Elements like :-

    NEW Filmation Head, NEW Finless Smooth Arms (It will also help “Terror Claws” fiting better), NEW Updated Skeletor Shins (I am suggesting you to update this for tighter ankle joints & hidden peg hole visibility. Much like Vikor furry boots, you can reuse this for several future Filmation figures) WITH Bow’s Boots (OR) Newly Sculpted Pointy Boots (but I honestly think Bow boots are good enough) !

    By doing this, you can knock off 2 different variants out of the park with one figure, especially Filmation Skeletor ! Since it’s very difficult to expect him to get his own release at current given situation ! Please consider this & forward to 4HM & your design team.

    Please Scott, for the love of Filmation Fans....... Please make It Happen !!

    It is doubtful we will do this. If we were going to do a Filmation animated line that would be a separate line. Classics is in the Classics style. Not Filmation and not 200X. Figures are based on the vintage toys in Classics, not the animated series.

    With all the negativity going around about MOTUC I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy this line, despite everything spewing about. I can't wait to get to 2013 just for the Fighting Foe Men and King He-Man alone. Which brings me to my question.

    I thought I read some where that we would be seeing more reveals at Power-Con. If we will, how many reveals will be there?

    Either way I love this line and am happy to see all these characters lining my shleves once more, as they did when I was a child.

    Cheers and may the line see many more years to come.

    Some people are negative, others positive. At the end of the day we are getting new MOTU figures every month and no matter how you cut it that is awesome in my book. We could be getting nothing like back in 2007.
    For TG: Cy-Chop Belt in Blue?

    Was just looking at all the sweet Rattlor review pics floating around and thought I'd ask: any possibility of getting a blue Cy-Chop belt in a future weapons pack?

    It would make a pretty great substitute for a FILMation Rattlor belt so we can add even more to our MOTUC Rattlor if we want him to be more FILMation/Horde inspired.

    I know you can't comment on unannounced stuff, just thought I'd throw it out there!

    No plans right now but you never know!
    Cy-Chop's Bio "Shield"

    Why was Cy-Chop's "shield" from his bio covered up with a sticker at SDCC? Is there something in that image that we weren't supposed to see? I've looked at the pictures of it that the reviewers have posted recently and see nothing that appears to be revelatory.

    Yes. We did not want to show all the images in the shield art until after the 3rd mini comic comes out as it will spoil some of the surprises.
    Black Plastic - 2013 Subs - Breach of Contract

    We, as the consumers of this toy line, have come to expect a certain level of quality over the years. Our purchase of a subscription was on the basis of that quality remaining the same. It is an unspoken agreement between customer and vendor. We are signing up for something on the notion that we know approximately what we are paying for and will not get hoodwinked. All this black plastic started popping up after, and only after, the 2013 subscription drive had finished. Mattel has changed the terms of what we expect as customers and hence those who have bought subs have entered into these sub contracts under the pretense of the quality of the product remaining constant. Unfortunately it hasn't remained constant, and Mattel have thus presented us with false pretences prior to our purchase and breached every single 2013 sub contract in the process... unless of course you stop this objectionable practice before January 2013 (in which case you have still violated 2012 sub contracts). It all falls under the principle of legitimate expectation. I'm no lawyer by any means, but Mattel legal should be paying attention. The bottom line is that the use of black plastic has to stop. Everyone loses.

    So with that all said, if the black plastic is indeed the new way going forward for this toy line and will continue into 2013, will Mattel be offering refunds to those customers who purchased 2013 subscriptions? Rather than risking potential legal action, I think Mattel should live up to what are very reasonable expectations by the consumer in terms of quality and cease the use of black plastic. With an already dwindling customer base for this line many of us feel that you have violated our good faith and we are now left with the impression that we have been made into fools by sticking with the brand. I sincerely hope for the future of the line that this issue is given top priority and is rectified immediately. Thank you.

    There is no shanagagins here Draego. As I've noted multiple times. I've already mentioned this to design. It would help a ton to get some images of the issue as well so they can address this and ensure all the figures are as best they can be.
    Frosta's bodice

    Really looking forward to the next couple months, Meckaneck, Frosta and Rattlor, oh my! The figures look amazing, as usual, but I'm finding Frosta's bodice paint job really distracting. It seems that in every sample I've seen, including the one reviewed by pixel dan, the bodice is only half painted blue while the back half is left white, leaving an unsightly paint seam along the side. Are all the Frosta's going to have that?

    I believe the paint job is final.
    You wanted black plastic pics? You got them!

    He also has the paint splotches on his crotch... but that's not the issue we're talking here.

    Great! I'll pass these off to design to review. Thanks.

    I really enjoy the weapons packs. If you ever get around to doing a weapons pack for 2013,how about including belts and/or arm bands with either Horde or snake men logos, or any faction. Make two arm bands for Megator, for that matter, one for when he's with Hordak and another for King Hsss. These arm bands could then double as a belt for regular figures.

    A cool idea!
    Words on paper

    Which DC universe classics versus masters of the universe classics action figure two-packs did you have in mind,but were nothing beyond words on paper?

    Sorry, we can't discuss unproduced product for licensed brands. But we had about 6 more packs thought out had the first few performed better!
    Defective Stratos - Customer Servervice would not assist

    I have been a subscriber of MOTU Classics since the beginning and continue to subscribe.

    I have heard all of the horror stories about your customer service and how this has been addressed. I also saw you state several times during the 2013 subscription sales effort that if you receive a defective figure, just call customer service and they will replace it if they can.

    I just noticed that my Stratos figure has 2 right arm wings attached to both arms. I checked both wings and they both have an R on the back. I called customer service to see if they could assist and they would not.

    I am not a toy inspector and I typically assume my toys are assembled correctly. Your customer service treated me like it was my fault I did not notice this within 30 days. If customer service would have said they had no more Stratos figures in stock, I could have accepted that. Your customer service did nothing for me.

    Can I exchange my Stratos for one that is correct and has a red right wing and a red left wing? Once you notice something like this, it is hard to not focus on it.

    We do need to set a limit on returns time frames. We can't accept them forever simply because we don't have the storage to keep CS stock forever on every sku.
    Db skeletor Dragon's Head

    Is there any chance to include an open mouth dragon head sometime in the future in any figure? I really like Db Skeletor but for the water spitting figures I was expexting open mouth even if no action feature. Thank you.

    No plans right now but you never know!
    King Grayskull's heritage

    I was wondering, since Adam and Randor are descendants of Grayskull, is Keldor also a Grayskull's descendant? If not (which would be the logical reasoning) it means that Miro is not a descendant of Grayskull. Instead, the descendant would be the mother of Randor.

    So, please can you confirm Miro is not a descendant of King Grayskull? Who's Randor's mother?

    I know there's a comic about yeat another origin of Skeletor, but this question is actually about Miro and his wife.

    Both Keldor and Randor are in the Grayskull family tree. As for Miro's background, that has yet to be revealed!

    Painted shoulders for Dragon Blaster Skeletor? Really? For a top dollar collectable action figure and you guys can't mold the plastic in the Skeletor blue, like you did for the rest of the figure, or all the prior figures?

    And no, this isn't a "design choice" or "deco-choice," or whatever other excuse you might choose to throw around. It was someone's decision to do this, and it was a bone-headed one at that. This kind of crap needs to stop, or there will be no figures in 2014, because we the fans are feeling that quality issues such as this make the figures not worth our time and hard-earned money.

    I mean, Mekaneck's crooked helmet, Frosta's horrible face and arm issue, and now DB Skeletor.

    Come on, these figures used to rock! Make them rock again!

    As you said, this was someone's choice and that someone was Ruben and his design team. Clearly this is something fan do not like and I have passed these comments to him for consideration and review. Any images would help too.
    TG, you cheeky monkey!

    Hasbro doesn't do any of those things!

    Than why would you want them to run a MOTU toy line?
    Painted DB Skeletor Shoulder PIC (WITH Scratch Mark) !

    There you have it Scott :-

    As you can see, the paint has already come off from the figure. What say now ?
    Do we have to face this problem FOREVER ???

    Great! The more images you can send the easier it will be to illustrate this for design.
    Re: Use Of BLACK Plastic being painted over NEEDS TO STOP!

    You wanted an image Scott here you go.

    Dragon Blaster skeletor Reviewd by the Fwoosh showing the review sample had paint missing on the shoulders exposing the black plastic under the paint.

    (See DB Skeletor Pic Above)

    Here is Spikor showing the black plastic after the paint chips away exposing the black plastic used on the buck.

    Tell Design we the Fans who are paying for these expensive figures want the use of BLACK PLASTIC For The Bucks STOPPED!

    I mean you have the mold For Skeletor Buck and the plastic should be molded in the blue not Black then paint over it. These figures Cost us too much for Rubin in design to make cheap choices in the color plastic used. First it was Vykron then Spikor Now Dragon Blaster Skeletor. If we fans don't speak up now Design will just go the cheap rout of using black plastic on every figure from here on and WE DON'T WANT IT ANYMORE!

    You are the Brand Manager Scott Now tell design once and for all to stop using the black plastic for the bucks!

    Great! I don't have the power to just "change things" but the images will help illustrate to design there is an issue they need to address. The more images we can get the better!
    working conditions

    Do you think that people who complain about tiny paint blemishes on their precious toys come across as entitled, reactionary and spoiled due to the fact that their precious toys are cobbled together by poor labor under less than optimal conditions?

    I have noticed MOTU fans tend to be more "demanding" compared to other toy lines but I also think they deserve the best product possible!
    Castle Grayskull question

    We all know that a MOTU Classics Castle Grayskull Playset will only happen likely in a Movie year,but since you know the movie will have many design differences in how the Castle will look film wise (Producer's/Director's changing the look/design) How would it be possible to Get the Castle Grayskull you know the fans want?

    If their is a big design change,then we'll never truely see a Classic looking Castle Grayskull and we know there is no way Mattel would tool two different designed Castle's (Movie and Classic MOTU/Filmation)

    If we did a CG for Classics it would look like the vintage toy/vintage designs. If we did a CG for the movie it would look like the movie castle (which is obviously hypothetical in the case of this answer, assuming there is a movie and assuming the castle looks different in a movie).

    A hypothetical movie line (at retail) would be its own line. Classics ideally would go on as its own thing.
    Black plastic underneath must be stopped

    If the new figures are revealing the black plastic underneath only by removing them from the blistrt how could they look in few months? I beg you please stop this.

    To reinstate, I will absolutely mention this to design, but I need images of the issue so they can correctly address it. If a fan out there can start a thread of images that will help correct the issue as soon as possible. I need visuals to show design and the vendor in order to address this as quick as possible.
    Again with an issue that will CERTAINLY affect Subs next year!

    Toyguru, what is the deal man? The use of paint over black plastic is just plain stupid. Honestly, WHY in the WORLD would Mattel do this?

    And PLEASE don't give us that it is a design choice CRAP. We are not some followers that believe everything is feed us. Honestly I believe nothing being said now.The beating around the bush and trying to mist over the OBVIOUS choices that this line has gone through is getting REALLY old.

    I posted on here trying to defend He-man and to show my support for this line during the Sub run. I poured my heart out to you and Mattel. THIS is how you expect people to support a line that after 4 months paint will be chipping off the figures we pay $30.00 for after shipping?

    I bought 2 subscriptions for next year. But I will say this you WILL lose existing subcribers over this. Count me as ONE of them.

    I have dealt with incorrect shoulders, incorrect swiftwind legs, Digital River's incompetent CS and their plain stupidity when it comes to knowing what is going on. I deal with pushing figures around because they don't get shipped on time. I deal with the SLOPPY paint aps on my figures. I deal with the Roboto cracked torso and Goddess that breaks when you look at her. I deal with higher prices. I deal being showed one figure with weapons and then subcribing; only to be told due to cost that I already agreed to pay; I can't have those weapons. But HEY spend 13-15 more dollars and we will put it in a weapons pack for you to spend more money on.

    No line is perfect Scott, but the decisions being made for this line, by whoever; are what is ruining this line. PAINT over black plastic? I mean come on.

    I have defended you and defended Mattel Scott. But I CANNOT stand with you and Mattel on this issue. It HAS to stop. Painting pieces that will CLEARLY scrap and RUB HAS TO STOP. If it doesn't I am ONE MORE subscriber who buys 2 each time, you WILL Lose for the 2014 line.

    I've mentioned this to design, but I need images. If you can post some that would be great!
    Use Of BLACK Plastic being painted over NEEDS TO STOP!

    This line has been around for four years Scott so why now is Mattel cheapening out now in the middle of 2012 by using black platic for the figures and painting over it. Mattel should realize if that paint chips the figure looks like crap. We are paying $30.00 a figure or more with shipping so this cheap method of using black plastic on the figures and just painting over it needs to stop. NO MORE BLACK PLASTIC & PAINTING OVER IT!

    IN 2013 the figurs are going to cost us $25.00 before shipping and mattel using black plastic is just pathetic so please stop it now and use the right color plastic for the figures be it flesh or blue or green use the correct color plastic and stop using BLACK for everything.

    I need images please. It is hard to review this with design without images.
    No more black plastic painted over

    This is a plea. If is in your power as I believe stop that new issue about black plastic painted over. We have subscribed as you asked to keep the line alive but now is your turn.

    I need images. Without images it is hard for me to review this with design.
    Frosta's reversed forearms

    Oh dear Scott,

    It's happened again.

    It's things like this which are the reason for the declining sales, it isn't due to people losing interest.

    So I'm assuming that they were meant to be reversed?

    I wonder why.

    If the QC in 2013 isn't any better, do you honestly think you'll get enough subscribers for 2014?

    It's getting a bit ridiculous now, already in 2012, we've had

    Sorceress' drum wings
    Loose ankles on Draego-Man
    Photog's cracked lens
    Paint coming off on a month old figure
    Mekanecks helmet not being on properly
    Frosta's reversed arms
    Spikors eyes.
    Griffins loose limbs

    Is there any more things to come this year that will have faults with it?

    I've got design looking into this. I hope the final figures will not be like the review samples with reversed gloves. I have a Frosta in my hands and it is correct. So I need to find out which is the version that is final.

    The PR samples may have come from an earlier testing run like Vykron PR samples did (the ones with paint splotches on the legs). Sometimes these things happen and early samples are sent.

    But we are 100% looking into this and as soon as I have info (hopefully by end of next week) I'll post an update.

    We always take QC very seriously. In the end EVERY figure is hand assembled and hand painted so there will always be some level of QC, but we do all we can to minimize it.

    More as soon as I know!
    Mekeneck helmet botch

    Are all the mekaneck's released going to have a helmet that doesnt fit right on their head? How can you release product that is faulty? The price we all pay for these figures is crazy enough, but we pay it because we expect top of the line figures. I can't believe how often you guys screw up the most standard quality control process. It seems like every other toy you release for motuc has some type of error. I cant believe such an a-list character was released with such a defect, thanks. You can see the corners of where his eyes would be under the mask for christ sakes! It looks ****ING REDICULOUS! It seems like you guys just can't get it right, I wish I hadn't purchased a 2013 subscription. I can only imagine how many more botched figures we are going to get. Maybe Mattel should hand the brand over to Hasbro so it can be done right or even better, perhaps they should get a new brand manager who knows what the **** he is doing.

    Not every figure will be for everyone. I've got a final Mek on my desk and think he looks keen. The Horsemen really captured one of my favorite vintage figures spot on! (if I could have any MOTU characters power, it would totally be Mekaneck. I always want to look over crowds.... Sometimes when translating a toy from a sculpt to a plastic articulated figure, not everything is seamless (the same thing can be seen on He-Man's hair actually). It is just part of the toy making process.

    As for Hasbro, they do a fantastic job of fan relations. I particularly like how they set up a whole Direct to Consumer web business just to sell hard core collectors vintage nostalgia lines for brands not large enough to work at retail.

    And their interaction with fan sites is best in class. They way they always send out review samples, and answer every fan question posted on the boards no matter how rudely typed they are. As for brand managers, clearly all of their staff are hard core fans too, doing everything they can to keep collectors line going like writing behind the scene blogs, dressing up at SDCC, recording podcasts at 6 am on Sunday mornings and holding create a character contests letting fans actually design characters in their lines.

    One day I hope we can deliver close to what they do.
    Snake Men 2-Pack followup

    Makes sense about Rattlor. The paint work looks top notch. I guess he could always be given gear from the upcoming Weapons Pack or the Snake-Men pack.

    But as for the question about the Snake Men 2-pack, and it's availability, well, I guess I'll just repost it here.

    The Snake Men 2-pack is going to be released soon and I'm curious about it's availability. Will you guys get lots of stock, like you have for the Eternian Guards 2-pack? Or another way of asking the question, how long do you expect it to last?

    We will produce a bit more of the 2 pack compared to a standard figure due to the army building potential.
    Variant Idea Follow Up

    Matty Member Lipster had a great idea with the Variant accessories - just wanted to add my vote to that.

    With the line becoming limited in the types of characters released, offering ARMOR PACKS would be an AWESOME way to get these variants done without having to do a whole new figure release.

    One of the things that makes Vykron such a cool figure is the ability to swap armor and accessories to make new looks. MOTUC collectors already do this with other figures, creating new looks and characters - it adds another level of playability and interest to the figures.

    A very cool idea but nothing planned right now.
    Sub Sales

    What do you think?
    Why have the sub sales for 2013 dropped so dramatically?
    What's your opinion about it?

    Do you think that there is a chance that sub sales for 2014 will rise again?

    Do you have a advice for fans wo are interested to get as many figures as possible?

    My guess it was a combo of needed improvements on shipping and customer service combined with fewer A-list characters and price increases.
    DC Versus masters of the universe two-packs

    Which DC Universe classics versus masters of the universe classics action figure two-packs would have been produced and released if the line had not been cancelled?

    None. All were released. We had others in mind but nothing beyond words on paper.
    Any chance for Sorrowful?

    With Granamyr comming in Dec, any chance for Sorrowful (the polite dragon from POP) in the future? This could be like 80% Granamyr buck reuse, perhaps?

    Possible, but nothing to announce now.
    Keeping Your Word

    Can you once again confirm that moving forward there will be no more really obscure or concept figures? If the line is truly in danger, then getting these obscure or concept figures over Mantenna, Scorpia, Two-Bad, the Battle Ram, Skeletor's Hover Robtos, the Battle Ram, or Stridor/Night Stalker will only anger most fans.

    At this point anything beyond 2013 is unknown. We won't have approval on 2014 skus for many months. But a potential 2014 line will be based on the sub salesof 2013 which were very low.
    Supply Vs. Demand

    It seems like to me that the demand for most core figuares is much higher than the supply. It daffles me that you wouldn't to make more resissues of Fisto, Teela and many others of the core charaters. Usually, the more important charaters sell out in less than 30 minutes. I know you guys push for everyone to buy a sub, but for some that just isn't possable. Would there be some added cost in reissueings older figs? Just charge alittle more.

    The demand is there for reissues, but it is not high enough to hit our minumum order quota. Thatis why we can't do reissues anymore. Not a single figure did will on the reissue except He-Man.
    Wun-Dar Head

    Any real possibility of getting a separate Wun-Dar head instead of the He-Man repaint since he is supposed to be a different character? Maybe modeled after the cardback art? He's simply He-Man with brown hair. I believe I read it in a blog of yours that you'd like to get to a Wun-Dar head eventually, no?

    Soemthing I'd love to do personally but no plans right now.
    Frosta Q and A Clarification

    In a recent Q and A, it was stated that Frosta would be a test to measure the success of PoP figures. Why was this stated? Has PoP not been tested with Swiftwind, She-Ra, Bow, Star Sisters, Adora and maybe even Shadow Weaver?

    Every figure is a test for the next!
    Sell Fisto's remaining stock on Jitsu's release?

    Assuming you have any of Fisto's CS stock left, it would seem like a good idea to release the remaining stock on Jitsu's release, perhaps encouraging those who haven't gotten Fisto, or perhaps didn't want Jitsu, to be enclined to get both, since they're rivals (what's He-Man without Skeletor? Same thing here) and the buyer would also want to save on shipping.

    I think that the release of old CS stock should be made more tactically in order to try to get people to want to buy more things at a time. Whether it's enemies/rivals, friends or themes (like a Snake Man with the release of a new Snake Man) I think it would make sense. Of course, this won't always be doable, depending on remaining stock and other factors, but just releasing remaining stock based on the date of release seems like a missed opportunity (well, not really since all the stock will sell eventually, but maybe it'll be win-win if the buyer and you guys can save on shipping).

    So I guess the question is what do you think of this idea and do you think it's something you would do?

    Fisto is 100% sold out including CS stock.
    Battle Ram

    Since Battle Rams must sell a certain amount, and because it is so fan-demanded and could potentially sell more than the Wind Raider due to wanting multiples for the Sky Sled, have you considered or is it possible to include it in the 2014 subscription? That way fans would know they are getting it and you'd have guaranteed sales.

    We'd love to, but with sales so slow on the WR another full sized vehicle is just not in the cards. The best way to get more vehicles is to support the current one.
    Buying a Wind Raider

    I have just a real quick question. If I was to buy a new Wind Raider from the Matty store, would it have the words "The Original" anywhere on the box or would it be indistinguishable from the first wave. I'm a MOMC/ MIMB collector, and I'm interested in finally buying one for my collection, but I don't want the box to be different from the first series. Thanks...

    No. There is no second run on the WR.
    A Plain list of 2013 or 2014's Characters COULD help sales

    You could give us a list of say 12 characters (along with a disclaimer), and NOT give us release dates at all. The variant/oversized slots, and any other products for the year can be left unrevealed. All and all, you still have flexibility and elements of surprise, and at the same time, consumers can get a better picture of what the core of the year is going to look like.

    I know that there are issues with Legal regarding this, but consumers tend to like being informed of what it is they're actually buying or investing in, so this COULD help sales. PLUS, if fans keep asking this, maybe this can become more of a possibility.

    Sorry, we just comment on that for legal reasons.
    POP characters - the big 4

    Of course there are more than just these 4, but these 4 have been specifically mentioned as the main POP characters to get to.

    I'm a fan of every faction, but these four are just as important to the overall mythos as any of the vintage figures that are left, if not more important in some cases (Angella and Glimmer especially)
    When the subs were up for sale and in trouble, these 4 names were dangled like a carrot to get people to sign up for 2013 and 2014. POP fans have been on board, and often buying figures that aren't important to them, to support the line.
    Recent Q&A's have left a lot of POP fans very unsettled with comments like "Let's see how Frosta does..."
    Keep your word and be fair to all of your customers. I know the vintage crowd is quite loud, but they couldn't have gotten this far without their POP brothers and sisters. These 4 characters are important to the mythos and to many fans, I hope you figure out a way to get these out.

    Getting to all of these by the end of 2014 is definatly a goal. Not a sure thing, as we don't know at this point how bit or small 2014 will be.
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    OK. Just a bunch of FUBAR answers once again. And nothing really new, except for the same snarky, idiotic, confusing or uninformative replies...

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    759 opposed to the some of the of so great 'intelligent' questions? Really?? We have been given answers like this because he cant legally answer them the way these stubborn fans keep wanting. So they keep asking the same questions over and over and over.....
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    You're killing me, Smalls.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hoffrod View Post opposed to the some of the of so great 'intelligent' questions? Really?? We have been given answers like this because he cant legally answer them the way these stubborn fans keep wanting. So they keep asking the same questions over and over and over.....
    Exactly... it's as if some people think they can "trick" Matty into answering certain things that they made clear cannot be shared... Live and learn...
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    Sorry, we just comment on that for legal reasons.
    What the heck does that mean? Did they mean "can't"? A typo in a short answer like that is a bit(sic) deal.
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    Yes, there should be a can't there.

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    I'm sure Matty is like "Same ole questions over and over again" just like the fans are like "Same ole answers over and over again"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hemotoggy View Post
    I'm sure Matty is like "Same ole questions over and over again" just like the fans are like "Same ole answers over and over again"

    Yep, pretty much...
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    Quote Originally Posted by KUZEH View Post
    Exactly... it's as if some people think they can "trick" Matty into answering certain things that they made clear cannot be shared... Live and learn...
    It does get old reading the same "when will we get Glimmer" type posts month after month. I'm not complaining, I enjoy the read of these Q & A things, but in reality, anything good that can be asked will get the "we simply can't comment" answer and I think that is why we keep getting the same ones over and over again. Still fun, but we need some new questions. Something that can't be answered with "we can comment past xxx", "we have no plans at this time" and "keep reading the bios". Just what those questions would be though, I have no idea.

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    At this point anything beyond 2013 is unknown. We won't have approval on 2014 skus for many months. But a potential 2014 line will be based on the sub salesof 2013 which were very low.
    Funny....That's not what he was saying during the "buy a friggin sub!" days awhile back.

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    Yea it is a bit confusing. During the sub rush we heard things like "the roadmap will be reworked so that you can look at your shelves and feel like you have essential characters."

    Now it's "we have no idea about 2014 at all but it will be based on 2013 which, by the way was terrible."

    Maybe at this point it is just best to stop asking about 2014 and just wait for SDCC 2013 to see what is or might come.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BCreviews4628 View Post
    Funny....That's not what he was saying during the "buy a friggin sub!" days awhile back.
    People really shouldn't be surprised by any "U-Turns" they encounter post "Sub Rush 2012"...
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    We've gone from "no more concept/really obscure characters" to "nothing is known past 2013." Great . . .
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    That's the truth. It's still 2012 and they haven't had the approval for 2014 yet. It's all just ideas and dreams til management approves the skus.

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    Thanks for telling us that concept figures are still on the table, TG.
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    People really shouldn't be surprised by any "U-Turns" they encounter post "Sub Rush 2012"...
    Oh I never did. I even tried to tell people this at the time. Now they know the truth.

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    I do have to say I am thrilled that they included the need for customer service improvements in the list of reasons they think sub sales were down since they've just talked about the price increase being the culprit in previous Q&A's.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RockinHard View Post
    Thanks for telling us that concept figures are still on the table, TG.
    This is great news for me, I love most of the concept figures that have come out so far.

    They should slow down on them instead of cancelling them completely.

    Also think about it, isn't Illuminate technically a. Inception figure?!
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    HD figures on youtube
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    Illuminate technically a. Inception figure?!
    I don't know what the hell she is.

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    Every figure is a test for the next?

    And only He-Man did well enough to justify re-issues? So many people are asking for Teela and and it has been long enough since she was initially released.

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    And if Fisto gets it's reissue I bet will sell a lot like He-Man, but no, they don't want to take the risk...meh
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    Quote Originally Posted by MegaGearMax View Post
    Every figure is a test for the next?

    And only He-Man did well enough to justify re-issues? So many people are asking for Teela and and it has been long enough since she was initially released.
    Seems about right, they always seem to have several of the same figures continously available over and over again. If a run has to be (and I have no idea?) 7000 figures and they can only sell 2000 during the intial reissue they are stuck with 5000 when those resources could be used elsewhere.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hellvertz View Post
    And if Fisto gets it's reissue I bet will sell a lot like He-Man, but no, they don't want to take the risk...meh
    Just because some people need a figure doesn't mean it will sell the amount needed for a new run. Both Teela and Fisto are available on the secondary market, granted these sell for more than retail but if you really want them they are out there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toymaker View Post
    This is great news for me, I love most of the concept figures that have come out so far.

    They should slow down on them instead of cancelling them completely.

    Also think about it, isn't Illuminate technically a. Inception figure?!
    That would be sarcasm, my dear padawan learner.
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