Greetings Fellow Masterful Ones!

My name is Brad and my username is Heternian. I am quite pleased to join this community and look forward to exciting discussions about the world of He-man and She-ra.

I have to admit, when the Filmation series aired back in the day, the program held no appeal for me as a teenager. However, with the release of the Mattel figures in 2008, my interest piqued. Soon, I found myself fully embracing the original show and signing up for a Club Eternia action figure subscription. He-man is now totally boss and pretty awesome in my book. In fact, I dig the Eternian/Etherian concepts so much that I actually started reading the lore on this site and incorporated some into a D & D game I am running. Obviously, the canon is infectious!

He-man makes me happy. Long live He-man, his world, and!