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Thread: Granite Bear - Indomitable Warrior Bear

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    Granite Bear - Indomitable Warrior Bear

    Hi friens!

    I'm working at new MotU Custom... his name is Granite Bear... (my nickname on; in IT Orsogranito as GraniteBear)...

    Granite Bear is a member of an ancient race of Warriors Bears that lives in the remotest mountains of Eternia. These warriors are bitter enemies of Icer's kingdom of ice.
    Granite Bear is a good friend of Barkskin (another my old custom), who live the old forest on the slopes of the remotest mountains.
    The rest of bio is also under construction.

    I think that the hardest thing to do on this custom, is build a good armor on the body... as seen on The Golden Compass film.

    I used Gygor body and I sculpted the head. (I recovered Gygor teeth).

    After I cut (shortned) the arms of ex-ape.

    Tomorrow I will scuplting new hands and feet with "important" claws as Wolverine.

    This is a first picture of work in progres.

    What do you think at this time?
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