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Thread: Snake Men!

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    Snake Men!

    I was going to do individual threads, but why not put them all into one? There's only 3 Snake Men left(Snake Face, Squeeeze, Tung Lashor) and we know Snake Face is on the way for next year. Hopefully at least one of the others is as well. But here's the question: How do you want them? Here's my take:

    Snake Face: Simply an alternate head. I can't imagine them tooling a new chest just for him, but maybe the armor would have the snakes able to pop out of the front like the vintage toy? If not, I'm totally fine with just an alternate, snake-ified head.

    Tung Lashor: Ditto with Lashor. Just an alternate head with an elongated tongue. It'd be awesome if it was big enough and thick enough to be bendy, but I highly doubt that's going to happen. Horde armband included is a must.

    Squeeeze: Use the Trap Jaw torso and make his arms removable. One set of normal arms and one set of elongated arms. I'd love for them to be bendy, but again, the material is a) too expensive and b) prone to breakage.

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    There are already individual threads on these three Snake Men. Please remember to use the search feature. Thanks!

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