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Thread: Name the new Snake Men / Palace Guards

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    I have 4 guards D

    Dark skinned - Lt. Kahir
    light skinned (2) - masked no names
    Cat guard - Felos

    Snake-Men (4) - no names - had them previously as Alfred, Jeeves, Jarvis and Mr. Belvedere
    Blue custom Snake Man guard - Slithorr
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    I am ashamed of my lack of creativity here. Never given much thoughts about giving them names.
    My King Hiss calls all my Snake Men "Guards".
    My Man-at-Arms calls all my Guards "Men".

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    my palace guard is names from Garda (dark skinned) named after the kid in the FILmation episode "attack from below"

    my snake men are called Pythos and Sahak
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    My guards are:-
    Lt Spector
    Sir Paw (future king of the cat people)

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    Only one I named was the brown skinned guard (don't really know if you call an Eternian African American, or if it would have any real meaning there to racially differentiate any human skin color outside of blue ). He's Lt. Ror, the guardsman who was second in command when Marlena kicked Skeletor's boney keister in "The Rainbow Warrior." His performance in that battle is what got him promoted to royal body guard, where he created his signature weapon and became known as Clamp Champ.
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