Scott has asked for pictures with regard to the Black Plastic fiasco, but I worry that this is not enough. We need to send a very strong message of solidarity among fans of this brand that we are very upset by this latest development. This petition is intended for people to indicate support for stopping this practice in MOTUC.

Note that this thread has been approved by dorrmann as a protected thread. It is protected in the sense that we are not looking for discussion either for or against the petition and posts that attempt to subvert the overall objective of this thread will be deleted, so please do not post negative comments or things like "I don't support this petition". The point here is solely to demonstrate how many fans DO support ending the practice of painting over Black Plastic in the Classics line. A simple post of "I support this petition" is all that is allowed or required in the thread.

If you are looking to discuss this issue, please use this thread... CLICK HERE

If you have pictures you would like to post, please use this thread... CLICK HERE

Thanks in advance for your co-operation and support.

I'll kick things off...

I support this petition.